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New England patriots field goal to beat Tom Brady

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  1. NFL WizKid
    NFL WizKid 24 September, 2021, 20:51


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  2. Reck Yu
    Reck Yu 24 September, 2021, 20:58

    I was at the Jets game

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  3. BasicTrendy
    BasicTrendy 24 September, 2021, 20:58


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  4. Luis V.
    Luis V. 24 September, 2021, 21:48

    great show

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  5. Moneyyy413
    Moneyyy413 24 September, 2021, 22:37

    My favorite show love u guys go pats for life !

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  6. a_collection_of_cells
    a_collection_of_cells 24 September, 2021, 22:40

    4 Turnovers by Patriots Defense 13 pts by the Offense 😂 in all honestly Jamis is going to throw a party on Sunday

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  7. Cowiforña
    Cowiforña 24 September, 2021, 22:43

    Hopefully we have a 30 point game. That’ll be a treat.

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  8. sharrod Gary
    sharrod Gary 24 September, 2021, 22:44

    Defense needs to step up: stop fucking around and handle your business,

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  9. j in AVL
    j in AVL 24 September, 2021, 22:45

    They better resign sweet feet..true Patriot

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  10. NightOwl Productions
    NightOwl Productions 24 September, 2021, 23:03

    Yo, McDaniels. Free Mac Jones!

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  11. #OR26 💫
    #OR26 💫 25 September, 2021, 03:54

    LFG PATS❗️

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  12. Patrol Masters
    Patrol Masters 25 September, 2021, 04:05

    The Patriots Defensive Line needs to penetrate the line is scrimmage, instead of holding your ground at the line of scrimmage.

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  13. Moises Carter
    Moises Carter 25 September, 2021, 04:27

    My favorite team will always be the New England Patriots I been a die-hard Patriots fan for a very long time are first two super bowl lost first lost to the Chicago bear in 1985 in Superbowl 20 and are second lost was to green bay Packers and super bowl 31 my favorite player is my corner back ty Law are new England Patriots vs the saints this Sunday I hope and pray that are new England Patriots beat the saints on Sunday afternoon my Patriots family

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  14. Speedyreedy1218
    Speedyreedy1218 25 September, 2021, 08:22

    Okay Judon on the intro, we see you!

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  15. Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones 25 September, 2021, 11:04

    Mcourty has the worst "pump the team up" voice. Lol

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  16. Speedyreedy1218
    Speedyreedy1218 25 September, 2021, 12:02

    Mac and Damien's bromance is adorable.

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  17. Speedyreedy1218
    Speedyreedy1218 25 September, 2021, 12:03

    Will Damien be re-signed after next year? Or will another RB be drafted?

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  18. Speedyreedy1218
    Speedyreedy1218 25 September, 2021, 12:29

    Crazy times. Colts being in the AFCE, Titans being in the AFCCentral with PIT & BAL.

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  19. Soundness Of Mind
    Soundness Of Mind 25 September, 2021, 13:26

    I want to see more penetration this week

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  20. Brian Hildreth
    Brian Hildreth 25 September, 2021, 16:13

    Couldn't have a better Captain than James "Sweet Feet" White!

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  21. Lou V
    Lou V 25 September, 2021, 16:54

    Paul Perillo is a pessimistic, scared weasel.

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  22. Yan Gao
    Yan Gao 25 September, 2021, 20:36

    Let’s go Saints!

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  23. thebladexz
    thebladexz 26 September, 2021, 10:18

    Got to work good luck Pat's let's go

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  24. Dillon
    Dillon 26 September, 2021, 10:48

    The fan comment belichick made was funny af 😂 he’s still loves to throw shade at the Jets all these years later

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  25. J W
    J W 26 September, 2021, 10:53


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  26. M. Worthy
    M. Worthy 26 September, 2021, 17:25

    By Week 6 the Patriots could possibly (probably) be 1, or 2 of 6 .
    Playing the JeSts was a likely/expected win, but after losses to the Saints, and Buccaneers, the Patriots should also be losing to the Cowboys.
    Maybe (?) NE will get a likely home win over the Texans, depending on who the Texans have as QB.
    Anyway by Week 6 it absolutely probable that the NE Patriots will have only won 2 games (JeSts, and maybe Texans) , if not only 1 (JeSts).

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