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  1. Germane Habib
    Germane Habib 2 February, 2021, 14:36

    Panthers better get it together, man. See how they ruined Chinn's dream performance against Vikings with a loss, just like the Run CMC's 2019 all-round record performance was ruined by yet another losing season….SMH! #Keep£ounding. 🏈

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  2. RocketBot
    RocketBot 2 February, 2021, 14:42

    Chinn is an absolute beast at SS/LB, now let's get Richie Grant at FS to help him out!

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  3. meme Xtreme
    meme Xtreme 2 February, 2021, 14:44


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  4. eric walsh
    eric walsh 2 February, 2021, 14:46

    should be the defensive rookie of the year

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  5. Eric Greaux
    Eric Greaux 2 February, 2021, 14:57

    Hopefully we don’t trade him for deshaun 🙃

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  6. Stevendagoat1
    Stevendagoat1 2 February, 2021, 15:11

    I’m ready for next year we are gonna be great in these next seasons

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  7. RonTheDom
    RonTheDom 2 February, 2021, 15:12

    Didn't watch NFL this year because they got too political but that new guy looks amazing

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  8. Tommy Stevenslol
    Tommy Stevenslol 2 February, 2021, 15:23

    Hes a monster

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  9. Mooreworship
    Mooreworship 2 February, 2021, 15:25

    That’s ChinnSanity!

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  10. Brisn Doty
    Brisn Doty 2 February, 2021, 15:56

    dude is a beast and a absolute stud of a athlete. Chinn, Brown and YGM are just gonna get better and better …

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  11. Jkallday52
    Jkallday52 2 February, 2021, 15:56

    Hes my favorite player on defense, but did he really get rated a 59percent by pff? I felt like he was one of the main guys

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  12. Powerplay Jai
    Powerplay Jai 2 February, 2021, 16:03


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  13. MrJaythe6
    MrJaythe6 2 February, 2021, 17:16

    When we add more pieces to this defense, its going to be scary hours!

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  14. HumbleBeast 00
    HumbleBeast 00 2 February, 2021, 17:19

    Richie Grant 🔥🔥🔥

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  15. HumbleBeast 00
    HumbleBeast 00 2 February, 2021, 17:20

    King Swiper 😈🥶

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  16. dяift
    dяift 2 February, 2021, 17:48

    Rebuild going great!

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  17. Jason
    Jason 2 February, 2021, 17:57

    When God closes a door He opens a Chinndow. Keep pounding!

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  18. 910 Kiqs
    910 Kiqs 2 February, 2021, 18:50

    I really think the panthers are a quarterback away from being serious contenders in the NFC

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  19. Taqquilas
    Taqquilas 2 February, 2021, 19:08

    Definitely a steal in the draft

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  20. Landon tucker
    Landon tucker 2 February, 2021, 19:12

    STUDDDDD!! Carolina building something special again

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  21. d 2
    d 2 2 February, 2021, 19:17

    Chin, Burns and Brown. Now all we need to find on d is a superstar middle linebacker

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  22. Rico HNDRXX
    Rico HNDRXX 2 February, 2021, 19:33

    2 defensive touchdowns in the span of 10 seconds… that is unheard of

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  23. Cordell Gilmore
    Cordell Gilmore 2 February, 2021, 20:14

    Add Richie grant 🤫

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  24. urtypicalguy
    urtypicalguy 2 February, 2021, 21:06


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  25. Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson 2 February, 2021, 22:45

    Chubb was awesome! I can’t wait to see his NFL growth as he learns to use his physicality in smarter and smarter ways. It’s going to be challenging for Snow to find his best spot on the field and for Chinn to learn all of the different roles but I’m psyched!

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  26. Pierce Croft
    Pierce Croft 2 February, 2021, 22:56

    This man is the steal of the draft

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  27. Stephon King
    Stephon King 3 February, 2021, 02:46

    It’s crazy I never heard of this guy before we drafted him, but looking at something just told me was going to be great and I bought his jersey before the season started

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    K1NG CARTER 3 February, 2021, 03:14

    Get this guy a new contract now!

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  29. Jake Held
    Jake Held 3 February, 2021, 06:50

    Half the games they showed we lost 😂

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  30. Chris Hedrick
    Chris Hedrick 3 February, 2021, 07:32

    G.Damn Savage, If this organization on football ops and sports mangement side would rebuild their team, I could only imagine the players we could have retained (I'm looking at you @lukeKuechly paired with Chinn….if we had a solid organization. #RDPOLY

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  31. Andrew Gluck
    Andrew Gluck 3 February, 2021, 09:47

    Let’s goooooooo Jeremy Chinn is going to be star in the future keep pounding

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  32. Andrew Gluck
    Andrew Gluck 3 February, 2021, 09:48

    I just want the Panthers to Trade For Deshaun Watson and Sign DE Jadeveon Clowney

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  33. Karl Mandelin
    Karl Mandelin 3 February, 2021, 10:26

    Put chinn next to Boston or richie grant! Have Jackson and another cb then we'll be good again! Keep pounding!

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  34. Knight *
    Knight * 3 February, 2021, 22:38

    This mans all over the field…

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  35. Matt Ramsey
    Matt Ramsey 4 February, 2021, 08:36


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  36. the carolina guy
    the carolina guy 25 February, 2021, 18:59

    Why did chase young get def player of year you can't even see why cuz of these highlights

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  37. Will Brench
    Will Brench 5 March, 2021, 01:15

    Reminds me of Brandon Marshall. His combination of route running and size make him one of the best receivers in the game

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