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  1. Mountain Fox
    Mountain Fox 26 September, 2021, 23:57

    I'm a Broncos fan, and I'm happy to see the Chiefs lose…but I hope Andy is okay. He's a good man and I respect him.

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  2. &ThenThereWasX
    &ThenThereWasX 26 September, 2021, 23:58

    Let's all actually pray for Andy instead of writing "prayers up" or the 🙏 emoji. As an Eagles fan, Andy is close to my heart. Hope he's OK.

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  3. Tommy Kelly
    Tommy Kelly 27 September, 2021, 00:05

    Dude his knee got blasted by a helmet on the sideline

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  4. Myles Raymond
    Myles Raymond 27 September, 2021, 00:06

    How much you wanna bet it's one of those super rare, 1 in 10 billion breakthrough covid cases we keep hearing about every day.

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  5. Hero 3
    Hero 3 27 September, 2021, 00:08

    i bet its those arteries.

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  6. Auston VanTine
    Auston VanTine 27 September, 2021, 00:11

    Who’s watching nfl

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  7. Parlimant Strifey
    Parlimant Strifey 27 September, 2021, 00:13

    Andy needs to be allowed to work from home. They can do remote work in the NFL now.

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  8. Luke Winstrom
    Luke Winstrom 27 September, 2021, 00:16

    Covid-19 Vaccine injury….guaranteed.

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  9. Baba Loo
    Baba Loo 27 September, 2021, 00:18

    He was hungry, he'll be alright

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  10. Carol Loye
    Carol Loye 27 September, 2021, 00:33

    Blessings to Andy Reid and his family

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  11. area51r
    area51r 27 September, 2021, 00:39

    he needs to lose weight and get healthy.

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  12. jony joe
    jony joe 27 September, 2021, 00:41

    The chargers beat them so bad they send the chiefs head coach to the hospital. The beating left the coach weak at the knees and they put him on the stretcher. In the hospital, they will automatically placed him in the covid protocols (extra money for the hospital) .
    In the end the chargers even gave the chiefs a chance to beat them by missing the extra point, it was gift for the chiefs but they were too weak to capitalize on the gift. Normally mahomes would have accepted the gift and gladly beat them but he showed weakness, if he had beat the chargers the coach would be ok but he left everyone down.
    After the game when the they ask the chargers how do they they do it, they always win but barely, they replied barely is sometime good enough. Some teams win with talent, but the chargers rely on luck and the other teams mistakes to win.
    While in the hospital they need to flip coach reid onto his back side and inject the 3rd covid booster shot, it seems 2 shots wasn't good enough. Without the coach I see the chiefs go 5 – 11 the rest of the way. Mahomes can't do it by hisself.

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  13. Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 27 September, 2021, 00:52

    Last place Chiefs

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  14. Outbad Brutal
    Outbad Brutal 27 September, 2021, 01:07

    high blood pressure

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  15. Mr. Manfredjensenjen
    Mr. Manfredjensenjen 27 September, 2021, 01:12

    He was sick to his stomach losing to the dirty Chargers.

    Hope he is alright though

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  16. Edward Brito
    Edward Brito 27 September, 2021, 01:21

    He should retire this season it’s hell stressful

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  17. MJ G
    MJ G 27 September, 2021, 01:32

    Tomorrow’s headline…..Andy has covid. Because that’s the globalist default to being hospitalized to push their narrative. Break your wrist? It’s covid. Bad appendix? It’s covid. Cut off your hand with a power saw? Still covid. The health systems love that covid cash infusion.

    Prayers for Coach Reid. Did he recently get the jab? Probably.

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  18. Brando
    Brando 27 September, 2021, 01:37

    Probably that mandatory jab not that the pcr test works but he would of tested positive before the game if you listen to mainstream logic!

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  19. PJ Kicks
    PJ Kicks 27 September, 2021, 01:41

    Stress of that game probably

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  20. King Baldwin IV
    King Baldwin IV 27 September, 2021, 01:44

    I really hope that Andy Reid is okay, I will pray for him tonight.

