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  1. Shay Hicks
    Shay Hicks 6 February, 2021, 00:42

    I went and attended a training camp practice going into his second year in Denver. I remember leaning over to my brother when the scrimmage started and said, “I want to see Peyton get mad.” Oh man did I get my wish. Ronnie Hillman ran the wrong route which caused him to throw an interception. Peyton went off. “We don’t know what the f***k we’re doing!” He ripped his helmet off and scolded Ronnie on the sideline. “If you don’t know the play Ronnie all you have to do is ask! Don’t guess!” Poor Ronnie looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole. There were thousands of fans there that saw all of it. After Peyton cooled down he put his arm around Ronnie and coached him up like a good leader. He then turned around and apologized for the language to the crowd and said he loved Ronnie Hillman. I will never forget that moment. Peyton was a fierce competitor, a strong motivator, and a great teammate.

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  2. Fred Smith
    Fred Smith 22 August, 2021, 20:51

    not cool to make a fuss at the crowd for noise. they were up 14 late too.

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  3. Nickolas Karlstedt
    Nickolas Karlstedt 22 August, 2021, 22:22

    This was fun

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  4. Matthew King
    Matthew King 22 August, 2021, 22:32


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  5. Invincible Speaker
    Invincible Speaker 23 August, 2021, 12:23

    Crowd: gets excited after a huge play
    Peyton: stares at the fans
    Fans: 😳🤐😶

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  6. Flip Rodriguez
    Flip Rodriguez 23 August, 2021, 23:18

    I love the nfl. Fans will shut up to get a SuperBowl.

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  7. Tyler Reed
    Tyler Reed 23 August, 2021, 23:29

    My boy is hideous

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  8. Trollsmasher
    Trollsmasher 24 August, 2021, 02:06

    Looks like he got smacked in the face with a frying pan

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  9. Maciek Poland
    Maciek Poland 24 August, 2021, 07:08

    The one and only GOAT!
    Peyton 'the sheriff' Manning

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    MAXIMUM-ALOHA808 24 August, 2021, 08:24

    I heard Payton is an asshole in real life.

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  11. Levi Prieto
    Levi Prieto 24 August, 2021, 17:03

    What’s crazy is that after the game against Tampa every time the Broncos had possession it was like you could hear a pin drop from the other corner of New Mile High, it was intense. If people made noise pre snap fans would “shush” the crowd. What a blessing to have been able to see multiple Bronco games during the Manning era.

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  12. Common Sense
    Common Sense 24 August, 2021, 18:42

    Denver paid 100 million for this one time ringer for Denver Broncos. SHUT THE FUQ UP PEYTON!

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  13. Chris Pratt
    Chris Pratt 24 August, 2021, 19:10

    Watching Peyton orchestrate his offense was really something special. There's nobody like him in the NFL today.

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  14. Don Keller
    Don Keller 24 August, 2021, 21:58

    Incredible that he would have the audacity to yell at ANYONE. Refused to run the ball, run QB sneaks, fall on fumbles, or try and tackle anyone after throwing an interception. When the weather was bad and, or, he was being slapped around, he quit playing and blamed his team mates for the loss. If anyone got within 5 yds of him, he fell on the ground and assumed the prenatal position. Absolutely the softest successful QB in NFL history.

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  15. Abby Alder
    Abby Alder 25 August, 2021, 01:17

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  16. Hey Yo
    Hey Yo 25 August, 2021, 01:55


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  17. fkreller1
    fkreller1 25 August, 2021, 02:56

    Crybaby Swearinger couldn't handle the heat, lol.

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  18. Joker Shakur
    Joker Shakur 26 August, 2021, 02:14

    Imagine how long Tom Brady’s will be lol

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  19. naqao naqeu
    naqao naqeu 26 August, 2021, 05:27

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  20. 85toyotaSR5
    85toyotaSR5 26 August, 2021, 10:11


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  21. Joseph Hanretty
    Joseph Hanretty 26 August, 2021, 18:46

    Sometimes it pays to be a dick. See MJ and Brady. The guys that took the correction and got better are remembered or won rings and the ones who cowered aren’t.

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  22. adji rose
    adji rose 26 August, 2021, 21:57

    Plain and simply you can't not like the guy, I have never heard a football fan say they hate Peyton Manning

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  23. YouTube Account
    YouTube Account 26 August, 2021, 23:18

    Hehehehe those Denver fans were Manning rookies. In Indianapolis the crowd would become dead friggen silent whenever Manning did that wave thing.

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