Randy Moss reacts to Tom Brady & Bucs loss to Rams 34-24, Matthew Stafford: 4 Td, 343 Yds

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  1. bushonry
    bushonry 27 September, 2021, 19:24

    Ahem…… called Matt stafford great for years. You guys shit on him for years……years. don't blame the "small market". You guys wrote him off. Eat crow and admit you were wrong about my boy… the stud…. stafford.

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  2. Terry Paulson
    Terry Paulson 27 September, 2021, 19:28

    Man oh man if you watched Stafford for the last 6 years at Thanksgiving it was not hard to see his talent year after year. This is no surprise to viewers with any
    knowledge of the game. . When Rams went for him I said man oh man this is the piece they needed and look out. This guy is known for throwing one of the best accurate
    spirals in the game .

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  3. Neil Gonzalez
    Neil Gonzalez 27 September, 2021, 19:30

    Finally, the Rams got some love and respect! No cap.

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  4. Randal Hodges
    Randal Hodges 27 September, 2021, 19:38

    What the Hell am I doing Out here with 99 ? That is a Big Buzz Kill for Sure !

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  5. steve p
    steve p 27 September, 2021, 19:43

    It's funny how these same people spent a decade calling Stafford an average or mediocre quarterback. Even though they all admit never really watching him or studying his film. Now suddenly he's a generational talent. He's doing nothing differently than he did in Detroit. He just has a better team and coaching staff around him. He doesn't have to do it all himself. Glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.

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  6. Amadeo Pacheco
    Amadeo Pacheco 27 September, 2021, 20:14

    Don't fool yourself it's just one game

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    PROVEN FACT VIDEOS 27 September, 2021, 20:53

    There's a reason you and I don't know who the high school national champion is in football…we simply don't care.🥱

    Why​ don't we care? Because football, like all sports, isn't really spectator friendly.😴💤
    🐌 Real sports are pretty boring​ and can be slow, have lots of blow-outs and feature unattractive and loathsome players who happen to be good at the sport.🤮

    Real sports have a ceiling, therefore, in terms of their mass-appeal.​ This is why wrestling is not televised with any ratings bonanza.
    But PRO WRESTLING does​ create mass appeal. Pro Wrestling is entertainment pretending to be a sport. 🕺✨

    Other sports leagues also realized that this ceiling existed and decided to create an entertaining alternative to the real sport.
    The NFL is a prime example.

    Once the sport is scripted/pretended, you can create a far more appealing​ spectacle with exciting games that go down to the wire much more frequently.😮

    ✨😎✨Also, you can 'cast' the star players – choosing the most attractive and personable​ athletes to succeed. This creates a far more marketable product.
    🍿The sports that get transformed into an 'entertainment-first' concept are the ones making billions.💰

    To put Tom's success in perspective, a rookie QB beginning their career would need to go undefeated (16-0) for fourteen consecutive seasons​ – not to equal Tom's win total, but just to pull within 10 victories of it.

    🕹 Tom's winning way is obviously not possible in a real sport.
    I studied the way they rig games for Tom…

    Games are not scripted play-by-play. It's more like series-by-series. Players are informed of which drives they should allow the other team to score.
    On these drives, you can notice the difference: The defenders seem sluggish…almost half-drunk.
    🦥 They just seem to move slower, react slower, can't tackle well, can't cover.

    Offenses will avoid scoring if it makes the game a blow-out.
    This is why Tom Brady almost never falls behind​ in a game….
    Tom may try as many times as he needs to take the lead. He may fail, repeatedly, but this will never result in him falling further behind.
    🍩 The opponent offense will match his fails…avoiding scoring until Tom manages to do so.

    This is usually managed by the opponent quarterback and by the Refs…
    The quarterback will become incompetent…never releasing the ball in time and taking sacks.
    Or he will throw the ball directly to a defender.
    ↩ Refs will assess a holding penalty on the offense to create a 20-yard distance to the first down mark. This almost always ends a drive.

    🚫 FG kickers will miss even easy kicks to avoid expanding the lead.

