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  1. Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 23 December, 2020, 19:50


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  2. Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds 23 December, 2020, 19:54

    Everyone's missing the fact that these quarterbacks, Mariota and Tua, both attended and played at the same highschool (k-12 actually). Saint Louis School in Honolulu. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

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  3. Chris Martino
    Chris Martino 23 December, 2020, 20:03

    sack interceptions

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  4. Richard Warner
    Richard Warner 23 December, 2020, 20:23

    Sims is as bad of an analyist as he was as a QB ripped Tua before the draft has no clue

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  5. Da Her
    Da Her 23 December, 2020, 20:27

    Simms is a hater!

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  6. SNG Clue
    SNG Clue 23 December, 2020, 20:49

    “I’m not gonna take the bait with the raiders” I don’t recall this bum ever picking the raiders on any weekend

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  7. Jonny209 raiders
    Jonny209 raiders 23 December, 2020, 20:54

    Super Mariota

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  8. oscar408
    oscar408 23 December, 2020, 20:57

    It’s Mariota, not Mariota 😂

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  9. Slarti Bartfast
    Slarti Bartfast 23 December, 2020, 21:19

    The run game fell apart against KC because Miami's top 3 backs were out. Do your homework Simms.

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  10. sandalwood10
    sandalwood10 23 December, 2020, 21:42

    Miami’s defense is leagues better than LV offense. I honestly don’t think this game will be close.

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  11. Troy Haspe
    Troy Haspe 23 December, 2020, 22:05

    Chris Simms is such a Dolphins hater and doubter cause he loves the Buffalo Bills so much.
    That’s okay cause our Dolphins are slowly gaining respect ✊
    Brian Flores is building a respectable ball club in Miami again.

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  12. Lizzy PhinsFan
    Lizzy PhinsFan 23 December, 2020, 22:13

    Simms always hates on the Dolphins.. Such a bum analyst

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  13. Aaron Adams
    Aaron Adams 23 December, 2020, 22:29

    I got raiders over dolphins

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  14. 命
    23 December, 2020, 22:40

    Hawaii QB vs Hawaii QB. I'll for one be happy if that happens!

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  15. Judith Forgony
    Judith Forgony 23 December, 2020, 23:10

    Miami dolphins will dominate them too no doubt about it 👍🏼🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  16. Sarith Sim
    Sarith Sim 23 December, 2020, 23:31

    Please don't pick dolphins… we don't want anyone to pick us.. we just going to show we can beat any team

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  17. d nice
    d nice 24 December, 2020, 00:12

    Simms is a deuche bag.
    We had one good run game vs the pats.
    Other than that. Our run game has blown all year

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  18. jackson craney _
    jackson craney _ 24 December, 2020, 00:33

    Raiders offense ain't gonna do nothin

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  19. Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby 24 December, 2020, 00:52

    Dolphins need to win Saturday

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  20. Aidan A
    Aidan A 24 December, 2020, 02:05

    Not a great haircut Chris

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  21. SolosoloAfaluko
    SolosoloAfaluko 24 December, 2020, 03:00

    Mariota is a Samoan surname and its consistently mispronounced by media and fans as 'Marry-Odour' or 'Murray-Yoh-da'.
    The letter 'Tt' does not sound like a 'Dd' in the Samoan language. It is pronounced exactly as it is in English, i.e. T for Tank (and not Dank).
    'Mah-ree-aw-tah' is the correct way.
    The vowel 'O/o' in the Samoan alphabet sounds like the letter 'O/o' in the word 'Otter' (not Oh-tter).

