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  1. Keith Cousins
    Keith Cousins 31 December, 2020, 15:43


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  2. Mateo Shullio
    Mateo Shullio 31 December, 2020, 15:43


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  3. Marty Field
    Marty Field 31 December, 2020, 16:39

    Hey hey Steve, like to see you workin' on a XL Timmies, good to see. And when you are talkin with Luke PLEASE tell him how much we want him back in the Hammer to help us win a cup next year. He's been here so long and played so great he deserves another shot at a Cup with the Cats in '21……Oskee Wee We

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  4. Paul C Bentley
    Paul C Bentley 31 December, 2020, 16:54

    Tasker HOF

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  5. Peter
    Peter 31 December, 2020, 17:02

    No Fitzpatrick. Would be nice for the Bills to rest their players and still win.

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  6. Craig McCann
    Craig McCann 31 December, 2020, 17:03

    I would love to see a competitive game, with the Bills as the winners. .

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  7. ThatDamn BillsGuy!
    ThatDamn BillsGuy! 31 December, 2020, 17:10

    Let's goooo Billllllls

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  8. Ethan Irwin
    Ethan Irwin 31 December, 2020, 17:24

    The imperfect command isely dam because pie scully connect into a moaning seeder. panoramic, flat garlic

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  9. Bills News Consolidated
    Bills News Consolidated 31 December, 2020, 17:30

    Great show, so informative as always! Thank you guys!

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  10. Cpatel217
    Cpatel217 31 December, 2020, 17:53

    Love hearing Cosell's insights. Has become one of my must watches of the week.

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  11. Jessica Tennis
    Jessica Tennis 31 December, 2020, 17:53

    Any possibility that the Bills might go after Luke Kuechly if they find themselves in need of a linebacker next year????

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  12. kidwave1
    kidwave1 31 December, 2020, 19:05

    Those "hoops people gotta jump thru to get in there" are going to infect every single facet of your lives, very very soon. You wont be able to drive to the store for a loaf of bread without your Digital Vax passport.

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  13. Steve Barnes
    Steve Barnes 31 December, 2020, 19:47

    It would be their 1st their 13-3 finish since 1991 if they win vs Miami.

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  14. jackson k. fozzbodie
    jackson k. fozzbodie 31 December, 2020, 19:50

    I hope Rudock is ready to play. lol

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  15. Darth Raze
    Darth Raze 31 December, 2020, 20:02

    Somebody give my dude Brownie some Carmex man… Cold air has his lips looking like Tyrone Biggums crossed with pookie.

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  16. Michael Archer
    Michael Archer 31 December, 2020, 20:08

    awesome episode. You are officially the first place that informed me Fitz will be out this weekend!

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  17. J C
    J C 31 December, 2020, 21:42

    Tasker: “I just wanna rub that on like lotion!”

    Me: pictures an Adam Sandler movie.

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  18. Madis Senner
    Madis Senner 31 December, 2020, 22:56

    Cosell said that "josh has more talent than Trevor Lawrence and Lawrence is a generational talent.". WOW!

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  19. chaotic/Silence
    chaotic/Silence 31 December, 2020, 23:13

    Is Greg any relation to the late great Howard ? Why yes he is, Greg is his Nephew very cool

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  20. Michael Caywood
    Michael Caywood 31 December, 2020, 23:52

    I may not be the first dislike of The Buffalo Bills video, but I won’t be the last.

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  21. kitsurogu
    kitsurogu 1 January, 2021, 01:28

    How did they come up with the number 6700. I realize that is a little more than 10 pct capacity, but it is a weird number.

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  22. Flam
    Flam 1 January, 2021, 02:36

    I broke my phone screen trying to turn this on tonight. Beer might have been involved. Idc, go bills

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  23. David Maly
    David Maly 1 January, 2021, 09:03

    I would not be surprised if the Dolphins draft a QB with the Houston pick…

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  24. Naijshua Thomas
    Naijshua Thomas 1 January, 2021, 09:13

    #NOM NOM Love it!

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  25. peter wilson
    peter wilson 1 January, 2021, 09:52

    "Not from a physical perspective…"

    Please stick it out with the Tua experiment next year, Miami.

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  26. Ric Blic
    Ric Blic 1 January, 2021, 10:08

    a question no one is asking do the Bills want to enter the playoffs on a losing note

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  27. Ric Blic
    Ric Blic 1 January, 2021, 10:47

    just thinking, how would Fitzpatrick look as a backup to Allen, with these weapons and a better O line

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  28. Fast over Fifty
    Fast over Fifty 1 January, 2021, 12:08

    How can you not love Steve. So funny watching him bomb on these quizzes all the time.

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  29. C. Spad
    C. Spad 2 January, 2021, 21:54

    Whats funny is the stats actually showed prior to the Raiders game, Tua actually averaged deeper throws then fitz. Listen, tuas coming off of rehabbing what coulda been career ending hip surgery. Give him a full offseason of training & not rehabbing. A little more help at wr. And the young lime protecting a lil better & Tua will be just as good as a Wilson type qb. Tua is always going to be a timing & accuracy type qb.
    I dont care if qb is 6'6".. prototype.. I've seen plenty of them falling by the waste side. I think Tua has the mental toughness & heart to continue that "it" factor.
    Give the kid a little bit of a pass all things considered from the injuries to top 4 wrs & rbs
    . weapons dropping like flies behind a line with 2 to 3 rooks depending on the play. Lol.
    And our playcalling hasn't been asking him to do a whole lot either. As someone who hasn't missed a game since 87'. For once I have long term faith in coach & gm
    And Bills fans, at least its not the pats anymore. Its a flash back to late 80's & early 90s rivalry. Hopefully goes better our way this time around

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  30. C. Spad
    C. Spad 2 January, 2021, 21:58

    Who is this clown. A simple slant, flat. Really? So if the mlb shades & sinks to cut off the slant & the olb mans up to take the flat away from the rb, you're onto your 3rd option & our line doesn't hold up long even with a 4 man rush, forget bout it if theres a weak side blitz

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