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  1. Mbsixshooter Yt
    Mbsixshooter Yt 15 April, 2021, 10:25

    Let’s go cowboys

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  2. Alenor kaye Olpenda
    Alenor kaye Olpenda 15 April, 2021, 10:28

    hopefully a boom

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  3. Otis Campbell
    Otis Campbell 15 April, 2021, 10:52

    First comment @

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  4. I’m a part of Black History!!
    I’m a part of Black History!! 15 April, 2021, 11:12

    Let’s go ✭”Dallas Cowboys”✭…

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  5. NightPlayer1976
    NightPlayer1976 15 April, 2021, 11:20

    It will be like every other year. Just an OK team.

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  6. Glenn John
    Glenn John 15 April, 2021, 11:31

    I hope that the players stand up against the vaccine bullshit. All this virus phobia is based on lies.

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  7. Jerad O
    Jerad O 15 April, 2021, 11:34

    Take vaccine and get to work.

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  8. Trey Will
    Trey Will 15 April, 2021, 13:39

    cowboys getting that ring

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  9. Chocolatetown Forever
    Chocolatetown Forever 15 April, 2021, 14:18

    Oh come on Derek. Demarcus Lawrence hasnt met expectations. You paid him over 20 million a year, a contract that STILL is a top five number in the league for ALL defensive players.

    You dont get that kind of money to be solid against the run, and get a few hurries. Theres a TON of edge rushers with hurries in this league.

    Get the QB. Period. Im so sick of the excuses for this guy.

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  10. Jimmy Rudd
    Jimmy Rudd 15 April, 2021, 14:31

    If you remember Zeke came in out of shape and overweight most players will not work out on there own

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  11. Jimmy Rudd
    Jimmy Rudd 15 April, 2021, 14:55

    Jayden Smith over rated

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  12. kyle watson
    kyle watson 15 April, 2021, 14:59

    So last year when both tackles got hurt, Zack Martin got hurt, the center retired and the qb got the backups tackles got hurt at one point too

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  13. Family Man
    Family Man 15 April, 2021, 19:06

    So you can play the games that generate all the revenue but can’t train preseason.. what a load of shit. It’s completely political.

    I’m really being turned off by the POLITICAL LANDSCAPE run by the NFL. 🤮🤮🤮

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  14. David Hutchinson
    David Hutchinson 16 April, 2021, 03:44

    There are ways of training in groups without defying the union or the league. Look at what Brady did in Tampa.

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  15. Father Guido Sarducci
    Father Guido Sarducci 16 April, 2021, 15:04

    DeMarcus Lawrence is the most overpaid player on the team and one of the most overpaid players in the league. He's a really good player paid like a great player. If he has another down season Dallas will ask for a restructure

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  16. Dsaturday Fwight
    Dsaturday Fwight 16 April, 2021, 15:51

    in somewhats tacos defense there were only 2 front 7 guys that panned out in that draft garrett/watt wasnt much to be had outside of those two…

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  17. Jessie Saiz
    Jessie Saiz 16 April, 2021, 17:08

    Could they ask for individuals to get the shots, and those who don't, be traded for players willing to get shots. Giving them an advantage to win a Super Bowl?

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  18. C H
    C H 17 April, 2021, 21:27

    Boom or Bust? That is just stupid. Unless the Cowboys fix their offensive line play is vastly improved the Cowboys aren't going to win any more games than they did last year no matter what they do to change their defense. Not only that there is no chance the Cowboys will Boom anytime in the near or far future. So depending on your definition of Bust the Cowboys may be a Bust for many year to come. The ownership and management of the team is so bad they will never win or get far in the playoffs. Sorry but it's true.

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  19. Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas 18 April, 2021, 16:56

    The zeke slander truly pisses me off!! It’s like there’s no common sense from fans and “experts”
    -he’s not OLD, but is treated like he’s a
    9 yr vet and descending
    -team ran through zeke, then by his 3rd year the team developed amnesia and he’s never carried as much (Garrett was an idiot and Kellen Moore has completely misused Zeke since he took over)
    -his Oline is different and is important regardless of who the rb is. Plus injuries
    -Fumbles are HIS FAULT and that’s it
    -rb coach has changed

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  20. Dean F
    Dean F 19 April, 2021, 13:01

    Derek's already getting his Spagnola excuses ready for the 8-8 season.

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  21. wolfvgaming
    wolfvgaming 21 April, 2021, 14:25


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  22. wolfvgaming
    wolfvgaming 21 April, 2021, 14:25


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  23. wolfvgaming
    wolfvgaming 21 April, 2021, 14:25


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  24. wolfvgaming
    wolfvgaming 21 April, 2021, 14:26


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  25. Cire Notsluor
    Cire Notsluor 25 April, 2021, 13:40

    Actually he CAN control that Derek. So instead of $21.5 Mil, you take $17.5 Mil, still set for life and the team can sign other players to help him out. I know I know, easy for ME to tell a guy to sacrifice his paychecks, its not his responsibility. WELL what is the goal? Highest paid DE? or Super Bowl Champ? I am sure being a Super Bowl Champ makes you more money in the long run. And No, nothing is ever guaranteed and most likely him taking less doesn't change a thing, but you get superman money and the team can't afford more, then you better be the best at what you do.

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  26. Cire Notsluor
    Cire Notsluor 25 April, 2021, 14:40

    "Taco" was 100% all Rod Marinelli

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