Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 14 NFL Game Preview


  1. Jason Timms
    Jason Timms 13 December, 2020, 00:34

    Bucs are going to dominate this game. And this isn't an easy one.

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  2. WTBucs04
    WTBucs04 13 December, 2020, 07:02

    Scotty Miller didn't deserve this, he was a key player and now he'll be lucky if he touches the ball once.

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  3. William Roach’s Videos
    William Roach’s Videos 13 December, 2020, 08:27

    I got Tampa bay 30 – 24

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  4. Brittany Herman
    Brittany Herman 13 December, 2020, 08:40

    Skol skol skol

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  5. Biz Denardo
    Biz Denardo 13 December, 2020, 09:42

    #Bucs' run defense will put pressure on Kirk cousins fo sho..

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  6. TheBooger_Boy
    TheBooger_Boy 13 December, 2020, 09:45

    Vikings win 28-21, Kirk Cousins with 3 passing TDs and AB gets 2 receiving tds and 100 yds. Why? Because I'm starting them in fantasy. Let's go guys!

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  7. How 2 do things!
    How 2 do things! 13 December, 2020, 09:52

    This game will have a huge impact on the playoffs and i say the bucs win 28-24

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  8. How 2 do things!
    How 2 do things! 13 December, 2020, 09:52

    great game to watch

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  9. Best gamer at Fortinte
    Best gamer at Fortinte 13 December, 2020, 10:22

    Vinkings by a field goal

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  10. Timothy THOMAS
    Timothy THOMAS 13 December, 2020, 10:54

    Let us pray that Tom Brady brings the Buccaneers back to life Tom Brady is the man and he will deliver

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  11. Ken A
    Ken A 13 December, 2020, 10:57

    28 24 Vikings

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  12. Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin 13 December, 2020, 11:23

    Tampa Bay is shredding it!

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  13. Bryan Jeske
    Bryan Jeske 13 December, 2020, 12:09

    Most important game of the year for both teams – talk about tension !!! Cook vs. Jones !!! Cousins vs. Brady !!! Buccaneers on the downswing and Vikings on the upswing – who's gonna make the playoffs ???

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  14. Soy Boy
    Soy Boy 13 December, 2020, 12:10

    Ready for a slug match!

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  15. Doc Brown
    Doc Brown 13 December, 2020, 12:12

    Min 21
    TB 29

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  16. nunya
    nunya 13 December, 2020, 12:17

    Buc's by 28

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  17. Xx Vikings fan XX Madden mobile highlights

    I feel like we have this game easily 💀

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  18. ridgetj95
    ridgetj95 13 December, 2020, 12:30


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  19. 1genius1
    1genius1 13 December, 2020, 12:56

    Guessing MIN 23 – 28 TB.

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  20. Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith 13 December, 2020, 13:09

    Go Vikings

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    MOXIE OSWALD 13 December, 2020, 13:29


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  22. Khalil Scott
    Khalil Scott 13 December, 2020, 13:43

    I got the Buccnears winning this game 28-27

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  23. Flor Duran
    Flor Duran 13 December, 2020, 13:50

    Vikings kicker needs to get lost… He SUCKS!

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  24. Lina Morales
    Lina Morales 13 December, 2020, 21:49

    i love how Adam's score is literally the closest he was 4 points off

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  25. Gerald Anaya
    Gerald Anaya 14 December, 2020, 00:32

    The Vikings needed to win this game I am pissed I don't understand He's been missing extra points all season and field goals since he's been with the Vikings why don't the Vikings try to find the best kicker lot of these other teams kickers kicking 55 60 yard field goals he's got to go he down the road

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  26. Kevin Blake
    Kevin Blake 14 December, 2020, 10:08

    TB Bucks and BA were handed the keys to a Ferrari (Brady) and they treat it like a lawn mower. They have NO IDEA of how to use him- UNBELIEVABLE WASTE of GOAT's talent. Simply BAD offense scheme /play calling – it makes me SICK watching the ineptitude!

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