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  22. 808craig
    808craig 24 December, 2020, 03:47

    I haven't watched yet, but I'm betting Simms is going to trash Tua.
    Eh not bad

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  23. nick era
    nick era 24 December, 2020, 05:16

    This is how you can tell Simms doesn’t watch the entire dolphins games because this dude is saying the run game is coming on because of Brieda ? Lol that just proves he’s full of it. Brieda barley came back and he is NOT the reason they run game has gotten going

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  24. nick era
    nick era 24 December, 2020, 05:18

    Miami is out there playing with practice squad players on their offense the fact TUA has been able to put together as many wins as he has by coming through in clutch moments of each game it’s honestly remarkable since he’s got almost no talent helping him

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  25. Ted Johnson
    Ted Johnson 24 December, 2020, 05:27

    As they destroy tuas last name and sometimes refuse to even try to say it.

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  26. TuaOurSavior #FinsUp
    TuaOurSavior #FinsUp 24 December, 2020, 06:15

    Dolphins have a run game ???? LOLOLOLOLOL

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  27. William Cook
    William Cook 24 December, 2020, 07:18

    What does This Man have against Miami and Tua. Done Watching

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  28. erika garcia
    erika garcia 24 December, 2020, 07:22

    If we (Miami) could have a 100+ yard rushing attack consistently every week, we will be a serious threat in the post season THIS year.

    Tua makes enough plays and few enough mistakes, and our D is good enough that we could legitimately threaten teams like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, etc.

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  29. ACook78
    ACook78 24 December, 2020, 09:50

    Chris Simms is an idiot. Point blank

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  30. Domi !
    Domi ! 24 December, 2020, 10:13

    raiders will be exposed , disposed & reposed .

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  31. Hever Hernandez
    Hever Hernandez 24 December, 2020, 11:05

    Dolphins 31… Raiders 10… Phins up…

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  32. alloneword154
    alloneword154 24 December, 2020, 11:39

    I’m waiting for him to talk about Jared Stidham being better than tua again

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  33. Eric raiders
    Eric raiders 24 December, 2020, 15:23

    Yeah u guys always pick always vs the raiders

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  34. Jason Smith 1998
    Jason Smith 1998 24 December, 2020, 16:13

    Miami and Vegas are the nightclub capitals

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    KINGNIKO Ga_UCE 24 December, 2020, 16:33

    Battle of tha SAMOANs. Either way it's going to be a good game…

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  36. Riahs Crew
    Riahs Crew 24 December, 2020, 18:44

    I hope Carr starts so Tua and Miami can beat them, I would feel bad for Mariota so please start Carr!!

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  37. Cam Cook
    Cam Cook 24 December, 2020, 20:57

    Wait is it Mariota?? Or Mariota ???. This guy bugs me more every time I hear him .

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  38. Shane Hoffman
    Shane Hoffman 24 December, 2020, 22:00

    Sims is an idiot

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  39. Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 24 December, 2020, 22:36


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  40. Donato DiGiacomo
    Donato DiGiacomo 24 December, 2020, 23:45

    chris is painfully fucking stupid

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  41. J.N. Jackson Jr.
    J.N. Jackson Jr. 25 December, 2020, 02:28

    That’s f’n hilarious, Florio talking about a basic level of respect, this clown is one of the most disrespectful sports analysts ever! Lmao!

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  42. Frank Reeves
    Frank Reeves 25 December, 2020, 04:34

    PHINS UP🐬🐬🐬👍👍👍👍

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  43. DJDJ DAX
    DJDJ DAX 25 December, 2020, 07:26

    marry ota ok foh

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  44. Gary L Simmons
    Gary L Simmons 25 December, 2020, 16:45

    Bandwagon jumpers. You picked against us until we made you pick us by constantly showing your ineptitude.

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  45. The Show
    The Show 26 December, 2020, 06:10

    Brieda being healthy? You mean Ahmed filling in for Gaskins. Hmmm, Watch Highlights then give an overview analysis… as if you know what’s up….

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  46. tau safua
    tau safua 26 December, 2020, 08:04

    Sssshhhs be quiet !! stop worrying too much Miami vs the "Raiders' why
    DOLPHINS" will win the ' SUPERBOWL" this
    year !!!

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  47. Syker Vang
    Syker Vang 26 December, 2020, 16:58

    It's mariota, mariota cause your a carr hater.

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