UNDISPUTED | Shannon goes off Miami Dolphins def. Arizona Cardinals 34-31; Tua better than Murray

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  1. Maka Sunn
    Maka Sunn 9 November, 2020, 21:13

    Skip probably argues with his husband everyday…

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  2. Josh Cota
    Josh Cota 9 November, 2020, 21:17

    Dolfins took advantage of that fumble in the first quarter; if it wasn't for that, Cardinals would've had it in the bag. No looking back thought. let's go Cardinals!

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  3. Bat man
    Bat man 9 November, 2020, 21:22

    If Tua was a Dallas Cowboy Skip would be saying how great He was…smh

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  4. deez
    deez 9 November, 2020, 22:11

    C'mon Shann u damn right🤭👊

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  5. Slammin Mor
    Slammin Mor 9 November, 2020, 22:25

    Just wait till tua gets comfortable. Its only his second game.

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  6. Rush Muzik
    Rush Muzik 9 November, 2020, 22:34

    Kyler definitely played the better game from start to finish and put on more numbers. Tua was definitely more solid and clutch. He played a winning game

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  7. I've spoken
    I've spoken 9 November, 2020, 22:48

    Tua is Kyler's dad, he keeps giving him the L back in college and now in the pro lol

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  8. joe jones
    joe jones 9 November, 2020, 23:38

    TUA TIME 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

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  9. Jay Lewi
    Jay Lewi 10 November, 2020, 00:17

    Lmao everybody is completely right that skip is a complete hater. I am a Miami dolphins fan, but the reason I think Tua played better is because he read everything correctly and made damn near all the right decisions…Kyler did an amazing job as well, but its a lot easier to accumulate more passing yards with two star receivers and a possible third. P.S. Hopkins should have never got into that twitter beef before the game, just to get shut down lmao. Fin's up

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    TheSOLIDCRIMSON 10 November, 2020, 00:53

    skip is a joke, he can never give credit where its due…

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  11. Jason Deal
    Jason Deal 10 November, 2020, 01:09

    Man i love Shannon he has been on the Bama side since Tua stepped on the field. Roll Tide

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  12. Jordan Zinom
    Jordan Zinom 10 November, 2020, 02:10

    Kylers fumble and his last throw on 3rd and 1… nuff said 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  13. R. Jackson
    R. Jackson 10 November, 2020, 03:00

    Yesss for Da BEAT DA Breaks off in College, SHANNON!!!😂

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  14. Julius Marangga
    Julius Marangga 10 November, 2020, 05:11

    Skip hatin on tua. Shocker..🤦‍♂️

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  15. Grace Petersen
    Grace Petersen 10 November, 2020, 08:37

    Skip is such a hater!!! Yes my dolphins defense is red hot ans a top defense as a scoring defense but cardinals defense is one of the top team defenses in lowest point scored….. this is the same defense that gave the Seahawks their first loss so both teams played very well. The Miami Dolphins were clutch at the end in all 3 phases to score the last 10 points in the final quarter to seal the win!!!! Lets go Phins

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  16. Juan Pepe
    Juan Pepe 10 November, 2020, 11:36

    Shannon is a kyler hater. Kylers offense scored more points.

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  17. TO Gates
    TO Gates 10 November, 2020, 14:12

    Skip a clown the same who praise romo but hate on Aaron Rodgers

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  18. EB Tista
    EB Tista 10 November, 2020, 16:43

    The advantage has Kyler who been in the NFL last 3 years Skip

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  19. Wesley Parks
    Wesley Parks 10 November, 2020, 17:35

    They’re both equally great . The kickers were the difference in that game

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  20. Wesley Parks
    Wesley Parks 10 November, 2020, 17:39

    Imagine if my boy had D Hop to throw to… stop it Skip

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  21. Komainu
    Komainu 10 November, 2020, 22:07

    Murray also has a far greater arm cannon than Joe Montana and Brady. So what, I'd still rather have either QB in their prime over Murray.. That's not a dig on Murray, as I think he will be great. It's just that people fall in love with arm strength far too much.

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  22. levi-samson tago
    levi-samson tago 11 November, 2020, 02:18

    kyler a better athlete, tua a better qb

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  23. Angel Nixxa
    Angel Nixxa 11 November, 2020, 06:45

    Been a dolphin fan for years and now we finally have our future QB. Tua's ready and look forward to the rest of the season but Murray is awesome as well. Cardinals have their future QB and this game was fun to watch. Two great young Quarterbacks.

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  24. Richard Conte
    Richard Conte 11 November, 2020, 10:20

    Crunch time Tua 10 to Kyler goose egg. Nuff said. Plus Tua got the "W"
    Kyler one turnover, Tua zero.

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  25. Happysaito LaNoria
    Happysaito LaNoria 11 November, 2020, 14:35

    Skip is just a hater, at the end of the day, who won?

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  26. NyK NyCE
    NyK NyCE 11 November, 2020, 15:30

    Gotta remember there's no tape on tua either. But Tua is a phenomenal talent at qb.

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  27. James Burns
    James Burns 11 November, 2020, 21:24

    Skip is useless.

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  28. yolanda Qualls
    yolanda Qualls 11 November, 2020, 23:29

    LoL…….how can you not laugh at Shannon this dude is hilarious.

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    BECAUSE I'M BATMAN 19 November, 2020, 04:24

    Cardinals defense was fucking lightning up Russell Wilson! Fuck you Skip!

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