Kyle Brandt reacts to Pittsburgh Steelers & Kansas City Chiefs in AFC Playoff Standing

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  1. Daniel Riddick
    Daniel Riddick 13 November, 2020, 12:38

    🤣🤣🤣I get it, do your job.

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  2. Jackson
    Jackson 13 November, 2020, 12:42

    Steelers hit harder. So steelers.

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  3. D Carrier
    D Carrier 13 November, 2020, 12:49

    9:48 lmao

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    REDANTREALESTATETV 13 November, 2020, 13:11

    Chiefs crush the Colts

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  5. Drew Wallace
    Drew Wallace 13 November, 2020, 13:14

    As a Chiefs fan i am worried about The Colts, Steelers facing them in the playoffs but i do think we will win them

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  6. Scott Vansel
    Scott Vansel 13 November, 2020, 13:17

    Ravens? Lmao..Lamar cant win anything that matters..0-6 in games that have anything on the line..But yet u keep drinking the Ravens kool aid!

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  7. Scott Vansel
    Scott Vansel 13 November, 2020, 13:18

    Until Rivers faces the Chiefs and Andy Reid who own Rivers!

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  8. Over ture
    Over ture 13 November, 2020, 13:19

    Pittsburgh Steelers were missing 2 offensive lineman, nose tackle and mike Hilton as well as center linebacker. Defensively, the Steelers have been injured straight up the middle from nose tackle to center linebacker to hilton.

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  9. Over ture
    Over ture 13 November, 2020, 13:23

    The Steelers have the SCARIEST defense by FAR

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  10. Matthew G
    Matthew G 13 November, 2020, 13:26

    The answer is the Raiders

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  11. SIXHUNNIT Kayz
    SIXHUNNIT Kayz 13 November, 2020, 13:27

    Steelers coming still underated

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  12. Michael Hession
    Michael Hession 13 November, 2020, 13:32

    Its the Ravens for both of them because of that defense. Lamar doesn't have to do all of the work this time.

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  13. Raul Aguirre
    Raul Aguirre 13 November, 2020, 14:12

    Steelers will have a challenge with the chiefs

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  14. jaw762
    jaw762 13 November, 2020, 14:29

    Just remember, the Chiefs were hobbled on O-line that game and lost a guy or two during the game, and Mahomes was on half an ankle. I'd be happy to see that match-up again (in January).

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  15. Keith Barnaby
    Keith Barnaby 13 November, 2020, 14:57

    I thought Steelers had #1 total defense 🤔

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  16. Theo Lee
    Theo Lee 13 November, 2020, 14:58

    Rivers my 👦 boy 😆 lol

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  17. Theo Lee
    Theo Lee 13 November, 2020, 14:59

    Who is that lady talkin about rivers and the chiefs. 😆 😆 lol😳🏹🏈👀👈

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  18. P braga
    P braga 13 November, 2020, 16:06

    Steelers get the 1 seed don't care to see bills or colts. Steelers punish mobile QB's and Allen has a big chance of coughing it up and with rivers he's a statue they always beat him up. Colts D might posse a issue, but all the weapons offset, and the Bills are up and down.

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  19. Brian Baer
    Brian Baer 13 November, 2020, 16:21

    Rivers stinks period

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  20. My names is Savion
    My names is Savion 13 November, 2020, 17:02


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  21. STR4WZ
    STR4WZ 13 November, 2020, 17:26

    Still no respect for the Steelers..

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  22. Ross Palmer
    Ross Palmer 13 November, 2020, 17:56

    Wow they do not like the Steelers

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  23. Thorbringsthehammer
    Thorbringsthehammer 13 November, 2020, 19:25

    The “worst 8-0” team? Games are too close?
    Like that even matters when it’s on the line late in any big game..

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  24. Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 13 November, 2020, 19:59

    I'm a chiefs fan

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  25. Matt Holdaway
    Matt Holdaway 13 November, 2020, 20:06

    I feel the Steelers would feast on Phillip Rivers turnovers.

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  26. Austin Barnhart
    Austin Barnhart 13 November, 2020, 23:33

    This had nothing to do with chiefs or Steelers

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  27. Adam Overman
    Adam Overman 13 November, 2020, 23:34

    The ravens?…when they get a throwing quarterback then they will be competitive against the chiefs. Theres 5 qbs I'd rather have then Lamar.

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  28. James Mull-Adkins. Self Made
    James Mull-Adkins. Self Made 14 November, 2020, 07:07

    Kay… that was a much different Chiefs defense. Not the same this year lol. Chiefs will beat the Colts and Rivers once again.

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  29. Morgan Bromley
    Morgan Bromley 14 November, 2020, 08:44

    What the heck is nate wearing on his head.

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  30. Angie M
    Angie M 14 November, 2020, 09:44

    Peter Jackson Is a running back not a QB

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  31. tigers9879
    tigers9879 15 November, 2020, 01:25

    Can the Steelers win a game without Ben? Chiefs went 1-1 and almost 2-0 against packers and Viking without pat…
    chiefs has only lost one game in a full year.. we lost last year to titans since then only lost to the raiders.. no matter who the chiefs face we find a way to win.. we played some top defenses.. 49ers.. ravens.. bills.. we found a way to put points in the board.. we are finally going to be healthy and have most to all players back.. chiefs play raiders.. bucs and saints.. only 3 hard games.. I think the defense will again show its for real.. it came together at this time last season too.. I think the offense will finally get going.. it’s been up and down all season..

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  32. Billy Pardew
    Billy Pardew 15 November, 2020, 03:45

    Oh yeah the Steelers can beat the Chiefs about two days out of the week the other 5 days did the Chiefs win I'm going to have to say yes

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  33. G Man
    G Man 15 November, 2020, 22:35

    Let’s chat again after the Steelers bring home the 7th Lombardi,

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  34. Matt Something
    Matt Something 16 November, 2020, 08:23

    Keep underestimating the Steelers.

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  35. Gary Davis
    Gary Davis 16 November, 2020, 16:14

    Ravens don't win in primetime

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