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  1. Yungin Glo
    Yungin Glo 20 September, 2021, 17:04

    We missing our starting pro bowl caliber center, that’s vital in calling pass protections we didn’t have it or time in the pocket yesterday guys didn’t get open consistently enough and Alvin didn’t nearly touch the ball enough… nonetheless we were missing at least five offensive coaches one of them being our offensive line coach. Sean Payton the guru will fix these fixable issues

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  2. St.AshHole
    St.AshHole 20 September, 2021, 17:05

    there's no such thing as reverse discrimination, its just discrimination.. dope

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  3. St.AshHole
    St.AshHole 20 September, 2021, 17:07

    Moore has the most yards in the NFL the past two years. but stay dumb Mike

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  4. xXBronzeBridgesXx
    xXBronzeBridgesXx 20 September, 2021, 17:20

    Keep Pounding!!!

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  5. Michael Roberson
    Michael Roberson 20 September, 2021, 17:32

    Trust me
    Molly will quit, because she cannot talk over Michael Irvin😂😂😂😂😂
    This is about to be interesting

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  6. Infant Mob
    Infant Mob 20 September, 2021, 18:00

    Can't wait for my Panthers to play the Cowboys… Michael Irvin is gonna respect our minds ya dig (Hot Boyz reference) I'm old don't mind me lol

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  7. Joshua Chilton
    Joshua Chilton 20 September, 2021, 18:40

    That Panthers defense is trill

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  8. Marcs BJJ Tips🇱🇷
    Marcs BJJ Tips🇱🇷 20 September, 2021, 19:00

    Go Panthers.

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  9. Flight19
    Flight19 20 September, 2021, 19:37

    Excuses and more excuses. They played the Panthers, not the Bucs. Darnold is not that good.

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  10. Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago
    Göbekli Pepé • 12K years ago 20 September, 2021, 21:12

    Adam Gase 👀

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  11. Nolababy Kevin condley
    Nolababy Kevin condley 20 September, 2021, 21:15

    Does Steve A. Smith allow folks to speak without interjecting!

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  12. Nolababy Kevin condley
    Nolababy Kevin condley 20 September, 2021, 21:30

    All those excuse steven made up for Green Bay, its all good tho! We gonna show you how we do that there, new orleans Louisiana we dont care, care about the namesayers! Just don't Genuine us later! 21 days mike, and steven A , A stand for artificial intelligence, aka blinded truth.

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  13. sincere bryant
    sincere bryant 21 September, 2021, 00:18

    Man keep that same energy when we get all of our players back and see them again

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  14. Colton Hunter
    Colton Hunter 21 September, 2021, 00:34

    Ryan: Saints didn't have CGJ, Lattimore or Davenport and that's why they had less than 200 yards of offense. Dude is a nut job.

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  15. Jus Chris
    Jus Chris 21 September, 2021, 00:49

    Your boy Ryan, made more excuses for the Saints than a man with no arms ,and legs….You know us Panthers fans could make a ton of excuses for the past 4 years….! Cam was injured two seasons in a row,we changed ownership,changed coaching staff,changed QBs to Bridgewater,got new GM,changed QB to Sam Darnold…Bro we been through alot for about 4 seasons,so no excuses!Nobody gave a shot to beat them Saints,and we fucked them up Sunday…

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    WILL THRILL 21 September, 2021, 01:03


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  17. Shadow Kombat
    Shadow Kombat 21 September, 2021, 02:02

    Winston was getting hyped up like it was the 2015 NFL draft all over again 😂

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  18. tengbettayang
    tengbettayang 21 September, 2021, 02:38

    While Ryan is making a statement SAS is on his laptop googling more info to rebuttal.

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  19. Jorge Marcelo
    Jorge Marcelo 21 September, 2021, 09:17

    Michael Irvin mad Steve Smith called him out national TV

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  20. Gun Range Geek
    Gun Range Geek 21 September, 2021, 10:52

    Like I said Winston is a certified scrub

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  21. Whodat 4life
    Whodat 4life 21 September, 2021, 11:28

    Saints will be back trust me

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  22. Robert edwards
    Robert edwards 21 September, 2021, 13:49

    Panthers fans knew coming into this year that, that D was gonna be ferocious! 7 draft picks and stud additions. I was talking shit to Saints fans all week. Then, after the game…they disappeared like the flood waters.

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  23. Me Woe
    Me Woe 21 September, 2021, 21:50

    Irvin is a clown 🤡 he change up in a instant!! He a 🍭

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  24. Logan Strom
    Logan Strom 21 September, 2021, 22:29

    why can't they spend more time talking about the Panthers?

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  25. Robert Bouldin III
    Robert Bouldin III 22 September, 2021, 01:24

    DJ Moore is great too

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  26. Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus 22 September, 2021, 07:37

    I knew the Saints was in trouble, once I seen that 3D Panther step on 5 New Orleans players.

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  27. Seek
    Seek 22 September, 2021, 10:52

    They sleeping on us #keeppounding

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  28. KASLtja
    KASLtja 22 September, 2021, 11:57

    Saints have too many people out. We'll be healthy going into week 7.

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  29. illTANK
    illTANK 23 September, 2021, 11:42

    "the panthers d all over him" 😂😂😂

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  30. Flat Stanley
    Flat Stanley 23 September, 2021, 15:01

    It’s almost like there was a gameplan for Kamara..

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