    🎲 Over many seasons, this builds up a statistical anomaly:
    The Patriots benefited from missed FG kicks more than any other team by far.​
    NFL kickers miss no more than 20% of their kicks…yet they miss an astonishing 24% of the time​ against the Patriots.
    (stat compiled over 19 seasons from 2000-2019.)

    🧸 Defense will play very soft to allow Tom to sustain his drives. They won't apply pressure or collapse Tom's pocket.
    They will often stay 10-yards off Tom's receivers to allow an 'easy-mode' type of offense for Tom.
    If Tom should throw an interceptable pass, the defender will try to drop it.
    (Tom is immune to deep interceptions because the defense isn't allowed to look back for his pass.)

    🙄 As every fan knows, ultimately, Tom will succeed no matter what​.
    If they have to, they will script a 'fall-down' play…A defender will fall down in coverage allowing an instant TD to give Tom the victory.

    If Tom should face a 4th down do-or-die, a defender will intentionally grab a receiver so that the Refs can award Tom an automatic first down.
    (This tactic can also used on 3rd downs.)

    So it's basically impossible for Tom not​ to win games scripted for him to win.

    🌹 Tom is very handsome and quite personable – the perfect, marketable sports star.​
    This is why he's allowed to win so many games.

    Tom is actually at the level of an NFL back-up quarterback.​
    Tom is average at short-range passing, below average at mid-range, and poor at deep passing.
    🥵Tom cannot make plays under pressure – especially pressure from up the middle.

    He sometimes fails to score even when the defense is trying to let him score.​ 🦨

    Tom never loses a game because of bad FG kicking. Has Tom made a deal with Satan?​ 👺 Haha, not exactly…
    Tom's kicker NEVER misses because of magnets. Special 'kicking balls' are used for FG attempts.
    They have magnets that allow kicks to be guided in for a make, when activated.

    To support this claim, Tom's Patriot kicker, Gostkowski, made 60 of 62​ FG attempts (97%) for Tom in the 4th quarter or overtime from 2006-2013.
    This is absolutely impossible without magnets.

    NFL kickers make FGs at a rate between 80%-86%.
    No way a kicker could achieve a 97% accuracy rate without magnets.😕

    Tom's new kicker, Succoup, made 37 of 40​​ FG attempts for Tom last year (92.5%).

    Magnets in the poles and in the ball can guide a ball toward the center​ of the goalposts.🎯


    Fans who believe in the NFL are using a lot of imagination.
    This imagination comes from the announcers​ – folks like Aikman and Joe Buck, Chris Collingsworth and all the rest.

    They describe an imaginary version of the game.🦄
    Your own eyes see one thing, but the announcers tell you a fairy tale​ about what's happening.

    🦆 Let's say Tom Brady under-throws a deep pass (he almost always does)…but Tom's receiver catches the pass!
    The announcer explains it to you this way: "That was a mismatch. There's no way that defender can cover the receiver."

    🤔 However, we watch the replay…according to our own eyes, the defender DID cover the receiver!​ He was with him stride for stride…
    Except the defender never looked back​ for the ball.

    This is how Tom completes deep passes that should usually be deflected or intercepted.
    😵 Defenders are not allowed to look back for Tom's passes.

    The announcers never seem to notice this, of course. They never say,💡 "Hey, why didn't that cornerback just look back and intercept the pass?"
    These guys are really actors pretending​ to be announcers. They appear as part of the presentation of the NFL.

    🤗 This is quickly told to the viewing audience in every NFL telecast when they say, "This broadcast is a presentation of the National Football League."


    Yes, Tom's success is sponsored by the league, itself. He's like an undercover agent.
    This is why Tom gets into trouble with the league, sometimes…
    It's like how an undercover cop is seen getting arrested by the cops.
    This makes everyone think​ the undercover cop must not be a cop, himself…because why would the cops bust him​ if he was a cop?

