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  1. Anthony Durante
    Anthony Durante 1 April, 2021, 18:06

    They trash

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  2. Drake Fullerton
    Drake Fullerton 2 April, 2021, 11:56

    Wasted season is more like it

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  3. Jason S
    Jason S 4 April, 2021, 13:29

    7-9? What a clown 🤡

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  4. WüstenSpinne
    WüstenSpinne 9 April, 2021, 23:44

    Bro, the colts game proved that our oc was complete dogshit lmao

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  5. Grey Maurer
    Grey Maurer 19 April, 2021, 16:54

    This is all thanks to me

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  6. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 20 April, 2021, 23:09

    Deonte Johnson James Washington Eric ebron Ben roethlisberger Chase claypool

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  7. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 22 April, 2021, 22:17

    Cameron Hayward TJ Watt Stephen tune it

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  8. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 22 April, 2021, 22:21

    Jordan Berry Chris Boswell Big Ben Mason Rudolph Joshua jobs Dwayne Haskins 💛💛

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  9. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 22 April, 2021, 22:22

    Eric ebron is a good player or chase claypool or Ray Ray McCloud I don't know or deonte Johnson or Chris Boswell or I don't know

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  10. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 22 April, 2021, 22:27

    Yay Steven Nelson. 💛 He got the interception!!

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  11. Supercook49
    Supercook49 1 May, 2021, 08:47

    Too bad in that Eagles game we let a no name receiver on Philly get almost 200 yards on us

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  12. YT MetalHarp
    YT MetalHarp 1 May, 2021, 16:50

    Bro I a from Pittsburgh in Steelers is my favorite team

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  13. Ethan French
    Ethan French 2 May, 2021, 10:59

    This video would be 100x better if they beat Brady in the SB after all this criticism

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  14. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 2 May, 2021, 12:53

    Chase claypool Ben roethlisberger nickname Big Ben Eric ebron deonte Johnson James Washington Chris Boswell Jordan Berry Dwayne

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  15. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 2 May, 2021, 12:56

    Joe haden has the interception!!!!!!.

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  16. Sam Regans
    Sam Regans 2 May, 2021, 13:00

    Game Chase claypool had 32 yards for a touchdown!!!!!

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  17. Bozo allen
    Bozo allen 2 May, 2021, 22:49

    & WTF do all th HATERS get off on sayin BigBen cant throw over 10-15yds?!?!…..He'll really b chunkin' it this yr!!!

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  18. William Orris
    William Orris 4 May, 2021, 16:49


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  19. Benjamin The Horn
    Benjamin The Horn 16 May, 2021, 19:45

    Great Goddamn Video!! Great editing!! Bravo Sir !!! Brav-Fucking-O!!!

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  20. jayjayart1
    jayjayart1 17 May, 2021, 14:20

    It sucks we had to freaking donate a damn game and throw it would've been a good season to end it beating Brady's easy route we will get number 7 one of these seasons for sure ⚫🟡💪💪 we got a damn great roster this season Claypool juju dionte Harris watt everyone gonna go off Connor showed out when he had to nothing but luck for him big Ben deserves his chip his chemistry with the team is unmatched

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  21. Conviction454
    Conviction454 19 May, 2021, 22:14

    The team has too much talent to be doubted the way they were. Most of our haters are just biased or don't really know football. Heyward said it best

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  22. BRYCEN Stimeling
    BRYCEN Stimeling 22 May, 2021, 08:26

    It was a good season step in the right direction

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  23. Gunnar Boretti
    Gunnar Boretti 22 May, 2021, 09:12

    Why compare Big Ben stats to cam Newton’s they have such different play styles in such different systems

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  24. ThaRealest616
    ThaRealest616 22 May, 2021, 19:08

    Great video! I'm anxious to see how the new offensive scheme looks this season with Canada.

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  25. jaquann zerr
    jaquann zerr 25 May, 2021, 03:00

    Hate Colin Cowherd!

