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  1. The Red Zone
    The Red Zone 13 December, 2020, 17:07


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  2. vaughan williams
    vaughan williams 13 December, 2020, 17:07

    Look what happens when u use Hopkins right

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  3. Leif Ripple
    Leif Ripple 13 December, 2020, 17:07


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  4. Sean Conkey
    Sean Conkey 13 December, 2020, 17:07

    Hell yea

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  5. Cardinals 23
    Cardinals 23 13 December, 2020, 17:07

    Big DUB!!!! Let’s win out the year and into the playoffs

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  6. Andrew
    Andrew 13 December, 2020, 17:07

    Defense played insane today good job

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  7. MicahsaurasFlex
    MicahsaurasFlex 13 December, 2020, 17:08

    Let’s go ❤️❤️❤️💛🖤

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  8. Samuel Shay
    Samuel Shay 13 December, 2020, 17:08

    Hassan Reddick went OFF today!!!

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  9. Sean Conkey
    Sean Conkey 13 December, 2020, 17:08

    Beat them 26-7

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  10. David Renteria
    David Renteria 13 December, 2020, 17:10


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  11. Arizona Animal
    Arizona Animal 13 December, 2020, 17:22

    We still have a long way to go.Kyler needs to pay attention to the play clock,we can't be wasting time outs like that.

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  12. Dad
    Dad 13 December, 2020, 17:36

    That was a must win game. Just keep it rolling now. We had way less penalties today and our defense was turned up all day. Keep Murray healthy and keep nugent as our starting kicker 😉 go cardinals!!!

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  13. Colin Zeis
    Colin Zeis 13 December, 2020, 17:37

    Can Kliff be kinda snippy or is it just me? Lol

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  14. MajorPajor 24
    MajorPajor 24 13 December, 2020, 17:48

    Defense was LIGHTS OUT

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  15. Steve Contadeluci
    Steve Contadeluci 13 December, 2020, 18:00

    I'm not gonna be diluted enough to believe they look at any of these comments but look last week when I said (and many others said as well I'm sure) Kliff should get Kyler out of the pocket more by design (i.e. rollout or waggle) and good things would happen. Good things happened! Great win. And for Kliff, that was a well executed game plan. And for VJ, that's definitely his signature win. So dominate! Please keep it going!

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  16. yo yoyo
    yo yoyo 13 December, 2020, 18:03

    Great job today but still need improvement, defense keep it up💪🏽

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  17. FaithIsMyGlory
    FaithIsMyGlory 13 December, 2020, 18:07

    Now focus on the eagles and let’s keep the momentum going

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  18. Emily Kruger
    Emily Kruger 13 December, 2020, 18:23


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  19. Neil Daryani
    Neil Daryani 13 December, 2020, 20:15

    Neil Daryani
    Kyler almost had that pick to hop and drake put the ball on the turf twice. Easily could of been multiple turnovers on the day resulting in who knows what. Including the illegal kick to cause a fumble, this team lives on breaks. Can’t trust this offense just yet

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  20. backtoconstitution1
    backtoconstitution1 13 December, 2020, 20:18

    2 more. We'll be good. Thank You

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  21. Frenchii
    Frenchii 13 December, 2020, 20:28

    Zanes got uhhhh um a back injury…lol sure…

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  22. Zac Kresin
    Zac Kresin 13 December, 2020, 20:52

    Who was the Justin they were talking about?

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  23. Mutman
    Mutman 13 December, 2020, 21:36

    Doesn’t excuse how many times we ran it to Drake and bad things kept happening

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  24. yaxorf
    yaxorf 13 December, 2020, 23:53

    Okay, nugent did good, but I can't take my faith from Gonzales, he was solid last season. I say we start Gonzales against Philly and if he misses we swap them. I don't think this one game should have him replaced. Give him one more shot

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  25. Daniel Wiggins
    Daniel Wiggins 14 December, 2020, 10:43

    Zane conveniently had back issues that kept him out! Thank god! Keep Zane in the sidelines and we’ll be good!

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  26. ninja troy2007
    ninja troy2007 14 December, 2020, 11:51

    Can we keep mike nugent please he's a better kicker than zane

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