    It's done to throw-off suspicion.​ Tom gets in trouble and the league finds him guilty and suspend him.
    Wow, THAT guy is not a favorite player!​ The league doesn't like Tom Brady.​​

    This is just a hustle, though. Tom is really an undercover cop working for the league. 😏


    Fans assume players would make headlines if they confessed. But the media ignores it.​

    Dwight Smith
    "I don't believe the game is really decided on the field. I'm just saying, man, the game ain't decided on the field. That's all I'm gonna say. It ain't about who has the best players. Football is entertainment"​

    (Dwight L. Smith was the first player ever to score 2 touchdowns on interception returns in Super Bowl history.)

    Larry Johnson was the NFL's best. Over two seasons ('05 & '06) he rushed for about 3,600 and had 37 TDs.
    It was the BEST RB production over these two seasons. He speaks openly that the games are rigged.
    Larry Johnson
    "Playoff teams are set, Super Bowl Champion already picked. Blatant officiating and a “ready-to-go” explanation is how we get you to accept all of it upfront. What can you do? Nothing! Shut up and give us your money!"

    Benny Cunningham​
    "The NFL is scripted but they make us sign something so we can't go into detail. Tired of holding back. Who want the full story."

    Vontaze Burfict
    "I honestly think some of the games are rigged. The refs pick and choose when they want to throw their flags. The refs determine the outcomes of games."

    Junior Galette
    "Pro Athletes are just Actors trust me on this one."

    Earl Campbell
    "We all know, now that we're grown men, that wrestling's fake. And football isn't played like it was when I played."

    Tim Brown & Jerry Rice
    "The Bucs/Raiders Super Bowl was rigged."

    The NFL has some funny ways of telling the truth:
    In an episode of the children's show "Arthur" they end the show by suddenly disclosing that televised football isn't real​ haha!
    At 11:07 of this video:
    Arthur Season 3 Full Episode 10 Attack of the Turbo Tibbles

    Pass defense is a really easy way to tell when a drive is being rigged…

    😵 The defensive players that ignore the incoming passes​ are deliberately allowing the completions according to a script.
    (We see this constantly when Tom's underthrown passes are still completed)

    We can contrast this fakery with the real playing style of the Patriots or the Bucs when they are trying to win​ games for Tom and they do look back​ for the incoming passes and reach out to deflect or intercept them. 🏈💥🧤

    🎓 Well, you been informed.

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  8. Ish Travel
    Ish Travel 27 September, 2021, 22:32

    major injury of defense from Bucs.

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  9. Ralph clark
    Ralph clark 27 September, 2021, 22:40

    Your so right about these fan boys, Great that Stafford makes them eat crow.

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  10. Adam LaTour
    Adam LaTour 27 September, 2021, 23:39

    I don't see the rams being there in the end. Right now there is little tape on them give it time .

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  11. Hian Thye Chan
    Hian Thye Chan 27 September, 2021, 23:52

    Beating Bucs, Brady and the defending champions and now all the over-hype on Matthew Stafford that he is one of MVP favourites. He is no doubt good if not great. He needs to prove consistency and lead his team deep into playoffs. NFL is full of great QBs. It is difficult to win SB with all the talents, competition and unpredictability. He has yet proven himself to the likes of Aaron Rogers, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson Josh Allen, Russel Wilson et.al. Come on, this win doesn’t discount them, including Tom Brady whom he has just humbled.

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  12. mIke p
    mIke p 28 September, 2021, 15:02

    Mina people were right because you never say anything bad about him even when he got lucky a few on bad decisions. 15 times DBS dropped picks last season. Mahomes has become a victim to his image no look throwing while falling etc. Instead of saying that was dumb or lucky you media people praised an incompletion in his SB loss. Great play getting the ball away but White mistimed his jump or it was a pick. Even though he shielded the receiver which is why he reacted late and it hit him in the face. Media blamed the receiver. In SB win he threw a punt to Hill for a TD (just like Game 1 this year). Now awesome getting the ball away but 2 SF DBS said you got him to each other or that was another pick. Instead Hill comes back from 10 yards past the DBS to make the play. He is becoming Jameis from a few years ago.

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