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  26. Nucy
    Nucy 26 May, 2021, 17:57

    Minkah literally catches every tipped ball

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  27. jd brickeen
    jd brickeen 8 June, 2021, 13:30

    i like how the teams we won against were actually good and the teams we lost to suck. like the washington football team their so bad they don’t even have a name

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  28. Alshane Gonsalves
    Alshane Gonsalves 19 June, 2021, 05:03

    Rofl till I collapse I see what you did there.

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  29. Warren C.
    Warren C. 21 June, 2021, 19:05

    I miss football man can’t wait

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  30. Phillip A. Giandiletti
    Phillip A. Giandiletti 22 June, 2021, 18:32

    I know it sucked watching the way things ended last season but silence the haters. 11-0 isn't easy period. We have 3 MAJOR upgrades which i think will show immediate improvement in the way this team operates in 2021.
    – an actual OC (with new/fresh ideas, concepts and plans)
    – a legitimate threat in the backfield in Harris is help add dimension to this team and help Ben's arm
    – a MUCH younger Offensive line with something to prove. No more riding the coattails of the old Steeler's Oline. Time to make their own names in the history books

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  31. Jason DeBritto
    Jason DeBritto 23 June, 2021, 22:28

    Ben Rothlisberger is the best QB in the AFC.

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  32. Izaiah Montgomery
    Izaiah Montgomery 5 July, 2021, 14:54

    I bo not care what people say steelers rule

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  33. Mike Green
    Mike Green 8 July, 2021, 19:24

    It's crazy people think the Steelers are not contenders.

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  34. Jon Morse
    Jon Morse 12 July, 2021, 11:28

    Could you do a video like this for Josh Allen/Bills with the media saying things about Allen prior/post season

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  35. Martin Galaviz
    Martin Galaviz 14 July, 2021, 01:09

    Man I’m gonna miss Mike Hilton, and to make matters worse, he went to the Bungles 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  36. Abdul Rahman Sabbagh
    Abdul Rahman Sabbagh 17 July, 2021, 06:49

    I both loved and hated that season. We had so much talent that could easily win the superbowl, and it was all missed due to managerial problems.

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  37. Hezekiah Regans
    Hezekiah Regans 22 July, 2021, 10:24

    Big Ben chase claypool

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  38. Joe
    Joe 26 July, 2021, 18:49

    McCloud can fly

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  39. John Rencheck
    John Rencheck 5 August, 2021, 09:56

    And last year we heard the same crap from espn no nothings it was ravens this and that that d is going to be smothering just like last year only question is o line

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  40. Spear Pig
    Spear Pig 9 August, 2021, 10:02

    When they were undefeated, even lesser teams were stepping up and hitting us hard, but we were coming out on top when it mattered. I honestly think that they were getting worn down at the end. I really hope they come out like a ball of fire

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  41. Yt Spooky
    Yt Spooky 11 August, 2021, 13:01

    Steelers are the best

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  42. deci623
    deci623 14 August, 2021, 10:17

    You gotta do tj watt biggest hits with music

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  43. Lee Lee Lee
    Lee Lee Lee 15 August, 2021, 20:20


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    BIG MIKE 360 AMUSEMENTS 17 August, 2021, 16:55

    This season: do better than last season!

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  45. DrugStoreCowboy
    DrugStoreCowboy 17 August, 2021, 23:03

    That Washington goal line stand was funny as shit 😂

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  46. Brian
    Brian 21 August, 2021, 19:02

    Super bowl team til the last 5 games and they collapse like every team Tomlin coached the past half decade.

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  47. Johnnie Robles
    Johnnie Robles 23 August, 2021, 10:19

    I thought that was a lot of fun I enjoyed it a lot

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  48. Nicholas O
    Nicholas O 24 August, 2021, 17:26

    Lucky there are only 11 games in a season right…………………. 🙁

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  49. GBN - Nv Gee
    GBN - Nv Gee 27 August, 2021, 09:17

    I love this if nobody knew how bad our blocking was running wise we woulda went all they way..

    Nice fuckn video I must subscribe 😂😂

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