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  1. Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin Allen 4 January, 2021, 13:22

    You Right Brodes that was awful the way we out that last gm no respect at all .

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  2. Johnny Figueroa
    Johnny Figueroa 4 January, 2021, 13:22

    I didn’t expect the eagles to win another super bowl after 2017 but I thought they would compete for a championship & fight every year with good coaching & good QB play. The worst case scenario has commenced & this team will be in shambles for years to come & with Howie Roseman given the Marvin Lewis treatment is a nightmare.

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  3. jdski 892
    jdski 892 4 January, 2021, 13:26

    you tanked for the sixth pick and philly couldn't find talent if someone told them they suck at the draft

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  4. R. A.
    R. A. 4 January, 2021, 13:28

    Doug was looking for a spark lol. Doug lost the locker room

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  5. No Cap
    No Cap 4 January, 2021, 14:22

    Washington is up and coming the rest of the division is garbage. Giants fans upset at the Eagles not handling business for them is comical Twitter was lit last night 😂.

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  6. Super Dave’s Subi And More
    Super Dave’s Subi And More 4 January, 2021, 14:27

    No shit brodes dude ain't played in 3 years.

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  7. JT Murray
    JT Murray 4 January, 2021, 14:32

    Yea philly. Get that 6 overall pick so you can take some no name receiver that you “saw something in”

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  8. EJW SKI
    EJW SKI 4 January, 2021, 14:50

    I think Doug was set up this year

    He sees Speaks like he doesn’t want to say it

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  9. EJW SKI
    EJW SKI 4 January, 2021, 14:51

    Flyers are only hope

    Best athlete in Philadelphia is carter hart prove me wrong

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  10. EJW SKI
    EJW SKI 4 January, 2021, 14:53

    Have heard Swartz has had health problems before he came philli

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  11. Brenden Knowles
    Brenden Knowles 4 January, 2021, 15:09

    After this game I came to one conclusion Doug and howie must go ASAP! Winning games should triumph everything and I mean everything.both of those dudes have been the biggest fuck ups on this team all season they need to carry that loser mentality to another team.

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  12. LeGonze
    LeGonze 4 January, 2021, 15:11

    You Eagles fans don't deserve this team/HEAD COACH with that disgusting attitude… I'm a Buc Fan and I've hated the Eagles since those great McNabb-Bucs playoff games… But at least I respected you… Not anymore… THAT WAS DISGUSTING!!!… DISGRACEFUL!!!… If the Bucs do that I quit!!!… I QUIT!!! I WANT TO THROW UP DISGUSTIIIINNG!!!!…

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  13. Maldonado Naldy
    Maldonado Naldy 4 January, 2021, 15:31

    I've grown so tired of Doug, he needs to be fired

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  14. Ry Dude
    Ry Dude 4 January, 2021, 15:36

    After that Eagles loss, all the Giants fans are mad at us and I get that, but the Giants are blaming the Eagles for them having a bad season and not making the playoffs at a 6-10 record, and Doug Pederson just tanked the game for the Eagles so the Giants wouldn't make the playoffs but one team in our division has to and he chose Washington.

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  15. Blue Bury
    Blue Bury 4 January, 2021, 16:50

    Cryyyyyyy eaglesssss cryyyyyyyyyy la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa cryyyyyying eaglesssss cryyyyyyyy y’all suck and never winnnnnnn 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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  16. JohnSchwtz11
    JohnSchwtz11 4 January, 2021, 17:28

    What a disgrace. Doug Pederson should be fired for that

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  17. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 4 January, 2021, 17:41

    Did it occur to anyone they seen enough of hurtz that he's not ready. Or is it me

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  18. Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 4 January, 2021, 17:57

    Are you complaining about the last game of a 4 win season 😆🤣

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  19. EJW SKI
    EJW SKI 4 January, 2021, 18:28

    I rather start again
    Go with hurts and get veteran qb as mentor
    Build a team then if hurts isn’t doing it at least you got great team ready for qb

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  20. Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey 4 January, 2021, 20:09

    Hurts ain't afraid of competition. Rookie deals are affordable. Do you bring in a veteran for the QB room?

