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  1. singingchef23
    singingchef23 29 December, 2020, 02:41

    Sorry he didnt fit in Minnesota but I love that Mamba mentality. Why wouldn't you want to be the best, and working to live up to being elite, all time, yes I would love to watch someone who wants to knock on cantons doors for years.

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  2. Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse 29 December, 2020, 02:43

    I still cant believe the bills are actually good.

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  3. Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy 29 December, 2020, 03:05

    I have a hard time seeing that Diggs was a problem player in Minnesota. Maybe their coaching staff caused the problems?

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  4. loadingwithalex
    loadingwithalex 29 December, 2020, 03:05

    Guy respects every team and isn't washed up in the slightest. Gonna be an absolute legend

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  5. Steven Boldt
    Steven Boldt 29 December, 2020, 03:24


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  6. Warcodered01
    Warcodered01 29 December, 2020, 03:50

    "Didn't do as well on 3rd down"…how many times did we even punt today?

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  7. Magick Mushrooms
    Magick Mushrooms 29 December, 2020, 03:53

    thank YOU Stefon!!!

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  8. Warcodered01
    Warcodered01 29 December, 2020, 04:04

    "Just get open and catch the ball, I'm going to throw it." beautiful.

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  9. Robert Hammond
    Robert Hammond 29 December, 2020, 04:31

    I knew you were a Special in Minn… I had hope when you got here…Now, I understand that you are BETTER than Special! Thank You, Sir!! Enjoy you're ring when you guys get them…Bills Mafia Forever!

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  10. Robert Hammond
    Robert Hammond 29 December, 2020, 04:32

    I bet YOU like Dogs and The American Flag……

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  11. apocalypse 79
    apocalypse 79 29 December, 2020, 05:27

    Let's go champ mvp class all day!

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  12. Tim Ludwig
    Tim Ludwig 29 December, 2020, 06:54

    Welcome to Buffalo you are the man

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  13. Brent McGill
    Brent McGill 29 December, 2020, 07:23

    My 5 year old daughter got a diggs jersey for Christmas from "Santa" she was so happy, I thought she was gonna pass out. Lol. Thanks diggs for being my daughter's first crush

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  14. Amerigo Vespucci
    Amerigo Vespucci 29 December, 2020, 07:39

    We're talkin PROUD Buffalo, We're talkin PROUD!!!!!!
    We're thankful to have you, Stefon!!!!!!!

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  15. BA
    BA 29 December, 2020, 08:17

    diggs deserves a lot of credit he opened up the passing game for us hope we pay him big this offseason and make him a bill for a while

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  16. Mathieu Guillet
    Mathieu Guillet 29 December, 2020, 08:19

    Stefon Diggs may just be the finest receiver in the game today. What a wonderful gem we added to our Bills team! 👍🏼

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  17. Sawatis Billings
    Sawatis Billings 29 December, 2020, 09:29

    No fly zone Lmao! I can DIGG IT!!!

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  18. Henry Dimatteo
    Henry Dimatteo 29 December, 2020, 09:35

    Best wr in the game

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  19. Henry Dimatteo
    Henry Dimatteo 29 December, 2020, 09:37

    A healthy John brown will be back in time for playoffs too.

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  20. Donnybrook
    Donnybrook 29 December, 2020, 10:30

    class act…love Diggs

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  21. Les Moore
    Les Moore 29 December, 2020, 11:10

    I appreciate Josh Allen and BD(OC) BUT, do the math, Diggs was the game changer. His selflessness and willingness to block fits the process to a T. My "wildest" August prediction was 12w.

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    BRAYLO SHAZAE 29 December, 2020, 12:08

    Yooo, such a nice guy and I love that him and josh got that bond!!

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  23. Havier Taylor
    Havier Taylor 29 December, 2020, 12:13

    Y'all still not going to the Superbowl

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  24. Havier Taylor
    Havier Taylor 29 December, 2020, 12:13

    Y'all not getting by the kc

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  25. Havier Taylor
    Havier Taylor 29 December, 2020, 12:14

    How long diggs will be on the bills

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  26. marshall Zach
    marshall Zach 29 December, 2020, 12:28

    And what a catch for a td vs the pats. Haaaaaaaa i love my team

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  27. Daniel Calabrese
    Daniel Calabrese 29 December, 2020, 13:04

    I hope bills win super bowl , diggs, Hyde an few other vets on bills deserve a ring!!!! Billsforlife!!!!!!!!

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  28. Liam Engram
    Liam Engram 29 December, 2020, 14:53

    Stefon, if you come across this video and read this comment – I hope you realize how much the mafia loves you. I can't WAIT until you see the madhouse we can turn a stadium – home or away – into. Keep grinding, keep being awesome. When stadiums open back up and you play an away game where 62% of the fans are Bills fans you will see just how much we love this team. So much respect for you as a player and a person. Welcome home! This is where you have belonged all along!

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  29. Jdubbs
    Jdubbs 29 December, 2020, 18:20

    Relax . Just beautiful. I’ll remember that.

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  30. Dan VanKouwenberg
    Dan VanKouwenberg 29 December, 2020, 18:32

    Happy for this team.

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  31. jrnymn14
    jrnymn14 29 December, 2020, 20:06

    Love DiggsLoveDiggsLoveDiggs

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  32. Mariam
    Mariam 29 December, 2020, 21:16

    One of the greatest WRs in the league. Humble, funny AND handsome? God bless. Go Bills. I can't wait to see some more broken tables when they beat the Dolphins

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  33. Trevor Morcelle
    Trevor Morcelle 30 December, 2020, 13:38

    So when’re we building the Diggs/Allen monument

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  34. CODY
    CODY 30 December, 2020, 23:38

    This guy is a class act, truly. I respect this man(DIGGS)!!!!!

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  35. Austin King
    Austin King 30 December, 2020, 23:55

    He looks a lot happier in Buffalo

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  36. tr3v0r100
    tr3v0r100 31 December, 2020, 02:52

    Welcome home Diggs 🏡 💓

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  37. Tim MacPherson
    Tim MacPherson 31 December, 2020, 15:49

    best trade in bills history? Yeah, i think so.

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  38. C R
    C R 1 January, 2021, 10:03

    Love Stefon Diggs – so happy he is a Buffalo Bill now – Go Bills!!!

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  39. Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 1 January, 2021, 11:16

    he said ur not gilmore stfu😂😂😂

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  40. Kansas City chiefs Cardinals k1
    Kansas City chiefs Cardinals k1 5 January, 2021, 19:01

    Diggs on cardinals Next Season

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  41. David Amuka
    David Amuka 9 March, 2021, 09:01

    Repent and turn to God

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