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Heart Cup. Steelers – Aces. 02.09.2021

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  1. Dre Dre
    Dre Dre 20 September, 2021, 02:13

    We are a bad football team. Oline is trash , ben is not mobile and the Steelers have NAJEE HARRIS and he had 34 rushing yards against the damn raiders. The fucking raiders. Seasons over. Idc about the wildcard or divisional. I want a ring damn it. Seasons over. Until we learn how to block this is a bad team. Canada basically has fichtners offense with 3 extra plays. And for the love of god. ATTACK THE MIDDLE OF THE GODDAMN FIELD🤦🏾‍♂️. Draft cant get here quick enough. Off-season should be let juju walk. Resign minkah, draft a QB hopefully matt coral and draft as much lineman as possible fuck corner. Seasons done im not doing this again like last year. Don’t respond talking bout we’re making the wildcard or were winning 9-10 games. I promise idgaf. I want a damn ring.

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  2. TEFLON-DON 47
    TEFLON-DON 47 20 September, 2021, 02:34

    Hahaha how bout the injury ravaged ravens🤣🤣🤣🤣😈

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  3. jacklambert5858
    jacklambert5858 20 September, 2021, 03:00

    Typing this just right before I watch you guys because you guys sidetrack me a lot with other stuff you talk about. I think we have an awful OL. Worst in the NFL. But what makes it worse is I know longer think Ben can get it done. His throws are late with no velocity and its allowing less than average CBs to look great. He has not improved from last year. The Bills secondary was average. The Raiders secondary is not a good unit. Jackson shredded them on Monday Night. Jackson is not a great drop back passer. I think its time for Rudolph, because thats two games straight he has thrown nothing but lollipops.

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  4. History of Video Games
    History of Video Games 20 September, 2021, 04:34

    Raiders fan here. To be fair to yall, those 4 injuries to your players played a HUGE factor in the Raiders winning. Speedy recovery to the players who got hurt!

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  5. robdontcap
    robdontcap 20 September, 2021, 04:35

    good game pittsburgh, u guys will be fine

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  6. Big Chet
    Big Chet 20 September, 2021, 05:08

    Don't be overconfident on beating the bengals. We have no reason to be overconfident and to look past anyone. Plus Bengals beat us last year and have played well in both their games thus far.

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  7. John Gowen
    John Gowen 20 September, 2021, 05:46

    Everyone expected that this year's potentially epic Steelers defense was going to help carry a young offensive line and running back and an aging quarterback with a new system through their growing pains. Multiple groin injuries and a fractured ankle later and that defense is history. Has the Steelers season ended before it had a chance to really begin?

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  8. Randy Polleck
    Randy Polleck 20 September, 2021, 05:47

    Steelers Nation? Nope, only one nation, that's Raider Nation.

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  9. Mr HammerZz
    Mr HammerZz 20 September, 2021, 06:35

    We need a veteran tackle! Chuks isn't a starter and Moore can be one! He needs a veteran to help him/teach him how a starter in this league prepares and plays. I've seen enough of #76 to tell you that he's a huge liability to our future Canton bound QB. Hell a parking cone would've fared better against Crosby tbh. I hope for the best but don't expect much to change unfortunately.

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  10. Shane R
    Shane R 20 September, 2021, 07:33

    Raiders have me worried I think they are for real this year

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  11. jackandlaneysdad
    jackandlaneysdad 20 September, 2021, 08:01

    Lol your offensive line is not worse than ours, the New steel curtain is Black

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  12. chase schneier
    chase schneier 20 September, 2021, 08:16

    O line failure is a recurrent theme with this team. Last year he said he would improve the line but no, he didn’t. Forget the “gelling”, it’s a failure. If this doesn’t improve this year Tomlin should be fired.

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  13. Steelers Freak
    Steelers Freak 20 September, 2021, 08:33

    They aren't playing any different from last year. Inept offense, which is vanilla, in shotgun (Ben's way)banking on the D, the special teams and luck to win a game. The season is a wrap.

