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  1. Bishop Houston
    Bishop Houston 27 September, 2021, 11:36

    Yall didn't get cheated.. yall gave up a 4th and 19, but its the delay of game fault… yall funny

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  2. Teen _Raider
    Teen _Raider 27 September, 2021, 11:40

    Imagine if it was a 70 yard field goal

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  3. Shiri
    Shiri 27 September, 2021, 12:07

    GridironBlitz? they cheated us too…when they creditted Jamal Wms (30) that touchdown when his right ankle was actually down by contact at the 1 inch yard line as shown by replay, and even after they reviewed it. They called it right on the field the first time…when they said the ball didn't break the plane before his ankle was down. So you shouldn't really be mad, disappointed mabye…but not mad. They gave yall that touchdown. can't have ya cake and eat it too! If yall had won, we would've been crying about that really bad touchdown call! So…..

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  4. John Blze
    John Blze 27 September, 2021, 12:07

    Lions got screwed sorry bro.

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  5. Kimchi GameZ
    Kimchi GameZ 27 September, 2021, 12:32

    Why i be saying the NFL is rigged 🤣🤣🤣

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  6. EKR Gaming
    EKR Gaming 27 September, 2021, 12:48

    boy I know u cried

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  7. General Brown
    General Brown 27 September, 2021, 12:50

    You ask your players not to give up and do their job, only to have the Refs not do theirs. No matter what happened previous to the kick as far as coaching mistakes or letting a WR catch a pass, the Refs must do their job.

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  8. Ravens76 bmore
    Ravens76 bmore 27 September, 2021, 13:24

    Will admit, a delay of game should've been called. Sorry for you Lions. I really hope the Lions get back on track.
    Stay motivated Lions Nation!!

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  9. Jay Money
    Jay Money 27 September, 2021, 14:03

    They should’ve never got that kick off the refs always find a way to screw the lions #ONEPRIDE

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  10. Frank Casey
    Frank Casey 27 September, 2021, 14:26


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  11. xGravityx
    xGravityx 27 September, 2021, 15:33

    There is always a .5 to 1 sec delay between the spectator clock and one on field

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  12. PaperChasenTX
    PaperChasenTX 27 September, 2021, 15:55

    Hilarious 😂😂 Gotta be tough to be a lions fan. Personally I think they’ll stay button tier until the old widowed owner sells the team. She won’t let go

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  13. Ruben Croff
    Ruben Croff 27 September, 2021, 17:04

    I don’t understand why the NFL keep cheating the lions I won’t be surprised if they go 0-17

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  14. ben hauger
    ben hauger 27 September, 2021, 17:05

    As a life-long Lions fan getting cheated has happened so many times. I am literally numb to it and end up laughing

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  15. J Peach
    J Peach 27 September, 2021, 18:53

    Has 40$ on the lionz

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  16. MisterMister C
    MisterMister C 27 September, 2021, 19:01


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  17. Dev Sahoo
    Dev Sahoo 27 September, 2021, 19:58

    Wasn’t a delay of game the playclock was wrong on the broadcast

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  18. thedirty530
    thedirty530 27 September, 2021, 21:35

    I feel for ya'll…. Those refs really seem to have it out for you!

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  19. sipon47
    sipon47 27 September, 2021, 21:38


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  20. Darnell Goodman
    Darnell Goodman 27 September, 2021, 22:21

    Man I’m from Baltimore & I feel bad for bro. Refs gotta do better. Been makin bad calls since season started. Can’t front tho 66 yards was ridiculous

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  21. Jay Nizzle
    Jay Nizzle 27 September, 2021, 23:07

    Dude said we just got cheated lol…nevermind the calls that went your teams way ha? I respect the passion tho!

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  22. Manuel Corona
    Manuel Corona 28 September, 2021, 00:14


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  23. Mark Orum - Orum's Forum
    Mark Orum - Orum's Forum 28 September, 2021, 01:16


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  24. Mitchell Kinner
    Mitchell Kinner 28 September, 2021, 01:40

    Time and distance makes the heart grow fonder….distance from wins still makes me wanna puke. Dude I feel ya. I don’t wanna play the you know what measuring contest and name all the bull Sh it we’ve encountered with other sports cities….But I’m glad we’re in this together. The losses in Detroit sports all around just leaves me puzzled until a white noise and smelling salts bring me back to. G o d dam 🦫

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  25. JT Does Stuff
    JT Does Stuff 28 September, 2021, 03:29

    I’m a ravens fan and I was so damn happy on Sunday lol

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  26. JT Does Stuff
    JT Does Stuff 28 September, 2021, 03:32

    Also , you didn’t get cheated. Ball don’t lie. Go ravens.

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  27. El Guero Pesado
    El Guero Pesado 28 September, 2021, 03:32

    They gotta Hail Mary! Lol no they don’t

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  28. El Guero Pesado
    El Guero Pesado 28 September, 2021, 03:34

    They should have called that delay of game tbh dirty

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  29. JayRelic
    JayRelic 28 September, 2021, 05:25

    Man I’m a ravens fan and that was a delay of game I was screaming hike the dam ball

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  30. Corey Hunt
    Corey Hunt 28 September, 2021, 09:07

    That delay of game was a makeup call from when they didn't call delay of game on the Lions.

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  31. Justin Duff
    Justin Duff 28 September, 2021, 09:21

    Bro my soul left my body after the field goal 😩

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  32. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 28 September, 2021, 12:44

    No one in the media said anything about that time out, I mean nobody, forget the delay of game clk, they said it was a mistake, they forgot to reset the gm clk. Dude I’m from Baltimore love the Ravens, buy why did the Lions 🦁 coach call a timeout on a 4 and 19 doesn’t make any sense at all. No one said nothing about the time out.

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