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  21. Michael Orme
    Michael Orme 27 September, 2021, 01:55

    Possible he had a heart attack. Warning signs of a heart attack for men is having flu like symptoms such as nausea and lightheaded ness which he had.

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  22. Eddy Suhy
    Eddy Suhy 27 September, 2021, 02:23

    I'm not chafing I am a Los Angeles charger fan by I hope Andy Reid is okay why I heard that he has exhaustion and they took him to the hospital for precautionary reasons he was exhausted

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  23. KANE77
    KANE77 27 September, 2021, 02:35

    Hope COACH RIED is ok 🙏🏻

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  24. Medz.626
    Medz.626 27 September, 2021, 03:13

    Prayers up for Mr. Reid 🙏🏻 bolt up ⚡️

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  25. love one another
    love one another 27 September, 2021, 03:18

    This is what Eric Bieniemy been waiting for

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  26. usaf 93
    usaf 93 27 September, 2021, 03:59

    Probably just freakin out that the lost to the Chargers

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  27. James Wert
    James Wert 27 September, 2021, 04:09

    Wish him well, from a former advisory in the NFC East. As a Redskins fan may you feel better.

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  28. quietsignal
    quietsignal 27 September, 2021, 05:15

    He’s just fine. As a celeb, he didn’t have to wait six hours at the ER behind all the illegals. His more serious concern is, once you have an acute anxiety episode, they tend to happen much more frequently with no warning…

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  29. kn0t
    kn0t 27 September, 2021, 06:07

    colts fan here no ill will towards that man he should have the thoughts and prayers from everybody sure has mine

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  30. W.
    W. 27 September, 2021, 06:13

    I figured he was in shock over the loss…

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  31. spikedwk
    spikedwk 27 September, 2021, 06:25

    I hope Andy Reid is OK but fat people are very unhealthy on purpose, i dont think that he should be able to even go to a hospital when we have actual healthy people who need those hospital beds because of covid. It's unfortunate but he should have been turned away from the hospital and seen his own doctor.

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  32. Henny God
    Henny God 27 September, 2021, 06:38

    ⚡️⚡️⚡️, get well doe Andy, the division needs you!

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  33. Jeff Curtis
    Jeff Curtis 27 September, 2021, 07:00

    Health and family first, football later, get well coach Andy…

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  34. Henry Thrun
    Henry Thrun 27 September, 2021, 07:37

    Was he vaccinated?

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  35. AIH Sports
    AIH Sports 27 September, 2021, 08:27

    I hope Wilford Brimley's look a like gets better soon.

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  36. Travis Morris
    Travis Morris 27 September, 2021, 09:03

    I wonder if he got the clot shot ?….

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  37. Jeff J
    Jeff J 27 September, 2021, 09:35


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  38. Christian Colossus
    Christian Colossus 27 September, 2021, 09:37

    Another victim of the death jabs.

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  39. Davi Clar
    Davi Clar 27 September, 2021, 10:29

    It was those extra two double cheeseburgers he ate during halftime. Just indigestion.

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  40. keran seunarine
    keran seunarine 27 September, 2021, 11:04

    Mahomes did that to him with that performance. He really doesnt look himself lately. I wonder whats really going on with him

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  41. Sebastian Deslo
    Sebastian Deslo 27 September, 2021, 14:21

    Probably related to the fake vaccine

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  42. Jailyn Wheeler
    Jailyn Wheeler 27 September, 2021, 18:01

    As a Saints and Ravens fan, I am sending my prayers for Andy Reid that he makes a speedy recovery.

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  43. TheBlackBruceWayne
    TheBlackBruceWayne 27 September, 2021, 19:52

    Haven’t watched woke ball 🏈

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  44. p c
    p c 27 September, 2021, 21:17

    Took the Jab

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  45. Mac Beavers
    Mac Beavers 27 September, 2021, 22:10

    After week one's squeaker win Andy said: I am getting too old for this. Perhaps the universe was listening. Andy put in a lot of years before he won the big one. He probably got the jab which does not help any.

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  46. Patrick Beavers
    Patrick Beavers 27 September, 2021, 22:38

    Probably a cardiac event

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