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Cleveland Browns on verge of epic playoff collapse | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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  1. Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 11 January, 2021, 11:52

    I believe the refs and the NFL had a part in this as well especially the way our season ended

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  2. Lou V44
    Lou V44 11 January, 2021, 11:56

    Well that sucked!!! Changes are needed!!

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  3. DarKshine ThaKid
    DarKshine ThaKid 11 January, 2021, 12:03

    Look how they massacred my boy 😣😣😔😢😢

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  4. Robert Sarp
    Robert Sarp 11 January, 2021, 12:05

    Ben should come back.. he is a great player. Tweak the offense a bit and you can win a lot more games and even a super bowl ring.. I believe..

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  5. D B
    D B 11 January, 2021, 12:08

    Raven nation sheesh what happened?

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  6. Rob Calloway
    Rob Calloway 11 January, 2021, 12:18

    Ben, you have had this speech for the last six weeks. It's time bud. Thanks for the years, the wins and the memories. Walk away for the City man. Hang it up.

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  7. feef
    feef 11 January, 2021, 12:22

    I think it's time we put ben up. I hate to say it but hes just not doing the things he used to do. He makes great plays but cant actually do them. He would be an amazing offensive coordinator tho. I grew up with ben it would be sad to see him go.

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  8. Woody Allen
    Woody Allen 11 January, 2021, 12:53

    Benjamin: Hey! When we went 11-0, we basically decided we already won it all and decided to stop playing. In a way we feel like we should be awarded a half trophy bc going perfect in first 11 games should get some recognition. Our trophy case now has 6 and a half trophies. Yay!!!!!!

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  9. Steelmanfan1111
    Steelmanfan1111 11 January, 2021, 13:18


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  10. Von McMullen
    Von McMullen 11 January, 2021, 13:18

    I guess our starters were we’ll rested from last week, Now all of you can rest until next season thanks for another ridiculous season disappointing Steeler Nation Fans!

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  11. Favian Bautista
    Favian Bautista 11 January, 2021, 13:45

    Same here Time for Sharks hockey baby lol the browns is not the browns no more huh juju lol lets go Steelers all day though

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  12. Favian Bautista
    Favian Bautista 11 January, 2021, 13:52

    Ben if you come back to the Steelers next season u really need to go do calisthenics run a lot and be ready for next season u really need to come out the pocket more bro

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  13. Joey Jr
    Joey Jr 11 January, 2021, 14:26

    We need a power running back

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  14. reginaldino enchillada
    reginaldino enchillada 11 January, 2021, 14:32

    Dewayne haskins, learn from a grown man. U wipe your face and you stand there and answer questions, then u go home 2your palatial estate.
    Respect, big Ben. Finally got u off r back.

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  15. Rory Grime
    Rory Grime 11 January, 2021, 14:55

    Benjamin your mother is your biggest fan and loves you dearly. You grew up in Findlay Ohio. I am from Continental. Seen you a few times at receiver. No matter if you ever play again, I am proud of you and so is Coach Roger Renz, basketball coach..

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  16. Stanton Smith
    Stanton Smith 11 January, 2021, 15:08

    All I have to say about Ben is that its not his fault!

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  17. R. William Comm
    R. William Comm 11 January, 2021, 16:00

    Thanks for the memories Ben! Words can’t describe our gratitude in returning us to the 21st century of our 1970s glory days.

    Respectfully, please honor yourself & the game by retiring if you can’t get back into form where you can run & be the Big Ben that’s needed to be a contender.

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  18. Edwin Acosta
    Edwin Acosta 11 January, 2021, 16:06

    No matter what Ben gave it all he had,the whole team fought to the end.i appreciate the whole team for the tremendous effort they put in to try to win and move on.i salute the whole team.😢🤧🤜👍🙏😀

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  19. Ozf Kydox
    Ozf Kydox 11 January, 2021, 16:25

    Goat ben roethlisberger

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  20. JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs 11 January, 2021, 16:33

    Ben, don't listen to the doubters or the media or the haters today or this off-season. Do what's best for you. If it were up to me, you'd play forever. You've been my ride or die from the moment I first saw you at Miami of Ohio and from the minute you got drafted at Pittsburgh. You have spoiled me for 17 years. You are my goat no matter what. You get the last laugh – a great bank account, a great family, a great life, and a fantastic career that will make you a first ballot HOFer.

