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  1. Barmelo Xanthony
    Barmelo Xanthony 5 June, 2021, 11:41

    cowher power.

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  2. 764isthecode
    764isthecode 5 June, 2021, 12:03

    Why Steven a went to high schools to talk about mommas cooking your a phony

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  3. John Pestano
    John Pestano 5 June, 2021, 12:52

    Rodgers is kicking back enjoying the theatrics from the media. 😂

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  4. John Pestano
    John Pestano 5 June, 2021, 12:52

    Cowher's mic sounds terrible

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  5. Nova Red
    Nova Red 5 June, 2021, 12:54

    NOVA RED will be the most biggest and successful artist in the world ✅💯😈🔥

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  6. Everett Washington
    Everett Washington 5 June, 2021, 12:56

    Doesn't AARON Deserve happiness at this point & time in his career like who wants all this stress at 38 yrs old, he's going to be 38 soon & like if he's not happy in GB then let him leave damnit ‼️🤦

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  7. John Pestano
    John Pestano 5 June, 2021, 12:56

    18 seasons in the NFL for big Ben that's incredible like LBJ.

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  8. Everett Washington
    Everett Washington 5 June, 2021, 12:58


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  9. Sho Nuf
    Sho Nuf 5 June, 2021, 13:19

    So sick of people crying about players not being respected. Yet they do whatever they want or don't want. Refuse to go OTAs, camp, team practice, hold out if they want more money even when under a contract they agreed to and signed, complain about the coaching staff, the scheme, not getting the ball. Then some like Rodgers just quit on the team demanding to be traded. They're spoiled, selfish, entitled, egotistical divas who constantly want their way and throw tantrums when they don't. But they want respect?

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  10. Ubermentsh
    Ubermentsh 5 June, 2021, 13:21

    I wonder how upset Aaron Rodgers would be, if management walked out of the booth walked onto the field right before the snap and started to dictate to Aaron how they'd like him to execute the play?🤔

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  11. Opinions dot dot dot
    Opinions dot dot dot 5 June, 2021, 14:59

    Ben and Arron seem to be cut from the same cloth, talk about the elephant in the room and that’s leadership.

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  12. damian harris
    damian harris 5 June, 2021, 15:02

    Cowboys gonna win the super bowl this yr

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  13. Donna Morgan
    Donna Morgan 5 June, 2021, 15:24

    He knows a little something about the Rooney Rule, oh, that's another topic 😘Stephen A. Smith moment.

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  14. javier book shadows contributor du

    56th comment Molly eye candy

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  15. Ellande Campbell
    Ellande Campbell 5 June, 2021, 17:13

    All this trade talk about a guy who isn't going anywhere (at least this year)

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  16. Upon Further Review Show
    Upon Further Review Show 5 June, 2021, 18:25

    At this point, Aaron Rodgers is allowed to have his way, he's been there forever and can obviously see when things aren't how they use to be.

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  17. M E
    M E 5 June, 2021, 23:26

    Audio sucks

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  18. Richard Listwon
    Richard Listwon 6 June, 2021, 00:12

    Comes down to it talk is cheap time to man up and produce. Too many crybabies in the nfl💁

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  19. ConsolationOfMusic
    ConsolationOfMusic 6 June, 2021, 05:02

    Come on coach, buy proper microphone.

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  20. ConsolationOfMusic
    ConsolationOfMusic 6 June, 2021, 05:06

    Thank Aaron for the opportunity to sell your book. Hey coach, if you are going sell your book on TV buy a microphone. Your sound is not so good.

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  21. It’s Jax
    It’s Jax 6 June, 2021, 14:40

    The next day Julio traded to the Titans

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  22. C.S.R
    C.S.R 7 June, 2021, 04:33

    Wow so weird!
    I know somebody that used to work for the NFL and he was just talking about that exact Super Bowl that’s on the helmet behind the Bill. We were talking about that basketball referee that covered the spread for the mob and got in trouble years ago, and he told me that that Super Bowl is talked about behind closed doors in the NFL that it’s one of the most corrupt games of all time!
    He showed me some clips on YouTube and I couldn’t believe the phantom calls that they were calling against the Seahawks if they got a TD or a big gain to get into Redzone, even John Madden was like “I have no idea what they’re seeing!” The guy was telling me apparently one of the referees put a full page ad in in the Seattle Times years later saying how sorry he is to this day and he said he thinks about it all the time that he got it wrong and wishes he could redo it. But home dude saying that The Steelers apparently were the winners before the game even started!
    So messed up! So apparently it really does happen the NFL or whoever will make sure or has because if you watch that game it’s corruption on another level! I had to do my own research after talking to them and there’s a bunch of stuff online all about that game!
    I know there’s a bunch of stuff about a bunch of games but this is so egregious and outrageous when seeing it that I can’t believe there hasn’t been a documentary or this hasn’t been really been talked about on the main stream!
    But like he said behind closed doors in the NFL they talk about that game the most because of how many calls were called back on absolute nothing🤯

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  23. abo lamar
    abo lamar 7 June, 2021, 06:43

    The efficacious scent specially bathe because turnover resultantly realise up a smelly condition. pretty, tawdry panty

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