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Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams Game Preview (Week 1)

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  1. TRE D
    TRE D 29 September, 2021, 23:59

    Why is Keyshawn yelling at everyone at all times? Take it down a notch, bud!

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  2. itsHasty_
    itsHasty_ 30 September, 2021, 00:33

    I'm a Cardinals fan and knowing how competitive Kyler is I know for sure he wants this dub against the Rams. Win or lose it will be a good game! Excited for my young Cardinals! We can only grow from these experiences so it won't hurt me to lose.

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  3. Rams Fan90
    Rams Fan90 30 September, 2021, 01:01

    Cardinals don’t have a chance we got there number

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  4. Vince LuPone
    Vince LuPone 30 September, 2021, 01:08

    Whoever the guy is talking at 3:00 has never watched the Arizona Cardinals play a game.

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  5. {Death For Breakfast}
    {Death For Breakfast} 30 September, 2021, 01:34

    Gonna be a good game….Go Rams!!

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  6. Jesse Blatchford
    Jesse Blatchford 30 September, 2021, 01:35

    I dare them to keep Kyler in the pocket. You’ll be in for a pleasant surprise

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  7. Estefan H
    Estefan H 30 September, 2021, 01:38

    Rally the valley rally the nest

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  8. Veleno XD
    Veleno XD 30 September, 2021, 01:44

    Micah Parsons better than Isiaiah Simmons?… Hmmm….

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  9. Casey Michel
    Casey Michel 30 September, 2021, 01:59

    Want to hear a real hot take?? Cardinals Rams TIE

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  10. Casey Michel
    Casey Michel 30 September, 2021, 02:02

    Keyshawn HATES Arizona sports. Every single week he picks then to lose lol

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  11. Jarod Estes
    Jarod Estes 30 September, 2021, 02:03

    Rich eisen and Colin are the only 2 shows that are rams friendly. It’s so frustrating the lack of media we get unless we are at the VERY top of the league or facing a popular team.

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  12. Colton Oliver
    Colton Oliver 30 September, 2021, 02:03

    Go Cards. It’s time for Kliff to finally secure his first dub against McVay. Cards about to go 4-0

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  13. The Can
    The Can 30 September, 2021, 02:41

    I dunno, every time the Rams play against Murray and Wilson they seem to be able to sack them both a lot.

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  14. Dennis Burgess
    Dennis Burgess 30 September, 2021, 02:45

    It’s hilarious that just now, after a decade, Stafford is a top arm in the league. What a joke.

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  15. Blaine Loustaunau
    Blaine Loustaunau 30 September, 2021, 03:02

    Should be a good game. Rams 34 Cardinals 28

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  16. Cash Rich
    Cash Rich 30 September, 2021, 03:27

    Cardinals run the nfc west now simple don’t @ me

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  17. Briguy1027
    Briguy1027 30 September, 2021, 03:59

    I think it will come down to the Cardinals defense. If it plays as well as the Rams defense they can win. If they get beaten too often it will disrupt the offensive scheme.

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  18. Iam2flycam awa
    Iam2flycam awa 30 September, 2021, 04:43

    Rams going undefeated at home. From a seahawks fan

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  19. Tyler Thomas
    Tyler Thomas 30 September, 2021, 05:40

    Cards will win by a FG

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  20. system 11
    system 11 30 September, 2021, 05:42

    NFC WEST matchups are like playoff games.

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  21. Bill Grabowski
    Bill Grabowski 30 September, 2021, 07:29

    What did the Cards do to Key for him to hate them so much?

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  22. That Boy
    That Boy 30 September, 2021, 09:11

    Arizona doesn't match up well against the Rams, also Arizona's run defense is one of the worst in the league and their offensive line isn't that great. Kyler can't run for his life against the Rams, they are too good.

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  23. Felix Korn
    Felix Korn 30 September, 2021, 09:14

    Yesterday i watched Keys Power rankings, he just said then and there its all about kyler and defenses just dont find an answer for him. Now you saying its not easier said then done. WTF???

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  24. G2
    G2 30 September, 2021, 09:42

    Zone D with a Mush Rush is the D that can slow down Murray the best. He’ll still move the ball up and down the field a lot, but his patience will wear thin at times and mistakes will come. Also, Zone gets much more difficult to navigate for a QB in the RedZone thanks to a shortened field. Couple that with LA actually having a QB smart enough to check/audible on his own, so McVay doesn’t have to line up 20 yards behind the play and cheat through the headset – like he had to do with Goff, and I think the Rams are a safe bet here. Even before Kliff and Kyler, the Cards have had a history of playing the really good teams very well and having trouble with the teams they should beat. But AZ is thin and inexperienced in the secondary, their Run D is having issues and since he was hired in ‘17, the Cards are 0-8 vs McVay. Thanks to Kyler’s continuous growth and improvement as a QB, AZ is definitely going to be in the mix to win this division in the years to come, but I don’t see their troubles with McVay changing this Sunday. 38-24 Rams.

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  25. Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta 30 September, 2021, 09:53

    Kyler wants this win bad! Gotta prove everyone he wants to win it all this year! NFC WEST MATCHUPS ARE ALWAYS TOUGH!!!!

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  26. Brandon Riggle
    Brandon Riggle 30 September, 2021, 10:13

    The rams were lucky last year and played Kyler when he was hurt both times. Kyler is healthy this game, more weapons, the defense has been better than years past as well. Rise Up Red Sea!

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  27. Talking Broccoli
    Talking Broccoli 30 September, 2021, 10:25

    The problem for Kyler is the Rams have played his style of quarterback for a long time because of R. Wilson. The Rams will just keep containment and make him throw from the pocket. Something that is extremely hard when you're under 6 foot. He will have to prove that he has developed enough to find throwing lanes without getting outside the pocket. The Rams matchup too well against a speed offense and they do it better. The Rams won't struggle until they play a power rushing team ala SF and TEN.

    Rams 34 – 24

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  28. G2
    G2 30 September, 2021, 10:29

    Every time I hear Keyshawn give “analysis” on football, I hear the teacher’s voice from Charlie Brown coming out of his mouth.

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  29. Hayden Seal
    Hayden Seal 30 September, 2021, 10:29

    I suspect the rams to bend over the cards this week. Cards have no game plan for rams. That scramble and ditch system of the cards offense won’t match well with this defense

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  30. Joe Cue
    Joe Cue 30 September, 2021, 10:59

    The Cards are going to keep up with the Rams in the first half. Then the Rams slowly take over in the third quarter and the talent gap will show.

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  31. Bill
    Bill 30 September, 2021, 13:02

    The kind of reporting that makes me wonder which is more strupid, the takes or the fact I sat through them.

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  32. Spanish Weeb
    Spanish Weeb 30 September, 2021, 13:38

    Key might be the biggest Cardinals hater on TV

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  33. rubio ruben
    rubio ruben 30 September, 2021, 18:45

    These guys are forgetting that kyler has drastically improved from the pocket. It’s easier said then done. Go cards

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