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  21. blackenedmartyr
    blackenedmartyr 11 January, 2021, 17:10

    The defense didn't look great either. The offense at least put some points on the board. The defense was just too beat up and tired. No big plays, no takeaways, no sacks. It's not just on the offense. The whole team played bad. I still love them though. It was a better year than I thought they'd have with Ben coming back from a potential career ending injury. I think coaching changes may need to be made as well. The same old thing isn't working and hasn't in a long time. They need more consistency on the field. It's exhausting watching them play like shit for one half, and then play great the next. Next year is gonna be rough. All the players we're gonna lose and who knows what else? I'm prepared for them being even worse. Their cap management sucks and with it being lower because of Covid is gonna really hurt. I'd had to be Mr. Rooney and have to decide what changes need to be made. I'll still ride or die with them though, I just am disappointed for them. I can get over it. Really bummed for them and especially Ben.

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  22. Peter Miles
    Peter Miles 11 January, 2021, 17:41

    Thank you Ben and Maurkice for everything! Whether you retire or not, you guys will always be my childhood heros! As a high schooler, ever since I can remember you guys were playing. Thank you for all of the memories and joy you have brought to my life ever since I was little. If there is one thing that I have taken away from your play over the years, it’s that you embody everything it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler!

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  23. erick morales
    erick morales 11 January, 2021, 18:22

    Que errores garrafales del equipo y BEN debe retirsrse cometio errores como un novato, se dieron cuenta que este equipo solo fue una ilusion fallida.

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  24. Jack DeYoung
    Jack DeYoung 11 January, 2021, 18:39

    We simply aren’t balanced enough for 60 mins of football. If you can’t run and the defense knows your offense is based off of 2.5 sec throws you are not threatening or balanced. 11-0…completely dominating but, week 12 and on it’s like we forgot how to play. I don’t understand what changed but, adjustments were late and prep to play looked poor. I hope The Steelers can bring home #7 before Ben retires!

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  25. Raeanne Ponzo
    Raeanne Ponzo 11 January, 2021, 19:12

    Bad loss, but still love the Steelers… Obviously, it wasn't meant to be. Not one individual is to blame this is a team game.

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  26. redlight
    redlight 11 January, 2021, 19:55

    It's been a wild ride, but it's time to find Ben's heir apparent. We cant compete if we dont. They need to go get Sam Darnold. Either that or suck ass for a year to draft one. Unless we can strike gold in later rounds, but yall know thats a diamond in the rough

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  27. latasha mason
    latasha mason 11 January, 2021, 19:57

    The Browns will be the BROWNS!!!! CLEVELAND!!! Thank you Pittsburgh for participating the 2020 playoffs…you were who we thought you were!! 😂😂✌✌

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  28. John Foy
    John Foy 11 January, 2021, 20:00

    Everyone wants to blame big Ben. Who else is with here THE DEFENSIVE SECONDARY SUCKS. They can't tackle the don't intercept any ball unless the ball is tipped or thrown directly at them. There always out of place. Every team knows that they can run on 1st and 2nd down the throw on 3rd down. I say fix the secondary and pray the cap don't totally distinguish the offense and the rest of the defense. And let Ben play his last year honorably.

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  29. Douglas Wagoner
    Douglas Wagoner 11 January, 2021, 20:42

    Has Ben

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  30. Perry Ellis
    Perry Ellis 11 January, 2021, 21:06

    Now Ben is pulling a Brett Farve, he said he is not sure if he will retire, but it's on the table, stop being selfish Ben and move on retire, if not please Steelers management cut Ben because he is killing this team in the playoffs, he needs to go!!!!

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  31. yasokichi konishiki
    yasokichi konishiki 11 January, 2021, 22:02

    Thank you for many years of excitement

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  32. G L
    G L 11 January, 2021, 22:36

    Retire with dignity, Ben.

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  33. Kevin Kilroy
    Kevin Kilroy 11 January, 2021, 22:45

    Long time Steelers fan watched every game for last 45 years..lot of things went wrong it would take me an hour to go thru it all..started with Dallas this year, Cowboy's beat up the Steeler's and even though they kept winning they looked like a paper tiger..somethings stand we go: They have no back that hits the hole quick, they all dance around as the blocking collapses, Connor is tough but that's all, none in my opinion are anywhere near elite. No imagination in play calling, not enough up tempo too slow and deliberate..if you have the best of the best you can do this with smash mouth as the did in the 70's Steelers don't have the best of the best, good but not great. No passing to the backs in the flats, if they like to dance, they can dance out there. No screen passing game. Ben can't move too well but he is not stuck in the ground..he could play action sometimes. Tights ends mostly MIA, no run game so they can't be blocking too much and they don't catch passes..where are they? Not too great of a coaching job, Tomlin always had a problem with clock management until this year he has gotten better…still??? At least 1 bad call a game..yesterday 4th and 1 late, Brown's are on their heels and he punts?? What for? Cleveland run game among the best in the league…on and on..well that's all from me for now

