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  1. Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 15 June, 2021, 23:22

    He would have been way better with the Bengals

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  2. Dan Bara
    Dan Bara 19 June, 2021, 09:38

    Been watching Pitts at camp – he is a versatile weapon!

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  3. AdamScrimz
    AdamScrimz 20 June, 2021, 05:55

    Versatile weapon.

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  4. Fresco Stevens
    Fresco Stevens 22 June, 2021, 12:45

    Crazy the 2000s babies are in the NFL now… where did all the time go.. wishing you the best career Kyle P🦍🦾🔥🔥🔥

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  5. 7Roeth
    7Roeth 25 June, 2021, 00:59

    It felt like that QB basically said hut and then just waited until Pitts got down the field a little, lol.

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  6. Skeen81
    Skeen81 29 June, 2021, 12:03

    When he becomes at top 3 people will hate and call him a wide out smh

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  7. Myles Tee
    Myles Tee 1 July, 2021, 13:09

    Hopefully fantasy channels and analysts don’t make too much noise so I can steal him in the 5th or 6th round 😬

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  8. Christy Drawdy
    Christy Drawdy 5 July, 2021, 22:18

    What’s crazy is he never had a drop in his entire collage career

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  9. Ty Nolan
    Ty Nolan 8 July, 2021, 21:21

    The new age tight end

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  10. Elie
    Elie 9 July, 2021, 12:43

    Have a good day God love y’all

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  11. FloridaMan 255
    FloridaMan 255 9 July, 2021, 19:25

    Saw Kyle pitts in Gainesville during the season, I gave him a hi five and I felt like I had touched a deity

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  12. Sethers
    Sethers 9 July, 2021, 23:15

    Kyle pitts is what would happen if a tiny, little Lebron played football

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  13. Bill Buyers
    Bill Buyers 10 July, 2021, 00:27

    Somebody needs to shut Gary Danielson up

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  14. Elie
    Elie 16 July, 2021, 01:30

    Have a good day God love you

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  15. BlessDontStress
    BlessDontStress 16 July, 2021, 14:33


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  16. Ashe Macfie
    Ashe Macfie 17 July, 2021, 16:17

    He’s lucky to get to come in and work with an offensive mind in Arthur Smith and a QB like Matt. He’s going to be a HOFer if he keeps up work ethic and stays healthy.

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  17. Ayden ⁹⁹⁹
    Ayden ⁹⁹⁹ 19 July, 2021, 12:07

    bruh, when i watched Florida last year i thought pitts was a wr.. damn he's a TE? fucking big and fast..

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  18. Matthew McGruder
    Matthew McGruder 20 July, 2021, 20:08

    Crazy. First clip is of him in his future stadium. RISE UP

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  19. funnymard jo
    funnymard jo 20 July, 2021, 20:32

    That man run for cops for fun🤣

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  20. Zac billingsley
    Zac billingsley 21 July, 2021, 10:51

    Only here for the ‘versatile weapon’ comments.

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  21. 6Wveryown
    6Wveryown 24 July, 2021, 21:15

    That QB definitely is an amazing QB really good ball placement I think Matt Ryan is going to crazy with this guy lol Ryan is the ultimate placement QB.

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  22. Frankie Chong
    Frankie Chong 26 July, 2021, 01:21

    Imma big Gator fan and I watched every game he played, he’s gonna be special but I wish Trask would’ve gone to Atlanta too but we’ll see what happens

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  23. Tim W
    Tim W 26 July, 2021, 16:43

    he is just a big wr like julio jones. lol

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  24. Detra Iceyz
    Detra Iceyz 2 August, 2021, 14:30

    litteraly a god of a football player

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  25. Marcus
    Marcus 6 August, 2021, 16:29

    As a Bucs fan I sure do hope my guy Lavonte David is ready cuz… wtf is this guy I'm watching right now?

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  26. Killakikishi
    Killakikishi 7 August, 2021, 21:07

    Instead of people comparing Calvin Johnson to dk, compare him to pitts, even tho Calvin johnson is a way better

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  27. Deion Fields
    Deion Fields 9 August, 2021, 13:23

    Its like he dont gaf about getting open cuz he kno he can go up wit niggas😂

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    BEASTMODE 15 August, 2021, 17:32

    Pitts is just a wr in the te position

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  29. Davis Versprille
    Davis Versprille 15 August, 2021, 22:55

    Anyone else see his coach jump higher than him around the 1 minute mark?

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  30. Ethan Tucker
    Ethan Tucker 18 August, 2021, 13:52

    That coaches vertical at 1:07 makes me wanna see him at the combine

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  31. Blk Johnny Bravo
    Blk Johnny Bravo 20 August, 2021, 04:59

    Swamp gang

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  32. hipskipne1984
    hipskipne1984 21 August, 2021, 04:17

    He is t just a TAe hes a versatile weapon

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  33. Passionate CJ
    Passionate CJ 22 August, 2021, 09:58

    I thought he was a reviver not a te😂😂

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  34. Old School
    Old School 22 August, 2021, 13:36

    Yes sir we bout to be in people nightmares

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  35. Kaka KarrotCake
    Kaka KarrotCake 27 August, 2021, 18:35

    Megatron here

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  36. Skol Cole
    Skol Cole 29 August, 2021, 10:21

    Gonna pass Ditka for the greatest ever rookie TE season.

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