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  1. Grumpy Toast
    Grumpy Toast 2 December, 2020, 22:11

    Hey teddy hey hey teddy😂💀

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  2. Free Thinker
    Free Thinker 2 December, 2020, 22:12

    Best damn linebacker in the game! And we’re making the playoffs! Believe that!!!!! Skol baby!! 💜💛💜💛

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  3. Ant
    Ant 2 December, 2020, 22:14


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  4. sandblaster2006
    sandblaster2006 2 December, 2020, 22:15

    Best LB in the league

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  5. Astro Zeo
    Astro Zeo 2 December, 2020, 22:16

    LETS GO!!!! LETS KEEP IT UP!!!!💜💛💜💛🍀🍀🍀🍀

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  6. chuck chuck
    chuck chuck 2 December, 2020, 22:19

    hes top 3 lb in the league

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  7. Plumbo Dipkis
    Plumbo Dipkis 2 December, 2020, 22:25

    Just wish they would make these edits longer. Is 5 minutes too much. It should be 10 minutes. But what do I know as a ‘wayyy too educated and interested Vikings fan” 😈

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  8. bigsoups
    bigsoups 2 December, 2020, 22:26

    Dude gives it his all EVERY DOWN, setting a damn good example for all the young bloods this year.

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  9. Self Help
    Self Help 2 December, 2020, 22:26

    What an absolute monster. How lucky are we to magically get defenders this special?

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  10. DerpE
    DerpE 2 December, 2020, 22:34

    Mans yelled where they were running 😭

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  11. Yunis
    Yunis 2 December, 2020, 22:43

    I counted 65 how many let’s go’s y’all count?

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  12. Chris King
    Chris King 2 December, 2020, 22:57

    EK and EW play unbelievable together

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  13. Travis G
    Travis G 2 December, 2020, 23:00

    Dear rest of the NFL,
    Our middle linebacker is better than your middle linebacker.

    Vikes fans

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  14. schizo FRZ
    schizo FRZ 2 December, 2020, 23:10

    Ok Vikings pretty good… hear me out……Jeff gladney and Justin Jefferson for the rookie crossover, mic’ed up.

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  15. Tyler Morton
    Tyler Morton 2 December, 2020, 23:24


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  16. Famous Jme
    Famous Jme 2 December, 2020, 23:26

    "Hey Teddy, hey, hey Teddy. LOL

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  17. Murph dog
    Murph dog 3 December, 2020, 00:22

    Ok everyone first off i just wanna say I’m a hard core Vikings fan and I believe in the Vikings a lot and I give no hate to any players, coaches, fans but for all the people saying the Vikings are going to the playoffs I don’t think we will bc we need to win every game from now on and be second in our division I feel like this year is a year we let the rookies play and get a little better and next year when we have our vets like Barr hunter we will go to the playoffs

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  18. Darrell Marshall
    Darrell Marshall 3 December, 2020, 00:42

    we fr have the best rb, linebacker , safety , and defensive end in the league

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  19. EG3113
    EG3113 3 December, 2020, 00:46

    I know this might be out there…..but are we witnessing a HOF career?

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  20. Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll 3 December, 2020, 01:03

    And this another reason I love Eric Kendricks.

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  21. Ruby Vroom
    Ruby Vroom 3 December, 2020, 01:31

    Dude’s a straight up warrior! He’s the linchpin of that defense. All pro bound no question.

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  22. Mags Mobile
    Mags Mobile 3 December, 2020, 01:35

    Let’s Go Eric #SKOL !!!!!!!!!!

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  23. Dakota F
    Dakota F 3 December, 2020, 01:54

    Nooooo where’s the part where he hugged Kirk lol

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  24. Gregory Johnson
    Gregory Johnson 3 December, 2020, 03:04

    I think he wants to go.

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  25. xking5v
    xking5v 3 December, 2020, 04:50

    i strongly believe he is the reason we have a defense at all with the leadership he brings.

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  26. zodd
    zodd 3 December, 2020, 05:40

    Nobody's: a


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  27. Danang Dwiatma
    Danang Dwiatma 3 December, 2020, 06:49

    I read an article abt vikings poor start this season and Kendricks talked abt how he admires Dalvin, everytime Dalvin makes big play or run for 1st down, it always motivates Kendricks to do the same on defense. I like the team chemistry. Many humble and hungry players. Even if we dont make the playoffs this year, we're gonna be much better next year once our corners start improving and Kirk doesnt turn the ball over too many times. Gotta draft well too since we dont have 2nd round pick in 2021.

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    VIKING JEROME 3 December, 2020, 07:59

    The best MLB in NFL period!

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  29. Nogrul the Viking
    Nogrul the Viking 3 December, 2020, 09:25

    I liked when he said "Let´s Go!" …

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  30. Newt44
    Newt44 3 December, 2020, 09:38

    He is a special player! I love the energy this guy brings every down.

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  31. Grey Stark
    Grey Stark 3 December, 2020, 10:30

    I love EK, such a beast!!

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    SB TAHJAY 3 December, 2020, 13:58


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  33. Ephemis Priest
    Ephemis Priest 3 December, 2020, 14:48

    Heyyyy Teddy~

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  34. Skoldier Soup
    Skoldier Soup 3 December, 2020, 18:15

    EK you a beast man. Keep up the great work. SKOL 💜💛

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  35. Fatty Gaming
    Fatty Gaming 6 December, 2020, 17:28

    Eric Kendricks is extremely smart. He has a high football iq. I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it to the hall of fame

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