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The Chicago Bears Quarterback Battles | Andy Dalton Vs Justin Fields

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  1. James Valvis
    James Valvis 18 March, 2021, 06:26

    I almost never agree with Florio, but he's dead right here. That offer wasn't even close to enough. To put in perspective, the Seahawks traded two firsts and a third and a player for a safety. Yeah, the Seahawks were going to trade the best QB in franchise history, a HOF guy in his prime, for basically Jamal Adams and a first.

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  2. Christopher X
    Christopher X 18 March, 2021, 08:05

    Chicago enemies:
    1. Rogers
    2. Wilson

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  3. Rob Morris
    Rob Morris 18 March, 2021, 09:01

    Bears needed to tank but no, they're the bears so they go peel off some pointless wins against bottom feeders. They suck at literally everything. They can't even be good at being bad.

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  4. steve O
    steve O 18 March, 2021, 09:09

    Considering Pace and Nagy were willing to give up their teams whole future to save their jobs to get a QB should of been a message to Schneider and Caroll not to do it!!!!!! 😂

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  5. myko freder
    myko freder 18 March, 2021, 09:51

    We are only getting Seattle's narrative, they knew where the Bears were picking, if drafting a QB was part of their plan they should have never mentioned this conversation over beers with the Bears. I see Bears management above GM are up to their knees in major trades and evaluate their roster post trade will make them better than the Packers. They would be giving 1 1st round per year of Wilsons services, and you better be certain you are better than the Packers in your own division post trade figuring in the cap ramifications of Wilson. They are having problems with Robinsons contract, add Wilsons contract, in 3 years when you start negotiations they could easily be the Texans or Falcons, in that case, they will let him walk and the trade ends up being 1 1st for each year of service and you end up the Falcons. Wilson will get cheaper every year by at least a 1st round pick, in 2 years you may be given the right to negotiate a contract extension and if signed a trade for may be a single 1st or 2nd round pick. If Seattle looks like the Falcons in 2 years and go QB in the draft, a 3rd rounder may be all you give up for exclusive negotiation rights.

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  6. Jorge Tarango
    Jorge Tarango 18 March, 2021, 10:02

    Russell wants all the money yet My homes and Brady are restructuring their contracts to make sure they help the team succeed

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  7. Inorite
    Inorite 18 March, 2021, 11:32

    The last time the Bears were relevant, my collage aged kids were born

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  8. Bill Buyers
    Bill Buyers 18 March, 2021, 12:06

    So Russell Wilson is untradeable, because that is the most you are going to get for him. As for the Bears, it seems like they could try trading up in the trade to get a QB. As for Russell Wilson, if his play declines then not as many teams are going to want to make a trade for him in a couple of seasons when his contract is not as expensive for the Seahawks, and the Seahawks are not going to get as much for Wilson as they could have.

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  9. John Moore
    John Moore 18 March, 2021, 13:30

    Mike where did you find him acho twin give him some information so he doesn't have to talk

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  10. Thomas Muscheck
    Thomas Muscheck 18 March, 2021, 14:03

    The Bears will sink even with Wilson. Their draft slots will probably go up, because the Bears will "miss" again. We'll all soon be saying 'Remember that Russell Wilson guy'?

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  11. James Watson
    James Watson 18 March, 2021, 14:45

    maybe add in a 2nd round then yeah

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  12. YouHaveaBeeOnYourHat
    YouHaveaBeeOnYourHat 18 March, 2021, 15:40

    Our last hope is to trade up for Justin Fields. I think the media is tearing him down partially because the media is so negative, and partially because of racism.

    I'm a white dude, but it's hard to deny black people don't get the benefit of the doubt that white people get.

    Don't believe me? How long did it take the media to accept that Lamar Jackson isn't a gimmicky qb, and compare that to how many excuses Sam Darnold STILL gets, even when all evidence is against him (example: Adam Gase actually made the playoffs when Tannehill was healthy, and Tannehill wasn't bad under him).

    With all that said, I know no qb is a guarantee, but Justin Fields reminds me of DeDhaun Watson & Lamar coming out, in that he has questions about how he plays qb, but his performances show he's not that bad. For DeShaun, it was arm strength, for Lamar, it was accuracy.

    The Bears get him, they've got a really good future, and the fans will be excited; if not, nobody's coming to see future of the franchise, Andy Dalton

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  13. Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 18 March, 2021, 17:07

    This is crock of bs! No way they offered this. Everytime news of Watson comes out you all come up with more Wilson bs. No one cares enough for a 32 yr so so qb to throw away 3 first 2 players this is simply detour story line.

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  14. Kan Poe
    Kan Poe 19 March, 2021, 03:14

    lol, Florio is incredibly dense.

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  15. Larry Wyatt
    Larry Wyatt 19 March, 2021, 11:02

    The bears never made that offer it was all progranda. But after this season Wilson will be a bear. Watch

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  16. Austin Skaggs
    Austin Skaggs 19 March, 2021, 11:21

    You’re a fucking idiot. You can’t use Mike Ditka trading an entire draft class as an example to benefit your argument. That’ll never happen again. It’s totally irrational.
    And then you say after round 3 who cares? Wow okay. You do realize a significant amount of the leagues stars are late round picks, right? Done with your show.

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  17. Bubba
    Bubba 19 March, 2021, 13:09

    Bears have a nice young core of players on rookie contracts that I think Pete would love to have. Knowing now that the Bears were looking to off-load starters on bloated contracts that they planned on cutting anyway, it's pretty clear they didn't want to give up their real capitol, and that's why it wasn't an "all-in on Russ" move.

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  18. MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God 19 March, 2021, 16:43

    Three first round picks: All will be at #20 or lower.
    Kyle Fuller: Will be released.
    That’s why it’s a bad trade for Seattle.

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  19. Ab Nice
    Ab Nice 19 March, 2021, 17:42

    Because Nagy is still the coach

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  20. Maverick Consulting Group
    Maverick Consulting Group 19 March, 2021, 20:46

    I hope Russ and Shane bond over the off season 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  21. chris le
    chris le 22 March, 2021, 06:45

    I never thought Bears had a chance because were the Bears are in the Draft. No team is trading a "QB1 for a 20th pick. All the hype was the media needing a story.

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