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  1. Dominique Peppers
    Dominique Peppers 5 April, 2021, 22:05

    Judd so negative lol

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  2. Pulford_SKOL
    Pulford_SKOL 5 April, 2021, 22:07

    100% take Mond over Trask, no questions asked

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  3. DL Lindstrom
    DL Lindstrom 5 April, 2021, 22:12

    There are not any Defensive Ends worthy of the 14th pick. REPEAT. There are not any Defensive Ends worthy of the 14th pick.

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  4. supremetrain
    supremetrain 5 April, 2021, 22:40

    soooo….about that first round corner we took last year going to need to do it again thanks Gladney

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  5. b
    b 5 April, 2021, 23:00

    You have Justin Fields falling to 14 and you didn't take him??? He could be a franchise qb for 10 years . We know Cousins isn't the answer. Can you imagine Fields, Jefferson and Cook?

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  6. MrVikingsfootball09
    MrVikingsfootball09 5 April, 2021, 23:21

    wow, after almost a decade…the seahawks will play the vikings in minnsota LOL not sure how many years in a row the vikings/seahawks played, but it seemed like the vikings played the seahawks every year LOL the most inside against a team in the conference and outside of the nfc north

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  7. Mussa Ibragimov
    Mussa Ibragimov 6 April, 2021, 00:11

    afc north and nfc west are the best divisions in nfl

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  8. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:35

    There's still enough money for Zimmer to get a veteran pass rusher after June right?? Doesn't that extra 7 million from Rudolph come in then?

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  9. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:41

    You guys just gave Zimmer and spielman the exact blueprint of what they will do

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  10. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:41

    And we have to get two offensive linemen

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  11. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:41


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  12. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:42

    I need to wake ⏰ up from this nightmare

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  13. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:45

    I did like 5 of those and I got waddle and penny once and the rest were tucker and kwitty

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  14. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:50

    I hope 🙏 the vikings front office is better than you at drafting

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  15. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:51

    If fields is there you take him

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  16. Tim 4cn
    Tim 4cn 6 April, 2021, 01:59

    They aren't losing that many games

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  17. Eoin McDonnell
    Eoin McDonnell 6 April, 2021, 04:55

    If you're Spielman, you get Justin Houston now in free agency to sure up the defense. That way on draft day, when Zimmer starts banging the table for an edge rusher at 14, you tell him to STFU and draft the best available player on offense.

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  18. KL Ausdaus
    KL Ausdaus 6 April, 2021, 11:48

    Not a good pick @17. Why not take Jenkins? We need OL and he is the best available at that point. If Fields is still there at 14 we need to take him or trade the pick expensive. Mond is picked too in my view.

    On the Schedule, my best case scenario is 10-7. Let's hope for something…

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  19. Joel Mattila
    Joel Mattila 6 April, 2021, 13:44

    Another spielman bust how long before we get rid of that idiot.

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  20. Joel Mattila
    Joel Mattila 6 April, 2021, 13:46

    How many more first round busts will it take before the wilfs finally get rid of that idiot spielman. Write this down as long as spielman is gm the vikings will not win a superbowl.

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  21. Matt Chinander Music
    Matt Chinander Music 6 April, 2021, 13:57

    There is no way the NFL puts the 17th game in week 18. NFC North vs AFC West is the final game? No starters will play.

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  22. Andres Burrola
    Andres Burrola 6 April, 2021, 22:37

    I am inspired with your episode today so here is my transformative HUGE prediction. I believe Slick Rick and Mgt realize what a rich QB class this draft is and how desperate teams are to snag one of these franchises QB. Minnesota will make a splash trade with 49ers. Vikings will take 49ers first rounder (#3 overall pick) for Vikings first round (#14 overall pick) and 49ers Second rounder. In exchange for Kyle Shannan’s ideal QB Mr. Kirk Cousins. Vikings get their franchise QB and a 2nd rounder. 49ers are ready to roll and don’t have time to break in a rookie no matter how good. Zimmer and slick Rick save their jobs because they will need time to build rookie up. I also believe Vikings will acquire Teddy Bridgewater as a one year stop gap and still allowing Vikings to make playoffs. 49ers will roll with Kirky Cuz. Skol. Let’s go purple nation!

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  23. A n d r e w
    A n d r e w 7 April, 2021, 08:28

    If you could trade back with the KC and get their 1st and 2nd this year I’d do it. I would then trade that 1st to the ravens for brown jr and then in the 2nd round do whatever it takes to get Wyatt if he’s still there.

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  24. Violet Valkyrie
    Violet Valkyrie 9 April, 2021, 18:26

    11 wins is highly optimistic if they don't fix the OL before the season starts. If they try to bandaid it, kirk will be running for his life, and the defense will be on the field so long that they get gassed.

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  25. Andres Burrola
    Andres Burrola 10 April, 2021, 01:16

    Weird Tweet Speculates Kirk Cousins to SF for 3rd Overall Pick
    purplePTSD is, along with its sister-site VikingsTerritory, the leading local/independent source for Minnesota Vikings content. Skol

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  26. BigMoInAZ
    BigMoInAZ 11 April, 2021, 14:36

    call me a saddist, actually enjoyed laughing (along) at you guys!!! SKOL4LIFE✌😎😜

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  27. TheBlkhwkcrew
    TheBlkhwkcrew 12 April, 2021, 17:38

    You guys talk all that stuff. Without any pressure put on you guys, the ability to pause, and contemplate the pick. You did exactly what you make fun of the vikes for doing. You showed everyone how inept you guys really are.

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