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  21. Luke
    Luke 4 January, 2021, 20:13

    Got a higher draft pick, pissed off Giants fans (specifically Max “Wentz is done” Kellermen) after knocking the Cowboys out, ended this dumpster fire of a season, Carson and Jalen are healthy, got to see Nate the GOAT slang the pigskin around… I think the game went pretty well 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  22. Mike Griffiths
    Mike Griffiths 4 January, 2021, 20:46

    I'm not an Eagles or Giants fan. But from an NFL fan perspective Giants vs Tom Brady is a good watch…vs Washington I'll pass. I like Hurts its a shame he didn't get a chance to win that game. Hurts is a lot better then Tua by the way.. I think it clear that the Eagles players won the Superbowl and not the head coach.

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  23. Trench Survivor
    Trench Survivor 4 January, 2021, 21:02

    Does anyone have the clip of all the linemen with their heads down sitting silent after sudfeld had that fumble

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  24. charles melloy
    charles melloy 4 January, 2021, 21:02

    I feel bad for the Eagles offense that busted their butts only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them by Pederson

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  25. Zachary Wiesner
    Zachary Wiesner 4 January, 2021, 21:42

    ok brodesat 4 minute mark i have to disagree, The last 2 years our first and second round picks have all been for the offense and 2 of the 4 are wideouts, Seth Joiner is right you need to just listen to him man! I don't want another reciever in the draft in the first round heck, I dont want an offensive player picked in the first 2 rounds! The defense has had no first or second round picks since barnett and you would be a fool to not go defense if we stick with the pick!

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  26. TheCreator00100
    TheCreator00100 4 January, 2021, 23:03

    Being an Eagles fan feels like politics anymore 😂😂😂. Split up and no one agrees on anything

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  27. 808's and Crabcake
    808's and Crabcake 4 January, 2021, 23:23

    i don't see what the crying is about. you guys got a better draft pick than you would have if you'd have won. get mad at washington for being so horrible that you guys had to lose on purpose.

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  28. Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee 4 January, 2021, 23:50

    Damn the Giants, damn the Cowboys! I hate Washington the least cuz they always stink! This whole season is trash! At least we get a high draft pick! How can NY be upset at Philly for only winning 6 games? The whole division sucked this year! Screw them! I am glad we tanked! Only thing that would have made it better is if Dallas was the team knocked out! Fly Eagles Fly!

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  29. Alt Delete
    Alt Delete 5 January, 2021, 00:58

    It was disgusting starting with the not kicking the fg down 3

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  30. Alt Delete
    Alt Delete 5 January, 2021, 01:01

    That was the worst excuse. Nate sudfeld is not in Philly cuz he's any good. I saw him in dc drafted in the 6th round as an after thought, sent ta Philly as an after thought. No chance u were actually true evaluate him when u could evaluate hurts more

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  31. Jared Bezos
    Jared Bezos 5 January, 2021, 01:28

    The man won you a Superbowl with a backup quarterback versus the greatest coach QB duo and you can't stand him? Because he lost a hopeless game. Nice fan base

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  32. Jared Grimes
    Jared Grimes 5 January, 2021, 06:18

    Yea but the giants shouldn't be that mad. We all suck!

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  33. Nando Junior
    Nando Junior 5 January, 2021, 09:28

    Standpoint it’s sad about 1000 times and every video

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  34. A P
    A P 5 January, 2021, 14:00

    it's okay b/c the people involved made a lot of money on gambling sites

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  35. 20/20 Vision
    20/20 Vision 5 January, 2021, 14:17

    Brodes if the eagles won, you would have bitched about how we missed out on drafting chase or Smith….. salute to Doug & Sudfled 🥳

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  36. Vince C
    Vince C 5 January, 2021, 18:51

    Its pretty simple. Doug needs to go

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  37. rabadi3521
    rabadi3521 5 January, 2021, 19:01

    Why it’s ok for a team clinch playoffs to rest his starters and Eagles to do the same for better pick is a problem, they never liked us anyway fly Eagles fly

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