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  34. God is Great
    God is Great 12 January, 2021, 00:17

    Browns fans here. Keep your heads up Steelers Ben's had a great career and got you guys alot of wins…the Steelers have always been competitive and Big ben is a good guy and he will wanna do what's best for the team whether that's get better and keep playing or go to another team or whatever.. that being said I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers bounce back but as a die hard Browns fan I hope from this point on they will always be 1 or 2 steps behind the Cleveland Browns…if you're sad you last imagine what Browns fans coaches and players have been through the past 20 years..

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  35. Aaron Shoaf
    Aaron Shoaf 12 January, 2021, 00:39

    I love Ben. One thing that makes him super great is his will to help us come back in games and not giving up. This loss isn’t all on Ben. Defense gave up, just like they did in the Jags game in the 2017 divisional round, and Ben has to help comeback and win the game. Ben obviously didn’t have his best game, and this obviously isn’t how we wanted to end the season, but we didn’t deserve the win after the first quarter whether we came back and won or not. I have always been by Ben’s side for a very long time, but now, it’s probably time for him to go. He will always be remembered by us Steeler nation for helping us win 2 SB and so many AFC North titles. Thank you for all the great moments and being the passionate quarterback and never giving up. Easily gonna be a first ballot HOF as he should, and hopefully he can be our next OC. So many records and top 10 in a lot of passing stats. You have always brought us faith and hope. It has been a honor to watch you play and for you to be apart of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the best fan base in NFL. I will support you on whatever you do in the future.

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  36. martinsane
    martinsane 12 January, 2021, 01:32

    Ben is the GOAT and the Steelers are "the worlds team". 'Nuff said.
    Except the blatant and intentional interference of the league to sabotage the Steelers, which was evident all season long, thanks Goodell, you chump, not sure what you had on the Rooney's but you got what you wanted now gfyourself.

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  37. Billy Reames
    Billy Reames 12 January, 2021, 02:45

    Our offensive line need an injection of youth point black period its not Ben its not conner wrs need to be more consistent at looking the ball to make the catch… say get rid of juju keep every one else

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  38. Dave Rychik
    Dave Rychik 12 January, 2021, 10:01

    God bless Ben. Enough is enough, this is a coaching problem. Soooooo sick of people bragging on Tomlins great record, if he didn't have Ben he doesn't last 3 yrs. Go ahead Steelers move on from this Hofamer and see how quickly the truth smacks you in the face!

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  39. Tj
    Tj 12 January, 2021, 12:58

    Ben you are the heart and soul of the team 😍 I will always be a Steelers fan no matter what Go Steelers <3

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  40. Johni Higgins
    Johni Higgins 12 January, 2021, 13:08

    Big Ben! Keep your head up man and keep pushing forward. Your a great QB. The team just needs to add the running element and get back to the Superbowl!

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  41. steelersjourney11111
    steelersjourney11111 12 January, 2021, 13:26

    The Steelers Remind Me This Year Of A Big Bubble Well It Burst In The Playoffs !

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  42. Jeff Smart
    Jeff Smart 13 January, 2021, 07:49

    I want to say THANK YOU , to every member of the Pittsburgh Steelers family! Team had alot to deal with, rescheduling, no bye, Covid19 key injuries etc. Even with all that, you had us on an 11 week fantasy ride. Won the AFC NORTH! Got into the playoffs for 1st in a few years! Gave Steelers Nation something to feel good about in a very strange year!
    Only 1 team is ever happy at season's end! I appreciate all the hard work the org. accomplished to just get us thru the season!
    If any fan believes Big Ben & Pounce won't be back, turn in your Terrible Towels. There is no way that either of them want that game, to be what they are remembered for!
    Thank you Mr. Rooney & Coach Tomlin

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  43. AJ
    AJ 13 January, 2021, 16:41

    Ben with a terrible start, fought till the end and throws for 500 yards and 4 td's. And a td, the last drive, when the game was out of reach! He is not the problem!

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  44. BookAchu57
    BookAchu57 14 January, 2021, 05:49

    "I need to apologize to our fans…", never said "I'm sorry" or took real responsibility. Superbowl winning Ben tackled a player. THIS guy chose not to fall on the ball on the 1 or even kick the ball to give Browns a safety. Learn how to apologize. AB & 26 still in this.

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  45. Wayne Robinson
    Wayne Robinson 17 January, 2021, 09:44

    Love the service. Thank you.

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