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  14. Jesse Sarmiento
    Jesse Sarmiento 20 September, 2021, 08:45

    The Steelers offense in a nutshell. Run, 3 to 5 yard short pass, especially on third and long. A bomb every now and then. No crossing passes towards the middle of the field.

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  15. Robert Stross
    Robert Stross 20 September, 2021, 09:39

    You guys are great. I did point out last season, I would pay big money for the Steelers to hire an "Injury Prevention Coach" whatever that is in my imagination. Make the players do yoga? Groin injuries are NOT minor. That's in your core, and you can't do anything with a groin injury, you can't lay out, you can't run fast, you can't jute. In "The Bus" by Jerome Bettis, Bettis talks about dealing with a groin injury that sidelined him. Did you read his book? (Read the bit about him taking an injection from a long needle between his legs and what happened if you are brave enough). It's an excellent read! But Bettis describing the pain, makes you realize what a great, great player he was and also just how debilitating a groin injury can be. Players try to hide it but, you can't get away from it and it's insipid because it takes away their level of elite performance, and exposes them to even more injury. I sure hope we can get over these injuries. Minkah played awesomely but having no Joe Hayden sucked.

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  16. Sean445
    Sean445 20 September, 2021, 10:08

    Here’s the thing the raiders should penalized too while turner was ejected from the game, it’s kinda selfish and ugly about what occurred in week 2 apparently

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  17. Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson 20 September, 2021, 11:04

    Yea that all in good Steelers can't score points 17 points come on

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  18. Robert Robertson
    Robert Robertson 20 September, 2021, 11:11

    It went bad when tj- watt got hurt to pass rush got slowed down

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  19. pwp513
    pwp513 20 September, 2021, 11:28

    Mad respect to you guys. Good luck to rest of your season. RNFL

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  20. Andre Romero
    Andre Romero 20 September, 2021, 11:43

    Offensive line is what’s killing us, Ben has no time in the pocket

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  21. Bigg E
    Bigg E 20 September, 2021, 11:46

    Bigg E The Raider,Lifetime Oakland Raider fan here. Still livin in Oakland & STILL Lovin my Team.
    Just wanted to say "Respect" fight this show, you two are True Die Hard Fans that Love their team to No End. I Love your setup & ur Tight Memorabilia.
    Sorry for your loss yesterday, I know it was a tough one for y'all to watch.

    From my observations from the game, U guys saw the Genious of Gruden. He Actually set up the game plan for this game last week vs. The Ravens.
    He saw that The Ravens D had No Answer for Waller, so he targeted him Waay more then he planned to, knowing Pitt was watchin thecMonday nite game.
    So when we got to Pitt the game plan was to decoy Waller & target the other tight ends, who u guys didn't know much about, and the other wr's. The reason for that was yo stave off "Blitzburgh". Ur blitzing was rendered useless due to having to chip & doubleteam Waller the whole game. He was Truly in ur head & with your D playin man to man all day, Derek was able to do what he does best, pick u apart.
    U guys still put up a great effort but the Only way to beat us yesterday was to get to Carr early & often & after the 2nd qtr, and especially when Watt went out, our young , makeshift O-Line stepped up & gave Carr time all day.

    Again Great Game, Nuthin But Respect for the Curtain. U guys ALWAYS play us tough & our history is Legendary.

    Have a Great season & stay healthy.

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  22. JA Raider
    JA Raider 20 September, 2021, 11:50

    He spit on 55 LB Marque Lee it was horrible spit but I was like yo they gonna need you in the game but GG y’all are a good team I won’t take away from you guys if y’all were healthy I think the score won’t be low scoring but hope you guys beat donkeys Queens and chargers

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  23. Andre Romero
    Andre Romero 20 September, 2021, 11:50

    The way the O-line is playing Ben might be one of those players on IR soon………..

