1. Jon Wicked
    Jon Wicked 30 October, 2020, 15:14

    Everything is at stake here go big or go home 😈😈😈 Steelers know what’s hit em when the defense sacks Big Ben more times than the amount of rings Brady has

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  2. Gabriel Ray
    Gabriel Ray 30 October, 2020, 15:25

    Big truzzz 😤😤🖤💜

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  3. CFB Fan
    CFB Fan 30 October, 2020, 16:30

    Y’all notice 99% of all the prime time night games were at Pittsburg?
    Who is the NFL scheduler that keeps fucking the ravens over?

    And again this year , the Steelers will get a prime time night home game on thanksgiving. Ducking bullshit dude

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  4. David Kramer
    David Kramer 30 October, 2020, 16:52

    I wish you woulda added the JJ hit on Ward haha but great video

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  5. RobD8870
    RobD8870 30 October, 2020, 20:48

    This music doesn't work here.

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    NEXT GEN PRODUCTION 31 October, 2020, 00:14

    I wish the Bengals and Steelers rivalry was competitive like the Ravens and Steelers, I hate the Steelers, Bengals fan BTW

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  7. Taylor D
    Taylor D 31 October, 2020, 01:51

    As a Steelers fan I’m glad I found a video that shows highlights from both sides. This goes hard. It’s time for war🔥

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  8. berlin040909
    berlin040909 31 October, 2020, 02:38

    Metal is more suitable for Pittsburgh Baltimore than whatever this crap is

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  9. Adam Legend
    Adam Legend 31 October, 2020, 04:26

    Ravens 34 Steelers 17.

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  10. God is Great
    God is Great 31 October, 2020, 10:26

    Browns nation is having fun this year and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gonna watch some of this game

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  11. Jaden Harris
    Jaden Harris 31 October, 2020, 13:24

    Steelers all the way

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  12. Mark Fratangelo
    Mark Fratangelo 31 October, 2020, 15:03

    Imagine making a Steelers/Ravens rivalry video and setting it to Juice WRLD lmaooooo

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  13. valo4life83
    valo4life83 31 October, 2020, 17:45

    Terrible music

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  14. Werdna0703Playz
    Werdna0703Playz 31 October, 2020, 22:36


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  15. MNRS
    MNRS 1 November, 2020, 06:59

    Dude fix the title it's week 8

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  16. astarnold
    astarnold 1 November, 2020, 07:59

    Nothing beats the Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Suggs, Big Ben, Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu days…

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  17. Fab se
    Fab se 1 November, 2020, 11:21

    Best rivalry in the Last 25 years in the NFL. Roethlisberger Pouncey, Polamalu, Ward, De Castro, Harrison, Lewis, Yanda, Reed, Suggs. The Amount of (future) hall of famers is insane. Plus two Super Bowl winning head coaches ( that both have tons of swag)

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  18. Bobby DIGIACOMO
    Bobby DIGIACOMO 1 November, 2020, 12:33

    One of the best nfl rivals

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  19. Leramie Uchiha, New Gaming Order Leader
    Leramie Uchiha, New Gaming Order Leader 2 November, 2020, 02:54

    As a Cowboys fan (Pray for my sanity), I personally had no stake in this game, but even I recognize a kick ass rivalry when I see it, should've gotten the Sunday Primetime NBC slot, but hey, can't have 'em all, also it makes me really happy to see the Steelers dominating this first half of the season, sure there have been some close calls, but 7-0 is still 7-0, the Ravens aren't far behind either in terms of being a Super Bowl contender, if these two teams stay healthy, don't be shocked if this is the AFC Championship game, these two teams have a legit shot of taking out the juggernaut that is the Chiefs. (Seriously, Patrick Mahommes is a younger, more mobile Tom Brady and Travis Kelce is a younger Rob Gronkowski, the Chiefs have literally become the Patriots, that absolutely scares me and it should absolutely scare you as well)

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  20. Noah Tavani
    Noah Tavani 2 November, 2020, 18:23

    Big dub for the Steelers ⬛️🟡

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  21. Clutch
    Clutch 24 November, 2020, 11:44

    We’re gonna fucking lose both our RB’s r out😓

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  22. Jack Swaney
    Jack Swaney 24 November, 2020, 20:49

    Anyone else wanna run through a brick wall now

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