1. Ernest Escobar
    Ernest Escobar 23 September, 2021, 18:54

    They will be there but we would have them now if we had Cam Newton LoL

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  2. Theultimateguy
    Theultimateguy 23 September, 2021, 19:07

    they in did will be there it will take some time but by week 7 youll start seeing more aired out throw from mac while still playing it safe

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  3. fanosoX
    fanosoX 23 September, 2021, 19:32

    Nelson’s a smart dude. High football IQ

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  4. D22 Williams.22
    D22 Williams.22 23 September, 2021, 19:40

    Impressive young man.

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  5. Davon Potts
    Davon Potts 23 September, 2021, 22:20

    He sounds like he’s been a Patriot his whole career. 💪🏽

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  6. Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 23 September, 2021, 22:29

    cant wait to see your second TD this week

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  7. Bdawg02
    Bdawg02 23 September, 2021, 23:03

    Amazing interview…

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  8. Lashunda Smith
    Lashunda Smith 23 September, 2021, 23:47

    He is so well spoken and calm. Interviews well…..

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  9. John Conor
    John Conor 24 September, 2021, 09:59

    What's the there is what we need to take what a perfect answer . Let me break it down . They have a perfect offense now they need to go and win . Smart dude always think before he speaks

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  10. Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 24 September, 2021, 10:15

    Why do we keep hearing the same question for every channel. Who wants to know why they havent thrown deep balls? Really id like to know so i can tell them they are brainless. Did they even watch the game last week? 🤤

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  11. D Reed
    D Reed 24 September, 2021, 11:28

    Where 🤔 the hell is M.Harry at ?

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  12. bren226
    bren226 24 September, 2021, 13:48

    This guy seems very intelligent and very mindful. I could see him being a great coach.

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  13. Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee 25 September, 2021, 05:46

    That was an excellent interview…💪🏼

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  14. DEB Damico
    DEB Damico 26 September, 2021, 08:45

    He's going to be a star, soon!

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  15. Angel Valle
    Angel Valle 27 September, 2021, 09:06

    Don't know what they saw in this guy his career is almost over this is year 7 for him. he's never really produced much not one 1000 yard season and his highest td totals were 4, and 8 twice .

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  16. Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 29 September, 2021, 22:11

    Yeah, but probably not soon enough!

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