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  1. Primetime
    Primetime 24 February, 2021, 19:31

    Hunter Henry would be a great pick up

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  2. 187 Misfits Spade
    187 Misfits Spade 24 February, 2021, 19:31

    Julio Jones and watson

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  3. Nas The Toad
    Nas The Toad 24 February, 2021, 19:40

    u kno damn well we need that ilb!!!

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  4. David Fryar
    David Fryar 24 February, 2021, 20:21

    I better see Shaquil Barrett. Burns on one side Barrett on the other….

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  5. SA1Lyrical
    SA1Lyrical 24 February, 2021, 20:29

    I like Hunter Henry and I also like Mo Alie-Cox. I'm cool with the offseason moves thus far. As far as going after Watson I'd offer 2021 1st, 2021 3rd, 2022 1st, Teddy and Shaq. Anything more than that and I'm out. My preference is keep our picks, draft a rookie QB (Trey Lance) and then let him sit for 1 year and then surround him with a monster roster while you have a QB on a rookie deal

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  6. Madison Hamilton
    Madison Hamilton 24 February, 2021, 20:30

    Pretty sure avery williamson was traded to the Steelers this season

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  7. Jordan Evans Music
    Jordan Evans Music 24 February, 2021, 20:35

    What’s good shellz

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  8. —Erin C—
    —Erin C— 24 February, 2021, 21:17

    We don’t need an MLB we have Tahir Whitehead

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  9. biggdog fresh
    biggdog fresh 24 February, 2021, 21:33

    Im so glad that Boston is gone he had more missed tackles then he made

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  10. Tyler Rodriguez
    Tyler Rodriguez 24 February, 2021, 21:46

    We should have had Hunter Henry this entire time. That idiot Gettleman passed him up and took VERNON BUTLER……….

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  11. kratos997
    kratos997 24 February, 2021, 21:55

    Love the content and commentary.

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  12. RictorIAG
    RictorIAG 24 February, 2021, 21:57

    Brian Poole (S)
    Mike Hilton (CB)
    Avery Williamson (ILB)
    James White (RB)
    Hunter Henry (TE)

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  13. Hugh B
    Hugh B 25 February, 2021, 01:57

    Our number 1 target should be Guard Joe Thuney if we’re really going after Watson or R. Wilson. Thuney played college at NC State which might help & was great for the Pats. Henry is above average but always hurt & before we get a slot CB we need a CB1/2 beside Donte & a DT. No reason to pay a slot corner a few million who won’t be on the field as much as a CB on the outside & a DT.

    Our order of needs in free agency should be:
    1. O-Line (RG,LG,LT) & tag Moton
    2. Find a CB opposite of Donte (maybe Pat Pete on 1-2 year deal)
    3. An LB
    4. A cheap DT to replace Short
    5. A cheap safety
    6. A TE

    Not saying we’ll fill all these holes but we should improve our team in this order. The TE position doesn’t get much looks on our team anyways with the weapons on the outside. Olsen was great for us but that was with a different OC, coach, & QB. Joe Brady is a more throw it to your WRs kinda OC

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  14. Sir_HenAB 50
    Sir_HenAB 50 25 February, 2021, 10:09

    Henry, Poole, Williamson and maybe a DT would be great moves

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  15. Tracys Baby
    Tracys Baby 25 February, 2021, 10:30

    Instead of hunter Henry, get donald parham TE 6 7 237 pounds .

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  16. Dustin Barlow
    Dustin Barlow 25 February, 2021, 10:35

    People just dont realize 28 million in Cap is not a lot of money. 14 million of it is spoken for already, because it goes to Tyler Moton. So we have 14 million in cap to get three other starting offensive lineman, a starting MLB, a starting Safety, a starting Corner, and additional depth. Not to mention DJ and Robbie are FA next season. We have to retain our own. We have never done that as a franchise, and we have paid the ultimate price for it. Until we free up all that dead money, we shouldnt be making a splash for anyone, much less giving up half a decade of firsts for a player. Could we afford Henry, Sure. But you would have to let Robbie Walk next year. I want to win the right way, we dont need to take five steps forward and ten steps backwards.

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  17. Tyler Rodriguez
    Tyler Rodriguez 25 February, 2021, 11:20

    Wow that pointless win against the Redskins is really beginning to seem less and less defendable

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  18. Flashie -
    Flashie - 25 February, 2021, 12:57

    Idk Man I Would honestly love a linebacker who can hold his end ..

