Kentucky at Georgia Preview and Predictions – 2021 Week 7 College Football Predictions

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  1. Matt Yo daddy
    Matt Yo daddy 12 October, 2021, 12:00

    GA gone blow dem out 50-6

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  2. Matt Yo daddy
    Matt Yo daddy 12 October, 2021, 12:05

    yall know Ga gone blow them out rite

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  3. Matt Yo daddy
    Matt Yo daddy 12 October, 2021, 12:08

    Kentucky played Florida in Kentucky it was a home game for kt

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  4. Tommy Ralls
    Tommy Ralls 12 October, 2021, 13:30

    If Georgia sleeps on Kentucky they will get beat. Not sure what games you have been watching but Kentucky’s defense is insanely good and have one atleast 3 of Kentucky games! Kentucky’s offense is starting to sync which makes for a great team. Georgia better not sleep or they can end up like Alabama!

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  5. A. Fee-Oh
    A. Fee-Oh 12 October, 2021, 13:42

    I'm just happy UK has done what they have done. 6-0 first time since the 50s.

    This week will be a rough one..possibly even brutal.

    Just keep building Stoops, quietly making a force in the bluegrass. Don't go to LSU please.

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  6. mikell daley
    mikell daley 12 October, 2021, 13:42

    dear cats. gird your loins !

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  7. mikell daley
    mikell daley 12 October, 2021, 13:48

    contest between a pretender and the real deal. jus sayin

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  8. mikell daley
    mikell daley 12 October, 2021, 13:54

    sorry but it wont b close. please go back and review the hogs game. and they scored how many points ? dawgs are # 1 and they will show it

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  9. Cousin Eddy
    Cousin Eddy 12 October, 2021, 13:54

    Show note: KY played Florida in Lexington not Gainesville! KY is going to have trouble running their offense on Saturday! Athens is going to be electric! Go Dawgs

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  10. Mr Mahga
    Mr Mahga 12 October, 2021, 15:15

    Our defense has given up 2 touchdowns all season and you think Kentucky will get 2 between the hedges? I generally like your content bro but…….

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  11. Coach Mccook
    Coach Mccook 12 October, 2021, 16:02

    All i know is Kentucky QB better be practicing a 1 step and 3 step drop this week. If he takes off and runs this week he may get himself knocked tf out

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  12. Cjallin
    Cjallin 12 October, 2021, 16:07

    17 points for UK sounds pretty high considering the Bulldogs defense, but you never know

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  13. Boss Game
    Boss Game 12 October, 2021, 16:11

    Ain't NO WAY UK scores 17 on Georgia. I'd be surprised if they even see the end zone

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  14. Theresa Hamblin
    Theresa Hamblin 12 October, 2021, 19:18

    Can you say “trap game” for Georgia? UK 21-UGA 20

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  15. Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore 13 October, 2021, 01:32

    34-20 Georgia

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  16. Ken Lemmond
    Ken Lemmond 13 October, 2021, 06:29

    Kentucky scored 3 against Ga last year. Ga's defense is dramatically improved from last year. Has Kentucky's offense improved as much as Ga's defense? I'm wondering how Kentucky will score! However, Ga has also struggled with the Kentucky defense which is stout. Last year we only scored 14 ourselves. I'm going with 24-0. The Dawgs get shutout #4 on the year.

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  17. Football Legends
    Football Legends 13 October, 2021, 11:39

    8:23 yep

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  18. BLEED BLUE 365
    BLEED BLUE 365 13 October, 2021, 13:14

    Kentucky gets the win 23-17 in cathens, georgias offense hasnt faced a defense like kentuckys yet, the cologne is going to have to beat us with his arm cause they aint running on us and mr Bennett gets happy feet and turnover prone when under pressure

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  19. THE
    THE "REAL" GRIFF 13 October, 2021, 14:44

    Georgia 38 Kentucky 20 Georgia def. 2 int. 1 pick6 1 fumble recovery. Jt & Bennet 3 TDs

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  20. Prospects
    Prospects 13 October, 2021, 14:54

    I think Kentucky will cover

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  21. Tyrone Baker
    Tyrone Baker 13 October, 2021, 21:28

    Upset of the year!

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  22. Gene Collins
    Gene Collins 13 October, 2021, 23:25

    Here is what Kentucky has to do … prepare for 2 quarterbacks …which is impossible… believe me Georgia will play both quarterbacks if they have to ….and if Kentucky tries to stop the run…. Georgia will air it out…. Georgia has to control the trenches… defense and offense…who ever control that wins…. Kentucky is a very good team..the last 2 years they have kept the score low…..this year we have JT…. Georgia wins….35 to 10…… Remember I told you

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  23. Zebulon Owen
    Zebulon Owen 14 October, 2021, 12:55

    All these bandwagon uk fans. Kitty's will play good for a quarter in this game…..Jordan Davis going to New york.#JD2NYC

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  24. shimiconga
    shimiconga 14 October, 2021, 15:34

    8:45 Kentucky played Florida at home, not in the Swamp. 44 – 17 Dawgs

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  25. matthew binney
    matthew binney 14 October, 2021, 19:25

    I think it will be 34 3 Georgia because Georgias defense is to good for an offense that scored 16 points against South Carolina and Georgias offense is good but I think they will need to get better to be Alabama and even though Alabama lost I still think they are the 2nd best team in the country they would beat Iowa and Cincinnati and Oklahoma so that's what my prediction is.

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  26. Ryan R
    Ryan R 14 October, 2021, 20:46

    man if kentucky wins the whole college football playoff will be shaken up!

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  27. Ryan R
    Ryan R 14 October, 2021, 20:51

    Ky wins ..goes undefeated in the regular season then has loses in the SEC championship.. Alabama wins with 1 loss…3 SEC in the playoff?? Could be absolute chaos!

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  28. Jonald Blip
    Jonald Blip 15 October, 2021, 07:48 New site. For college basketball and football chat. Chat on YouTube, not on a little chat box!

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  29. Garnet Burgin
    Garnet Burgin 15 October, 2021, 09:42

    I think it’s going to be a low scoring game. Can’t get a field goal blocked of turnovers at bad times. Kentucky can’t win straight up but turnovers could be the difference. Go Dogs!

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  30. mikell daley
    mikell daley 15 October, 2021, 10:23

    hope cats bring their A game…oh and dont forget your "big boy " pants ! you gonna need em…lol

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  31. Broke Dick
    Broke Dick 15 October, 2021, 20:15

    Kentucky did not beat Florida in the Swamp; get serious. The Junkyard Dawgs will stuff Kentucky.

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  32. Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson 16 October, 2021, 14:51

    40 minutes Till kickoff GO CATS

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