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  1. Cohen Roblox Gaming
    Cohen Roblox Gaming 5 November, 2020, 10:44

    bear down

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  2. Roger Nguy
    Roger Nguy 5 November, 2020, 10:53


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  3. Peter Parker’s Burner Account
    Peter Parker’s Burner Account 5 November, 2020, 10:55

    Doesn’t matter if the offense can’t do shit we won’t win lol just to think at 1 point we were 5-1 now we’re about to be 5-4

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  4. Malcolm Sabatini
    Malcolm Sabatini 5 November, 2020, 11:06

    It’s gonna be hard but I believe 🐻⬇️

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  5. Frank Zepeda
    Frank Zepeda 5 November, 2020, 11:12

    The first mistake is our coach. Guy's come on be honest he's in over his head he got lucky in 18 . He's not read to lead.!!

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  6. Charlie R.
    Charlie R. 5 November, 2020, 11:15

    Love the bears, but u have Derrick Henry on my fantasy lineup lol.

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  7. Sir
    Sir 5 November, 2020, 11:18

    If our o line dont block decently well I’m gonna lose it

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  8. Miti ASMR
    Miti ASMR 5 November, 2020, 11:44

    Ryan pace if your reading this please draft qb Zach willson he is amazing

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  9. Brandan Morris
    Brandan Morris 5 November, 2020, 11:59

    Yea hate to say it another L 🙄 Bears lose 21-17 ☹

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  10. Holy Samurai Jerusalem
    Holy Samurai Jerusalem 5 November, 2020, 12:15

    #23 Fuller will shine this game..and Jimmy & Kmet come up big 27-15 Bears W

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  11. Alex H
    Alex H 5 November, 2020, 12:24

    Do not envy these guys who to have to sugar coat the offensive woes… that is on Nagy/Pace. Where will this journey go?

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  12. Bryan Abad
    Bryan Abad 5 November, 2020, 12:31

    The defense can't carry a team to the playoff, the o line is rank last in the passing and running. Offense is the cancer of the bears team

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  13. CollinsK85
    CollinsK85 5 November, 2020, 13:12

    GO BEARS!!! 🏈🐻

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  14. thefactor1
    thefactor1 5 November, 2020, 13:19

    We have a offensive coordinator trying to be a coach, that’s why he has his face buried in the playbook and can’t manage the game around him. How did Pace give Nagy the HC job over Fangio? Fangio interviewed for the job

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  15. omar farooqui
    omar farooqui 5 November, 2020, 13:22

    What the bears need to learn is how to manage a lead when they are in the lead. Go with plays that hasn't been seen on film and stop being so predictable. I liked how they played against the saints but foles needs to learn how to scramble out of the pocket.

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  16. Omar Tarin
    Omar Tarin 5 November, 2020, 13:30

    5-4 Baby let’s go 🐻⬇️

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  17. Derrick Simmons
    Derrick Simmons 5 November, 2020, 14:10

    You bear's fans sure cry a ton. And it's not that bad. Stop crying and Bear 👇 or we taking the Div. GB.

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  18. O Really?
    O Really? 5 November, 2020, 14:14


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  19. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 5 November, 2020, 15:02

    Given the positive covid results are the bears playing on sunday or will they call it a bye week?

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  20. Edward wofford
    Edward wofford 5 November, 2020, 15:34

    This game is a must win. We can work with 6-3 we can't work with 5-4 record. Tighten the fuck up bears. 🐻 ⬇️

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  21. Anthony Anzalone
    Anthony Anzalone 5 November, 2020, 15:41

    At the end of the day. BEARS will be 10-6 when we finish the season. If Foles gets hot 🔥 anything can happen if we make the playoffs. BEARDOWN. Nick Foles is a man of Faith. BELIEVE

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  22. hoody Frankliano
    hoody Frankliano 5 November, 2020, 15:41

    Titans 28-14

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  23. Gregg Shelby
    Gregg Shelby 5 November, 2020, 15:42

    if the game isn't close at half RETREAT! you need healthy bodies for conference/ division games. Minnesota and Green Bay are next! If you have to lose Los to tenn and beat Minn and GB

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  24. Simeon Gawel
    Simeon Gawel 5 November, 2020, 15:58

    can we just have our bye week early

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  25. forreal pat
    forreal pat 5 November, 2020, 16:05

    lol lol lol🏈
    Let's start the WINNING STREAK!😁

    FREE artist: FAT PAT

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  26. Afif Khaja
    Afif Khaja 5 November, 2020, 16:16

    Replace the offensive line

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  27. Ryan Goldie
    Ryan Goldie 5 November, 2020, 16:49

    Eddie Jackson will get the stiff arm of Derrick Henry in the open field…

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  28. Christian Solid
    Christian Solid 5 November, 2020, 17:12

    Teams play first down football and we play 7 step drop throw the ball a million yards on one play football…because our o-line is so great

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  29. Shane Giofu
    Shane Giofu 5 November, 2020, 18:18

    Brickhands Miller honestly needs to ride the bench for a game or two.

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  30. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 6 November, 2020, 00:42

    Nagy sucks! He can't adjust. If you're o line is getting overwhelmed call plays to counter it. Common sense

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  31. Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 6 November, 2020, 11:22

    Titans gonna win and Derrick Henry will rush for 212 yrds with 2 tds

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  32. Bob Brown
    Bob Brown 7 November, 2020, 06:32

    This is gonna be interesting.

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  33. Ca'Ron Dawson
    Ca'Ron Dawson 7 November, 2020, 16:15

    This is a must win game for us

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  34. Tr0uB135uM
    Tr0uB135uM 8 November, 2020, 01:26

    Oh man our defense gonna get gassed out there unless the O brings it this game 🤷🏽‍♂️

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  35. Rich Kid
    Rich Kid 8 November, 2020, 12:30

    Bears players and coaches should all play well today, super happy w the election, yea! 🇺🇸 Get their BLM gear on and honor their oppressed brethren fighting tyranny everywhere! 🔥 smoke crack and touch some kids in the stands in honor of their new POTUS! 👶 Wear tutus in the shower to celebrate Obuma and Mike’s legacy! 😇 And lick the boots of that trick turner from California who let all those innocent Jesuit priests off the hook! Go Bears, you guys are true role models and Hero’s. Bear down!!! 🇺🇸💯🇺🇸💯🇺🇸💯

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