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  1. Las Vegas Raiders Report w/ Mitchell Renz

    Should the Raiders trade for Matt Stafford?

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  2. Jose Delgado
    Jose Delgado 26 January, 2021, 14:34


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  3. Pete Bowman
    Pete Bowman 26 January, 2021, 14:53

    Why would you trade a number one pic when you have a better quarterback already

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  4. Tim Durante
    Tim Durante 26 January, 2021, 15:22

    No way Gruden and Mayock trade a first round pick or any pick most likely

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  5. Richard Montoya
    Richard Montoya 26 January, 2021, 15:40

    Stanford can’t win either

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  6. kermitda pimp
    kermitda pimp 26 January, 2021, 15:46

    why would the raiders trade a 1st round for Stafford?

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  7. marcus jenkins
    marcus jenkins 26 January, 2021, 15:57


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  8. Angelo Gonzalez
    Angelo Gonzalez 26 January, 2021, 16:19

    Y’all trippin if you think carr is better than Stafford . But carr will remain the starter and stafford won’t be a raider

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  9. Roy Garza
    Roy Garza 26 January, 2021, 16:50


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  10. H4 4EVER
    H4 4EVER 26 January, 2021, 19:05

    All you do on daily basis preach to us how great is Carr and

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  11. Jason Mccormick
    Jason Mccormick 26 January, 2021, 19:29

    Why do people think we joke now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  12. RaRico Smith
    RaRico Smith 26 January, 2021, 23:21


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  13. Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson 27 January, 2021, 05:42


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  14. Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson 27 January, 2021, 05:50


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  15. mac pimp
    mac pimp 27 January, 2021, 14:29

    Does Mathew Stanford play defense?

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  16. Nick Alderete
    Nick Alderete 27 January, 2021, 19:49

    Hell to the no

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  17. Nick Alderete
    Nick Alderete 27 January, 2021, 19:53

    Oh no no

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  18. Miguel Soriano
    Miguel Soriano 27 January, 2021, 21:32

    Anyone but carr!!! Give me uncle Rico!!! Over them mountains!!!!!

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  19. Jimmy Short
    Jimmy Short 28 January, 2021, 01:21

    I think trading for him would make them a better team more capable of competing for the division and the playoffs.

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  20. Jimmy Short
    Jimmy Short 28 January, 2021, 01:24

    Aaron Rodgers for you buffoons who keep bringing up his name isn't going to be playing for anybody except the Green Bay Packers next year. First off the Packers would have to eat a ton in dead cap space just to trade him. That's a very frugal team up there there's no way that's going to happen regardless of how disgruntled Aaron Rodgers is. Before they would give away millions upon millions in dead cap space they would let Roger sit out the season and start love at quarterback. Plus Rogers is already come on his podcast stating that he really didn't expect to be anywhere except Green Bay next year. It's amazing how you guys take a player who is fresh out of a NFC championship game, frustrated, upset, and take his comments and make something out of them that really doesn't exist. I guess that's why he figured he needed to make the statements that he did on his podcast.

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  21. Jimmy Short
    Jimmy Short 28 January, 2021, 01:39

    Dude. You're forgetting one thing. Matthew Stafford was hurt for over half of the season last year and missed the last six games of the season. He was on par for over a 5,000 yard passing season. Carr is no where near the talent lvl of Stafford. Yeah I'll take Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers opinion about Matthew Stafford over yours.

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  22. Ricky Kinsey
    Ricky Kinsey 29 January, 2021, 21:16

    No defense no bowl

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