1. Michael Houston
    Michael Houston 6 November, 2020, 16:16


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  2. RobertGarcia915
    RobertGarcia915 6 November, 2020, 16:28

    We are going back home!!!!!

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  3. Moro
    Moro 6 November, 2020, 16:34

    SB 37 Rematch pls

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  4. GG Freemind
    GG Freemind 6 November, 2020, 16:51

    The funniest thing ever "why the F you ask me shit. I don't know!!" Facts

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  5. Marty Black
    Marty Black 6 November, 2020, 17:31

    No one has credited the play of Big Nick Kirkawski (can’t spell) #44 .. the Raiders have won with him on the field this year. The games he was on the I.R., we didn’t fair so well.. love the thought of hitting Renfrow in the slot. Opens up the field for Ruggs, Edwards & Nelly deep.

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  6. Julio Cruz Jr
    Julio Cruz Jr 6 November, 2020, 17:44

    They giving that draft pick to the pats jajajajaj id be laughing

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  7. Richard Rosales
    Richard Rosales 6 November, 2020, 18:32

    Raiders 42 chargers 19 there will be so many raider fans outside that stadium.

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  8. Ser Winzzalot
    Ser Winzzalot 6 November, 2020, 18:40

    Good werk!

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  9. eph elle
    eph elle 6 November, 2020, 18:42

    Hope we win.

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  10. Manny
    Manny 6 November, 2020, 19:16

    Bout 2 be 3-5

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  11. orejotus
    orejotus 6 November, 2020, 19:31

    hey Samoan Raider, nice to see you again, always with those sport analysis we always love

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  12. orejotus
    orejotus 6 November, 2020, 19:32

    our 9th home game!!!

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  13. Xavier Bowman
    Xavier Bowman 6 November, 2020, 19:55

    Raiders first LA team to win a super bowl

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  14. ulysses cooper
    ulysses cooper 6 November, 2020, 20:16

    Villians big and bold 🏴‍☠️

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  15. Eric Castro
    Eric Castro 6 November, 2020, 20:48

    I think the D shows up this week. I believe that so much that I have them starting for fantasy this week. Let's gooo

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  16. Dietz 18
    Dietz 18 6 November, 2020, 21:12

    CHARGERS fan here. I think our coaching staff will finally learn how to not blow leads. So in this game expect a huge turn around. We will lose by not ever having the lead. Cant blow a lead if you never have one lmaoo

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  17. Manny Mota
    Manny Mota 6 November, 2020, 22:50

    Chargers will have a 21 point leaders. Raiders will comeback and win. Congrats!

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  18. Strum
    Strum 6 November, 2020, 23:22

    We need Raider Nation to show out for the Rams as well. Could have 10 home games if we face them.

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  19. GrumpyRaider
    GrumpyRaider 6 November, 2020, 23:37

    Good stuff G , Raiders For Life! 24-13 Raiders win

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  20. Mathew Domeier
    Mathew Domeier 6 November, 2020, 23:46

    Ya boy lets get this

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  21. Leo H.
    Leo H. 7 November, 2020, 00:41

    The Raiders have always owned every stadium the chokers (chargers) have tried to call home #RN4L

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  22. Gregory Boulet
    Gregory Boulet 7 November, 2020, 01:01

    Enough selling out! 😂

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  23. Alijah Robinson
    Alijah Robinson 7 November, 2020, 02:06

    Go bolts⚡️

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  24. mbecerra2010
    mbecerra2010 7 November, 2020, 03:08

    Herbert won’t get his touch downs. Come on Samoan Raider. F that fool.

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  25. mattyhasselhoff
    mattyhasselhoff 7 November, 2020, 04:37

    I like your charisma.

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  26. That Raiders Fan
    That Raiders Fan 7 November, 2020, 09:41

    Inglewood up to no good Here come the Raiders ☠️

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  27. roberto ramirez
    roberto ramirez 7 November, 2020, 11:55

    Raider nation check out “Tape don’t lie” channel. These guys have less than 2k subscribers but they break down opposition’s offense and defense and show their strengths and weakness before the games. Then breakdown on the Raiders after the Raiders games. You guys will not be disappointed. One of the best Raiders channels out there. Show these guys some love.

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  28. Drake Sabbidge
    Drake Sabbidge 7 November, 2020, 14:07

    Time to take A trip to South Oakland

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  29. Tiga Live
    Tiga Live 7 November, 2020, 17:08

    ima depressed chargers fan, herbert is the only thing keeping me sustainable. i hope its a good game, but i think the raiders will win

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  30. Tiga Live
    Tiga Live 7 November, 2020, 17:09

    ima chargers fan, pretty good analysis, i think the raiders will win this. the only critique i have is when he went through the herbert stuff, the 2 picks one was on the first drive of the game and really had no effect on the entire outcome. either way good stuff and hope itsa good game

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  31. Hidro Cronic
    Hidro Cronic 7 November, 2020, 19:23

    Lmaoooo "desmond king" left 😂 bruhhhhh we ain't even use him this season ☠️😂 lost to Denver without him and played this year without him in the line up since about week 4 and never got him into the team reps due to him not getting along with the coaching staff so yeaaaaaa idk raiders ain't owners of l.a start with Vegas lil bro .😂😂 We "suck" blah blah blah .. still won't trash this team when the super bowl chumps got an early crack at it and they still almost lost to a ROOKIE with 5 minutes to prep … ☠️🤦⚡⚡⚡

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  32. Kay Muñiz
    Kay Muñiz 8 November, 2020, 04:35


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  33. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Maximus Decimus Meridius 8 November, 2020, 13:00

    Tyrell and Trent need to take a huge pay cut!

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  34. Drïppy _Räý
    Drïppy _Räý 8 November, 2020, 13:47

    CHOKERS AINT SHII RAIDERS GOT DIS MAAAN #RN4L Great video bro keep it up 💯👍 watching from Reno, NV

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  35. H Ryder
    H Ryder 8 November, 2020, 15:18


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