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  1. Online Big Blue Sports Entertainment
    Online Big Blue Sports Entertainment 11 October, 2021, 11:16

    Not going to lie… another RANT… LOL..

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  2. Sajid Syed
    Sajid Syed 11 October, 2021, 13:35

    Speaking of edge….Mr. 305 picked off Mahomes yesterday. Where were all the people saying he wasn't athletic?

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  3. Sajid Syed
    Sajid Syed 11 October, 2021, 13:44

    Correction Tim, 4 passes should have been picked. Diggs had a chance to pick him off three times. That prayer ball to Toney was basically that Kent Graham pass against the Broncos.

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  4. John B
    John B 11 October, 2021, 13:48

    Hopefully a different GM/coaching combo can get something out of this roster next year. No money to make changes, gonna be a rough rebuild again

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  5. JZ Glazier
    JZ Glazier 11 October, 2021, 13:51

    I mean I wouldn’t be talking crap ab DJ when through the first 4 weeks of this season he was statistically a top 10ish QB. Sure he had his up and downs week 1 but of course yesterday he looks not great to start the game and you crucify him… again. Cool. He obviously has to fix the leading with his head, but that bootleg play shouldn’t have been called where he got hurt in the first place at that point. That’s on Garret. Call it on 1st and goal, and the concussion doesn’t happen. Prayers up to DJ and the other injured players we need them back.

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    NYGFRANK87 11 October, 2021, 13:57

    With the cap situation that we are in.. I don’t see this team improving much in 2022… Damn Dave Gettleman

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  7. Mike Gorga
    Mike Gorga 11 October, 2021, 14:23

    This is the channel I recommend to the haters. If the Giants get good, you’d probably have nothing to talk about.

    They were a dropped INT and a bad ref call from 3-1 going in, and maybe a helluva battle too in Dallas, but we suffered an unrecoverable attrition and suddenly “Dallas should have won by 40, blow it all up and start from scratch.”???

    We both shared the horrors of the 70’s, and me the 60’s, and we have our scars, but blowing this up would be irresponsible and a tantrum and drafting a QB insanity when we have a good one on the roster huge needs in the OL, edge and unexplainably in the secondary.

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  8. Tsvi Mizrahi
    Tsvi Mizrahi 11 October, 2021, 14:32

    Nah Toney did right thing. Shouid a took another swing Hood your ground don’t get bullied. Judge better stop the tough guy act before he loses everyone. I like judge but back your players up

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  9. fulaan1
    fulaan1 11 October, 2021, 14:33

    So disappointed in Toney. He’s not smart enough to fulfill his own potential

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  10. g_men 2000
    g_men 2000 11 October, 2021, 14:34

    Do you think putting dexter at the cause the double teams

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  11. Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 11 October, 2021, 14:37

    The giants win the moral victory superbowl every year

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  12. Tomy4one Tomy
    Tomy4one Tomy 11 October, 2021, 14:49

    Our situational play calling and awareness is the worst point blank if we can somehow get consistent on our situational play calling on both ends we can beat anyone but the situational play calling is horrible terrible the worst ever

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  13. Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 11 October, 2021, 15:16

    The giants need to hire an outsider and let him get full autonomy over the team. Gettleman, judge should be gone. And let the GM and. We HC decide if they want to pay Daniel jones 40 million in 2 seasons. Teams are building in 2-3 years. The cardinals and bills were in a worse state than us a few years back and they’re now superbowl contenders

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  14. De'illa NYG
    De'illa NYG 11 October, 2021, 15:24

    Alright let's go through what dallas has done in terms of running the football since week 2
    Opponent Yards
    LAC. 180
    PHI. 155
    CAR. 210
    NYG. 185

    Hmm kinda seems like we're basically on par with everyone else when it came to stopping that Dallas running game. Huh look at that. Now is it the New York Giants have a problem Tim or is it the NFL has a BIG problem as a whole stopping this Dallas running game?? But you know I know you have make sure you put out your daily video telling us how bad we are. It's only us though let's make this clear

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  15. James Frazier
    James Frazier 11 October, 2021, 15:47

    Discipline for what ? Hey Toney was wrong and outta line but I like it because he went to stand for his team mate he seen how the refs screwed him on the pass Interference calls and we were getting blown out anyway the cowgirls tried to embarrass us Intentionally if the game was very close then ok I get it about Discipline but Toneys not dumb he knew the game was over with the injuries we had but he taped up his leg and fought his ass off to get back out their , if I was judge I check him in front of the team but behind close doors I’d tell him hey great way to show fight out their and back up your team mates we was outta the game I coached bad you fought your ass off out their just control yourself when games are Close and you will be held accountable but hey your a special player and will get special treat Toneys is not a me guy remember what pissed of Odell , we’d be losing a game and Players wouldn’t give a rats ass

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  16. Leon Dubychenko
    Leon Dubychenko 11 October, 2021, 15:47

    Bootlickers and crumb snatchers are out in full force to damage control.