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  24. Jarrod Torres
    Jarrod Torres 20 September, 2021, 12:18

    Turner got spit in his face first fellas and then retaliated after and spit back and got seen by the zebras and got ejected. That penalty on Spillane for hitting car was bullshit to. Somebody let a lion lose to slaughter all these stupid Zebras Refs are fucking ridiculous

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  25. Jim Emann
    Jim Emann 20 September, 2021, 13:10

    Again just like your last year still a nation the offense is so predictable really there's you know I haven't seen a tooth tight end set yet I get it one my receiver has to come out if there's a two tight end set but you got to mix it up because teams are going to know exactly what you're doing just like last year with the offense we were so predictable I thought this year with Matt Canada it would probably be different I know it's only two games but again the offensive line can't run block they can't pass block and honestly looking at Ben you might be a little bit better shape than last year I get it he's 38 years old but but the defense too nobody showed up in this game nobody it's an embarrassing thing for being a Steeler fan to watch a game like this year something has to change I don't know what it is but it's I don't know I lost the words go Steelers against Cincinnati..

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  26. Ryan Irwin- Diehl
    Ryan Irwin- Diehl 20 September, 2021, 14:16

    At this rate we’re going to lose to the Bengals lol

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  27. Temp
    Temp 20 September, 2021, 14:54

    GG Respect from a raiders fan. Good luck for the rest of the season

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  28. Denny Brennan
    Denny Brennan 20 September, 2021, 15:46

    There was only 8 minutes left in the game when he punted on 4th and one

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  29. Remedy This - Dream World
    Remedy This - Dream World 20 September, 2021, 18:28

    raiders always play the steelers tough…doesnt matter who is playing. This loss to them does not surprise me at all.

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  30. John Gotti
    John Gotti 20 September, 2021, 19:23

    If ben keeps getting hit no way he makes it threw the season that one hit has me scared look like he died

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  31. Tracey Sean Burrwell
    Tracey Sean Burrwell 20 September, 2021, 19:38


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  32. Devin M
    Devin M 20 September, 2021, 23:34

    Hey Steelers fans I'm here to tell you it's not as bad as it might seem consider this:

    ignoring last years great record, in 2019 Pittsburgh had no run game or reliable receiving core yet and the Vaunted defense hadn't yet gotten your Star T.J. Watt all the while dealing poor Offensive Coordinator calls and had to endure an 0-3 start.

    this year you may have a relatively tougher schedule but you already upset the Bills which in my mind was huge, this is was only week 2 of 17 lots of football left. Anyways take it how you like, best of luck this season from your rival in the North, go ravens!

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  33. Steelers 21
    Steelers 21 20 September, 2021, 23:35


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  34. Bhdf 530
    Bhdf 530 21 September, 2021, 00:21

    Why can't we ever beat the raiders

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  35. Angel Huerta
    Angel Huerta 21 September, 2021, 01:28

    Definitely did not understand why they didn't just kneel in the last play, game was over, instead they run a play and your guy gets hurt. -Raider fan

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  36. Joel Nenadovich
    Joel Nenadovich 21 September, 2021, 04:05

    Deflating loss man

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  37. Scottie Lutz
    Scottie Lutz 21 September, 2021, 13:21

    RAIDAS!!!!!!!!. I know it’s early in the season but proud of how my team is looking so far

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  38. Adam Altvater
    Adam Altvater 21 September, 2021, 14:26

    Injuries can't be an excuse ravens have 15 players on IR and just beat the Chiefs. Suck it up boys

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  39. Piney Treez
    Piney Treez 21 September, 2021, 14:38

    Man, i thought the Steelers was gonna have this New "HIGH POWERED OFFENSE". and it looks just like that pathetic offense that was ran by the old O.C. Randy Fichtner…Damn!!!..we gotta see this B.S. all season.smfh😡 then to make it worst, the last team that i would be worried about the Steelers playing next week is the Bengals!!!..Lawd help us, if our Steelers lose to them…😡🤬🤬

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  40. Jerry Obrien
    Jerry Obrien 22 September, 2021, 14:04

    steelers are catching up to the Ravens in injuries. It was brutal to see Ben get beat up.
    I was not enamored with Steelers Oline before the season. I expected Ben to get hurt last year
    it was amazing he held up last year. Haskins is not the fix. Steelers need to draft a qb (helll 3 years ago)

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