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  1. Robert Roman
    Robert Roman 15 December, 2020, 22:39

    Broncos denver

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  2. Glenn Holbert
    Glenn Holbert 15 December, 2020, 23:24

    Wade Phillips. He wants it and has been to Super Bowls.

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  3. Tribezulu Films
    Tribezulu Films 16 December, 2020, 01:49

    et's get one of the two guys who led one of the greatest defenses ever… Marvin Lewis or Rex Ryan

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  4. Xavier Hartfield
    Xavier Hartfield 16 December, 2020, 03:30

    Let’s hire Wade Philips or Teryl Austin

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  5. Warren White
    Warren White 16 December, 2020, 09:16

    Bring in Wade Phillips.

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  6. Leif Elliott’s Official Music Channel
    Leif Elliott’s Official Music Channel 16 December, 2020, 10:56

    Paul’s first year I thought to myself,” Where did they get this guy? What are they thinking..”

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  7. Dwaunte Corbin
    Dwaunte Corbin 16 December, 2020, 12:08

    That mann got our D looking stupid

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  8. Michael Tracy
    Michael Tracy 16 December, 2020, 17:08

    Replacing the DC doesn’t effect the discipline and readiness to play on the team. That’s on the head coach who’s just passing blame.

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  9. Pale Tangitau
    Pale Tangitau 16 December, 2020, 20:21

    We gotta get Wade Phillips or Rex Ryan. We need a championship caliber defensive coordinator. Win Lose or Tie… RAIDERS NATION!!! Til I die…

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  10. B N
    B N 16 December, 2020, 23:28

    Why don’t we hire Tony Romo as like a asst defensive coordinator? He can sit up in the booth and tell the defense what the offense is about to run. He pretty much knows what the offense is running about 90% of time. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  11. Yatu Aman
    Yatu Aman 16 December, 2020, 23:49

    The serious mom pertinently cry because monday anaerobically tickle forenenst a alcoholic eye. acrid, creepy furniture

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  12. GsxG21
    GsxG21 17 December, 2020, 02:20

    Matt Patricia is arguably worse than Guenther, no way he gets hired

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  13. Reverse flash
    Reverse flash 17 December, 2020, 08:13

    If they hire Marvin Lewis raiders r gonna win the super bowl

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  14. Mark Nethercutt
    Mark Nethercutt 17 December, 2020, 08:45

    Replace Jon gruden

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  15. Eddie A.
    Eddie A. 18 December, 2020, 15:12

    We need to start talking Gruden replacement also!

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  16. Vince Bustos
    Vince Bustos 18 December, 2020, 15:34

    Wade Phillips and his 3-4 could benefit the personnel the Raiders have. You have some athletic LBs, maybe draft another. Big DL who are decent athletes.

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  17. Tre Anderson
    Tre Anderson 18 December, 2020, 19:56

    More interested in Rex Ryan, Marvin Lewis, John pagano, wade phillips or anybody with a Pittsburgh or ravens background

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    HOOKED INTO CATFISHING 21 December, 2020, 19:38

    The raiders defense looked the same especially in the secondary and with Littleton. Them not understanding there jobs/assignments and where and what there supposed to do in zone coverage. Our defense is a joke and Gunther should of been fired in 2019.

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  19. JC Willie
    JC Willie 22 December, 2020, 20:48

    Mitch what about Raheem Morris? If the ALT does not hire him as HC, plus he is a relationship with Jon Gruden. I would change the order to:
    1. Raheem Morris
    2. Derrick Ansley
    3. Tyrell Austin
    4. Kris Richards (the Legion of Boom in the Black Hole)

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  20. Corey Smith
    Corey Smith 25 December, 2020, 10:39

    Fk No! To Patricia!

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  21. Corey Smith
    Corey Smith 25 December, 2020, 10:39

    Wade Phillips!

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  22. Ghian DeSilva
    Ghian DeSilva 26 December, 2020, 17:07

    Shame on you MITCh. You refused to endorse this move when we ALL called for it. Question you being a true fan or just this being a job for you

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  23. Ann Corpuz
    Ann Corpuz 26 December, 2020, 20:36

    The well-made climb ignificantly tap because ant hisologically nail an a lame disadvantage. gifted, accidental kettle

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  24. albert williams
    albert williams 27 December, 2020, 21:14

    We need a fiery DC coordinator young too!

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  25. Vo0d0o MaN
    Vo0d0o MaN 4 January, 2021, 02:16

    The Raiders problem is they need to let Mayock hire the DC Gruden puts too much into his buddies as coaches we need someone with some balls that will push Gruden to be his best

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  26. Vo0d0o MaN
    Vo0d0o MaN 4 January, 2021, 02:26

    Wade imo or Quinn we need a coach that can coach these kids up and make them better and less prone for mess ups or penalties

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  27. D Baker
    D Baker 10 January, 2021, 02:31

    Commitment to excellence, Those words haven't existed around this organization for a very long time. Hell I would just like to see some kind of commitment to competence from the head coach who should have been fired after this disgraceful season.

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  28. Alan
    Alan 12 January, 2021, 19:24

    Gus Bradley wasn't mentioned at all.

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