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  17. Jimmy Craig
    Jimmy Craig 11 October, 2021, 15:48

    it absolutely seems like judge is in WAY over his head. i mean this guy shouldnt be a high school coach it seems. it was hard to tell who he would be, as we've all admitted, he DID talk the talk well. but he is definitely a sham. every decision ive seen him make this season has been subpar. not even up to a competitive college teams' coach's caliber.

    you cant praise garrett for anything. more of the dumbest most impotent offense ive ever seen. look at the crazy plays the cowboys ran offensively yesterday, it was an ABSOLUTE SCHOOLING. they have clearly moved on to a much better offensive coordinator, what we get their discarded garbage? that just ensures we lose to them as long as he's around, wtf kinda choice is that?? the cowboys locker room all knew the giants were disorganized, slow, stupid, and soft. they proved it. 4th downs. i want to look up the stats about how often other teams go for it on 4th down vs how often we cower away, even in statistically beneficial situations, we will decline to be aggressive. its cost us at least one game this season. whether thats judge or garrett i dunno i dont care. if im the offensive coordinator im like we're fucking going for that and we're scoring 6 here, or you can have my clipboard. watch any team with a winning record operate, its like a different sport they're playing. our guys look like poorly coached high schoolers.

    and enough with this 'fluke' shit. you get injured bc you're careless. from the play call to the execution. DJ shouldnt have tried to do that, i love him and still respect his heart, but it just proves how dumb the kid can be. the thing is, its been not only enabled, but encouraged! THEY CALLED THAT PLAY ON 3RD DOWN ON THE GOAL LINE. like 'hey kid put the team on your neck and try not to die, see ya next year!' you run that play anywhere but the goal line. any time but 3rd down. how the fuck do you make the worst possible decision at the worst possible time? thats like 3 dimensional, statistically improbable badness. you could accidentally get it right more than these guys are. im dead serious.

    i am starting to believe more and more that the team is just a money making franchise where they tank repeatedly, get talent, act like some kind of preschool where the guys can come in, dink around, maybe get big, then they sell that player off. like a talent farm that has no idea what its purpose is. its beyond bizarre. like i said, winning is the furthest thing from these people. especially joe judge, and jason garrett. its not scapegoating. its accountability. almost every player we have on our roster could absolutely flourish, as you say, and succeed in some other system on another nfl team, currently. what does that say? its not the players. its not weapons. its not help. there is no established system of operations over there. as a logistics man, i can tell you they are in complete and utter disarray. they are in WAY over their heads, and i dont know who you call in to solve that. i do know itll take another 3-5 years, at goddamn minimum.

    so thats all i got for today, tim. i'm not jimmy craig the hockey goalie, no.

    im jimmy craig, the bartender.

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  18. Tyrone Bowman
    Tyrone Bowman 11 October, 2021, 16:10

    Judge is going to play Toney because he needs wins! His job is on the line, he can’t afford to make statements, time for hypocrisy

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  19. Lee Maiorano
    Lee Maiorano 11 October, 2021, 16:31

    Tim, looks like your prediction of losing 4 in a row after last weeks win is spot on.We'll be 1-7! But injuries aside, this is the 1970's all over again. No talent, no coaching, no management. This needs to be blown up and get some quality personell in this organizatio across the board. Jeez this sucks!

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  20. John
    John 11 October, 2021, 16:32

    So glad Jason Garrett isn't with the Dallas Cowboys anymore.

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  21. Che Wade
    Che Wade 11 October, 2021, 17:53

    Yea Daniel jones lost it… your right this is what dj is.. even if he put 4 straight great games together he would give us 7 like this plus miss 3 games every season.. can't defend him an tooney disappointment me with those actions

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  22. Jeffrey Abbey
    Jeffrey Abbey 11 October, 2021, 20:20

    I am tired as well .
    Mara will soon fix it

    Once season is over

    Change is coming

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  23. Jeffrey Abbey
    Jeffrey Abbey 11 October, 2021, 20:25

    Lot of pass rushing specialist LBS.

    No run or pass coverage LBS
    (Minus Blake Martinez)

    Yeah we all saw Leo was am overpay but DG was in a bad spot with his transaction

    DG tries but has not done well overall.

    Giants aren't winning. Must be better than this

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  24. PiTBuLLeD
    PiTBuLLeD 11 October, 2021, 21:52

    Man you have some bad takes

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  25. Tommy Kezorbs
    Tommy Kezorbs 11 October, 2021, 22:29

    Hey at least your not Gruden right now lol

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  26. Christopher Toney
    Christopher Toney 12 October, 2021, 05:36

    Can i ask a Question!? Why do you always harp on KT, no player doesn't make a mistake when there in their first year in the league! Damn, have you ever played in the NFL!? How good were you!? You never made mistakes as a player!?

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  27. Wylin Plug
    Wylin Plug 12 October, 2021, 05:41

    Whens the Franchise QB’s don’t lead with the head video

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  28. Ry Ry
    Ry Ry 12 October, 2021, 09:47

    The defense is on the field to much. Not defending their play, just statistically speaking the defense is gonna look worse.

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  29. Ry Ry
    Ry Ry 12 October, 2021, 09:54

    I actually think L.W. will end up with 7-10 sacks. He's gonna get the majority in the last 6 weeks when we're just showing up on Sundays with no purpose. After that people will say he's good again while not understanding football!

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  30. Ry Ry
    Ry Ry 12 October, 2021, 09:56

    Justin Houston, Melvin Ingram and many other pass rushers were available. I'm pissed!

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  31. Thebaz13
    Thebaz13 12 October, 2021, 10:13

    What really scares me is mara will blame the injuries for the lost season and just run this back again next season instead of blowing this up

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  32. Ry Ry
    Ry Ry 12 October, 2021, 11:11

    I'm not an apologist or an optimist, however the improvement in DJ is definitely noticeable. We need him back asap to see if he can continue improving. This will be his last chance as the gaurtrneed starter. Next year if we see no improvement weeks 10-18 then we know what to do.

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