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  19. Goated
    Goated 25 February, 2021, 13:18

    We need the teddy lowlights vid

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  20. Jason
    Jason 25 February, 2021, 13:19

    We should pick up Hilton. You know who else was 5’9 and was a dawg? Steve Smith. Cus it doesn’t matter how big you are as long as you can ball you CAN BALL! & we need a sure tackler for our secondary from our last year performance.

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  21. juice da don
    juice da don 27 February, 2021, 21:17

    I disagree with the corner assessment we need a outside corner we solid at nickel corn elder played great and rasul douglas really a slot corner also

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  22. Texas PCHC Monkees Podcast
    Texas PCHC Monkees Podcast 27 February, 2021, 23:32

    What would you think about shipping a 5th or 6th to Cleveland for Njoku instead of paying 11+ mil for Henry?

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  23. Tha Gamez Ova
    Tha Gamez Ova 28 February, 2021, 06:32

    Against the Viking that win was in the bag until the defense folded in that last 2 mins

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  24. Chef 85
    Chef 85 2 March, 2021, 11:17

    Hilton is a decent get although a lot for a slot CB that cannot play on the outside. Hunter Henry like trading for Watson, Rodgers or R. Wilson is a major pipe dream. Henry is just to expensive and in the Joe Brady / Matt Rhule scheme TE's are utilized to block and really not much else . Slot WR's are more valuable to a degree but not the type of money Curtis Samuel is going to want. As far as Poole of the Falcons that makes some sense would be cheaper and not a little bit cheaper then M. Hilton would be. However injuries again are a concern; a guy like Malek Collins DT of the Raiders is expected to test the market and to get him to pair next to D. Brown would be nice an so would a LB as you mentioned A. Williamson but I am concerned again with the ACL injuries that have a history of rearing there ugly heads more then one time for a player.

    No doubt we will be somewhat active in free agency I would say moderately but not going insane like the Jags or Jets etc… we will be however #7 overall in the league regarding cap space is nice as you mentioned thanks to the cost cutting moves we already made (why in the heck is Burris still on the roster at $3.9 that is ridiculous for a guy needs to be a depth piece and nothing more) . Moton deal will take a good chunk and anywhere from $13-$15 million to sign our draft class. However; offensive line especially LT & LG aka OG is a major need maybe a stop gap like JR Sweezy formerly of the Seahawks and Cardinals would be a fit to he will be 32 but to return to the state where he played college ball could entice him I mean it never hurts to give him a ring especially if Fitterer thinks he has something left in the tank being 32 & benched though in favor of Murry in Arizona towards the end of last season could be that his career is nearly at a close but hey we need a veteran OG in addition to keeping Miller OG as well so I say call him what say you Shell's ???

    Next if Harrison Reddick LB (Cards LB) an former Matt Rhule Temple alum tests the open market like many believe he will; Carolina with Rhule connection will be giving him a call no doubt in my mind and I believe he would be a solid find add Reddick and land a Bolton , J. Cox or Surratt in the second round of the draft or maybe a Monty Rice in the middle rounds and we are still improved over T. Whitehead who thank god is finally gone as a UFA.

    Moton will be locked up in time & J. Miller was a decent OG that gets a bad rap so I expect him to return as well. Offensive line starters/depth, LB starters / depth, and CB/FS help are all major issues moving forward in that order. QB is a nice thing to focus on but we would be better served as a franchise moving into next season keeping Teddy one more year and if we plan on drafting a QB let him sit behind Teddy for one season. It would be nice to see what Teddy could do with an actual LT & LG on the team no doubt !!!

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  25. A Pony
    A Pony 2 March, 2021, 12:43
    u see that tps used ur thumbnail in one of their vids?
    its at 2:38

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  26. Jack Wood
    Jack Wood 9 March, 2021, 16:56

    Na, give me Haasan Reddick and Shaquill Griffin/Jonnu Smith and I'm good

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  27. Matthew Edwards
    Matthew Edwards 9 March, 2021, 18:41

    Get Jonnu Smith, Lavonte David, Joe thuney. Tag Moton. Don’t trade away the future for Watson when u don’t have an established line anyway. Go get your guy in the draft as well as a T and a CB or S and we’re off and running.

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