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  1. Dolfan5413
    Dolfan5413 15 March, 2021, 21:22

    Why are we getting a new punter? Matt was awesome for us.

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  2. Radically Centerist
    Radically Centerist 15 March, 2021, 21:26

    We are poaching players off of the Bengals and Lions????? What?
    If the Dolphins sign Kenny Golladay, does that mean they don't take a receiver at #3 or #18? Sounds like Parsons is coming to town at #3 and a Running back at #18.

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  3. Fantasy Fan Panel
    Fantasy Fan Panel 15 March, 2021, 21:26

    Grier is showing more question marks some are ahead and not blind!

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  4. Samp1
    Samp1 15 March, 2021, 21:47

    We need FOURNETTE at rb

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  5. J B
    J B 15 March, 2021, 21:58

    What is the chances of signing Hilton CB from Pittsburgh….. feasible?

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  6. Jason Stamps
    Jason Stamps 15 March, 2021, 22:28

    Cethan Carter reminds me of Charles Clay.

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  7. Patriot usa
    Patriot usa 15 March, 2021, 22:32

    Looking like nobody wants to play for us. Fire Grier

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  8. Patriot usa
    Patriot usa 15 March, 2021, 22:34

    Long snapper from China at 11:59

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  9. Jason Stamps
    Jason Stamps 15 March, 2021, 22:44

    Maybe Strowbridge, Render or Nick Coe fill Lawson's role.

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  10. Wilson Martin
    Wilson Martin 15 March, 2021, 22:56

    Both of ya need to give Albert Wilson a bit more respect. If he returns to his late-2019 form or anything close to it, he'll be a twitchy, speedy guy with fairly reliable hands who can line up anywhere and run crisp routes. As much as I value good receiving tight ends, I think he'll be the biggest threat over the middle.

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  11. Phil Montgomery
    Phil Montgomery 15 March, 2021, 23:03

    Belicheck is going to replicate Nelson Aghalor’s performance against us over and over again.

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  12. Scott Register
    Scott Register 15 March, 2021, 23:10

    Do you even need a Golliday after signing S.Carter I mean thats blockbuster right there..LET THAT MARINATE A FEW DAYS 😆 😆 😆

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  13. The Show
    The Show 15 March, 2021, 23:26

    Fullback and a punter.

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  14. Ignatius Cheese
    Ignatius Cheese 15 March, 2021, 23:29

    Hendrickson to the Bengals Cat. Also he's not a Flores fit. More of a 4-3 guy.

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  15. Jack Rubin
    Jack Rubin 15 March, 2021, 23:52

    Sammuel didn’t sign hes still there

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  16. Martina Davies
    Martina Davies 16 March, 2021, 00:54

    Hey guys, I missed your show. I hate having to sleep, lol 😁! Will look for you tomorrow. Let's hope the Dolphins get a quality signing? 🐬

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  17. Jacques Bethune
    Jacques Bethune 16 March, 2021, 03:34

    Golladay better than DVP

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  18. Richard Dendall
    Richard Dendall 16 March, 2021, 05:25

    What about back up quarterback, Alex Smith or Tyrod Taylor or Chase Daniel or Jacoby Brssett , Please no Colt Mcoy, He played terrible for the Giants last season 🏈🐬 ,

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  19. The King Truth Show
    The King Truth Show 16 March, 2021, 08:20

    If we get Pitts and Holliday we would have ZERO WRS who can get separation

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  20. john yurick
    john yurick 16 March, 2021, 08:47

    Hahaha guys why give Patriot USA a ❤️ with a comment like that 🤔 …….?🇺🇸🐬🏈🌴😎🇺🇸

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  21. john yurick
    john yurick 16 March, 2021, 08:52

    Lmao 😂 cat that Chuck knoblock crack was very funny………

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  22. john yurick
    john yurick 16 March, 2021, 08:58

    R u guys down on GM Grier ?

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  23. Patriot usa
    Patriot usa 16 March, 2021, 10:53

    Hunter Henry already today to

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  24. Digging n the Trenches
    Digging n the Trenches 16 March, 2021, 11:37

    Golladay means DVP gets traded he won’t get another contract from dolphins I don’t think

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  25. Digging n the Trenches
    Digging n the Trenches 16 March, 2021, 11:41

    Love our pick ups love the fact it’s driving casual dolphins fans 😡 “why don’t we bring in dez Bryant his only 100”…lol its hilarious casuals want free agents I want draft assets

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  26. Digging n the Trenches
    Digging n the Trenches 16 March, 2021, 11:44

    If we aren’t going too pay ogbah and baker think we try and trade them both,sieler can take ogbah snaps we can draft a player too replace baker..this carter kid Will take smythes spot could see smythe getting released..I’m thinking we move on from ogbah and baker

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  27. Digging n the Trenches
    Digging n the Trenches 16 March, 2021, 11:48

    Been calling moving Lawson for weeks now had too get off flowers and lawsons contracts

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  28. Kevin Yang
    Kevin Yang 16 March, 2021, 13:44

    Sad we didn't get Linsley. Hope that means we resign Karras like you guys mentioned.
    I want Golladay and Marvin Jones/ Curtis Samuel.

    Hope this waiting trend is a sign of them wanting to use the cap money on our own guys.

    Wish i could catch your live streams, i live in Seattle Washington. Also, would you guys be able to announce at the end of your videos when you will be on next? Didn't realize you would post so soon

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  29. scottyjoe22
    scottyjoe22 16 March, 2021, 13:59

    Most teams are in panic mode. Bellichick is jealous of Flores defense 🙂

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