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Miami Dolphins Release LB Vince Biegel !

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  1. Miami Dolphins Today
    Miami Dolphins Today 2 February, 2021, 13:03

    Grade the HIRE!

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  2. Perry Howard
    Perry Howard 2 February, 2021, 20:57

    Boy what a freak screwup who will be responsible who will run call our offence its going to be so confusion one surely two many in charge lead to fail on offence that easy way out blame on the other guy i fill for that young man tua I cannot beleive Dolphins

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  3. Reese Center
    Reese Center 2 February, 2021, 20:59

    This only makes the situation worse, they already made a huge mistake by hiring chan gailey, but gailey is the smart one he wants nothing to do with the dolphins. Hiring 2 oc,s means more money and were going to see finger pointing at the end of the 2021 season

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  4. Jacob Israel
    Jacob Israel 2 February, 2021, 20:59

    Dumbest thing i have heard in a while.

    If the jets get Watson (cause he's not coming to this clown show), then we just became tye 4th best team in the afc

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  5. stewart jin
    stewart jin 2 February, 2021, 22:02

    Thia ia crazy. F

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  6. Jo Li
    Jo Li 2 February, 2021, 22:42

    I'm going to rate it a B, simply because too many chiefs is not a good idea traditionally. But if Flores can make a Relief QB work, in Flores I trust. As long as we have consistency, we can make a run for the playoffs.

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  7. Tony
    Tony 2 February, 2021, 23:39

    You know what is said about 2 headed monsters? Let's wait and see how this goes

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  8. lamar elliott
    lamar elliott 3 February, 2021, 00:25


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  9. Soflo Sports
    Soflo Sports 3 February, 2021, 00:43

    Stupid stupid dumb decision. Co OCs have never worked. It’s won’t make up better. At best our offense performs well while trying to work through confusion of 2 voices in either ear. If we make a playoff run it will be in spite of this hire. absolute F!

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  10. Robert Callaway
    Robert Callaway 3 February, 2021, 01:05


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  11. Bradley Weas
    Bradley Weas 3 February, 2021, 02:47

    Thanks for chatting it up

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  12. Bradley Weas
    Bradley Weas 3 February, 2021, 02:48

    In house always good B+

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  13. Dean Cane
    Dean Cane 3 February, 2021, 02:55

    Now Godley ends up in the booth, which means more change for Tua, SMFH! Wanted real OC.

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  14. Mark Badia
    Mark Badia 3 February, 2021, 03:40

    This is a joke! When you have two OCs you have no OC! What are they going two put together two games plans and take a vote to determine which they liked! Godsey sat with Tua on the sidelines after every series and clearly Tua's play was uninspiring so are we really giving Tua the best chance to improve his game! Kafka or Dorsey have experience successfully grooming young QBs and running more creative offenses so let's not get them, really WTF! Let's all welcome Deshaun Watson to the JETS as he will have no interest in coming to this mess! And let's welcome the Fins to their new rightful place, third place in the AFC East behind the Bills and the Watson led NY JETS, hell maybe even fourth if the Pats get their act together!

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  15. Blindboss TV
    Blindboss TV 3 February, 2021, 06:38

    George A, Eric students Vill I’m not really don’t know about that one probably give him a C

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  16. Edwin torres
    Edwin torres 3 February, 2021, 07:38


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  17. Stacy howard
    Stacy howard 3 February, 2021, 08:10


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  18. Matty ICE
    Matty ICE 3 February, 2021, 09:11

    now if we can drop Tuna for Watson,it won`t matter all that much who runs the show.

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  19. Cory Wojcik
    Cory Wojcik 3 February, 2021, 10:29

    A+ for any decisions Flores makes. He has earned that

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  20. Josh Rivera
    Josh Rivera 3 February, 2021, 10:52

    Tua did that in 9 games. Getting pulled in two of them. Stop…..

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  21. Buttmannopfer19
    Buttmannopfer19 3 February, 2021, 11:51

    I don't understand why people keep talking about the offseason as an excuse for Tua. His game got WORSE as the season progressed. Now, I suspect he was playing hurt and that's the reason.

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  22. john doe II
    john doe II 3 February, 2021, 15:21


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  23. Austin Saliba
    Austin Saliba 3 February, 2021, 16:23


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  24. Goku Majin boo
    Goku Majin boo 4 February, 2021, 01:10

    I was excited to hear about a new coordinator. Until this was announced. The offense was pedestrian last year wanted to see a change

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  25. dolphinzrwj1
    dolphinzrwj1 4 February, 2021, 06:30

    well looks like we are not getting Watson.

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  26. Miami Sports Vibes
    Miami Sports Vibes 4 February, 2021, 10:30

    Tua is going to come back better and stronger and strengthen his body this off-season and is going to prove all the doubters wrong! I believe in Tua #FinsUp

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  27. Gavinie Owens
    Gavinie Owens 4 February, 2021, 16:48

    A 100%

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  28. Gavinie Owens
    Gavinie Owens 4 February, 2021, 16:50


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  29. Ron
    Ron 4 February, 2021, 20:18


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  30. Tommy S
    Tommy S 5 February, 2021, 07:36

    B+, I've been a fins fan since 1977 and I like the move. Hire within keep building on last year. But need to let Tua open it up so we need play makers weather thru the draft or Free Agency. Go Dolphins

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