Green Bay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints | Week 3 NFL Game Preivew

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Packers vs Saints Prediction: NFL Week 1 Picks

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  1. DOS-FS Lady
    DOS-FS Lady 27 September, 2020, 11:46

    I love all of you people who posted actual predictions. YouTube comments are almost always more interesting and informative than the video. Here is my insightful prediction: Based on the irrefutable fact that my 3 box turtles started digging themselves into holes for their winter hibernation today, the Packers will WIN tonight!

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  2. Robert Witt
    Robert Witt 27 September, 2020, 12:22

    We all know deep down who's gonna win.


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  3. Aurelia Angeles
    Aurelia Angeles 27 September, 2020, 12:34

    Im a Saints fan, but i think packers might win

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  4. Chris
    Chris 27 September, 2020, 12:36


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  5. Bigg Fella
    Bigg Fella 27 September, 2020, 12:40

    It's going to take a top performance game from our defense to win this one

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  6. Mike e
    Mike e 27 September, 2020, 12:49

    CANCEl the saints. When Blake police/attorney reports are finalized, the saints will find their fact-checked wokeness fiscally devastating

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  7. d h
    d h 27 September, 2020, 13:15

    GO PACK GO!!!!!!

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  8. Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez 27 September, 2020, 13:25

    Go pack go 🧀🧀🧀

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  9. Harlow Wilson
    Harlow Wilson 27 September, 2020, 14:14

    Im going packers

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  10. Dongerel Price
    Dongerel Price 27 September, 2020, 14:25

    Who dat who dat who dat talking about beating Dem Mighty saints..

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  11. Grizplaysgames
    Grizplaysgames 27 September, 2020, 14:35

    Who do you think will win?


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  12. Christina Low
    Christina Low 27 September, 2020, 15:01


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  13. Hunter G
    Hunter G 27 September, 2020, 15:04

    Saints haven’t started 2-0 in forever and then we just go on a run. Saints bounce back 34-24

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  14. 1genius1
    1genius1 27 September, 2020, 15:04

    I think the Pack'll win. GB 34 – 29 NO.

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  15. Someertyu
    Someertyu 27 September, 2020, 15:07

    I’m going with the packers on this, saints aren’t starting off that good

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  16. the biggest packer fan
    the biggest packer fan 27 September, 2020, 16:07

    packers are going to win GO PACK GO

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  17. JesterJestr
    JesterJestr 27 September, 2020, 16:33

    who's DaVante Adams' replacement?

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  18. Candice Hawkins
    Candice Hawkins 27 September, 2020, 16:43

    Who dat said they gonna beat them Saints?

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  19. Arthur R
    Arthur R 27 September, 2020, 16:48

    Pack looking good. 31-27 Packers. Who dat??

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  20. Ian Rodriguez
    Ian Rodriguez 27 September, 2020, 17:13

    Go pack go

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    OUTDOOR DIARIES 27 September, 2020, 17:15

    Let's go saints you need to 2 and 1

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  22. Kountry_Gaming01
    Kountry_Gaming01 27 September, 2020, 17:55

    ⚜️Let’s go Saints‼️⚜️ #whodatnation #ontheroadtosuperbowl

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  23. Onlycanbeme1
    Onlycanbeme1 27 September, 2020, 18:15

    Let's start it like this. I mean let me start it this way. "Who dat!" nation is A-OK in my book, huge fan o' NO Saints for 3 or four seasons, even watched us get cheated every postseason to who other than A. Peterson's, B. Favre's & R. Moss' Vikings, but moving on to '20, our first SNF of the '20 season. My prediction is as follows: GB-W NO-L worst case scenario they end it in a tie, also predicting 3-4 picks(2-3 pick 6s) between them. With a final score of totaling to 80

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  24. Impartalgeneral Gaming
    Impartalgeneral Gaming 27 September, 2020, 18:33

    guys thats not real patrick mahomes

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  25. Joe Ceonnia
    Joe Ceonnia 27 September, 2020, 18:39

    As a Eagles fan, I'm rooting for the Packers and taking the points..

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  26. Jim Vallus
    Jim Vallus 27 September, 2020, 19:22

    go pack gooooo🙆‍♂️

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  27. WhyWittaDot
    WhyWittaDot 27 September, 2020, 19:23

    Check out my saints hype song on my page 🖤⚜️🔥

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  28. Guild Atix
    Guild Atix 27 September, 2020, 19:27

    It’s going to be tough I going for Green Bay cause you got the Aaron rodgers

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  29. Nicole Tooze
    Nicole Tooze 27 September, 2020, 19:29

    Go Pack Go!!!!! Definitely gonna send the Saints home in their own turf!

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  30. Jason Eaton
    Jason Eaton 27 September, 2020, 19:37

    Kneel brees

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  31. Wisconsin Rail Productions
    Wisconsin Rail Productions 27 September, 2020, 20:08

    It’ll be more of a challenge to run offense against the saints. Packers 27-17

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  32. Briyan Cota
    Briyan Cota 27 September, 2020, 20:16

    Packers is the shyt this is Jay and I love yall

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  33. Kalpesh s Barot
    Kalpesh s Barot 27 September, 2020, 20:22

    Go packets

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  34. Toni Scott
    Toni Scott 27 September, 2020, 20:28

    I want the packers two winning

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  35. Roderick Turner
    Roderick Turner 27 September, 2020, 20:43


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  36. Joe Brooks
    Joe Brooks 27 September, 2020, 23:43


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  37. The Last Of Us
    The Last Of Us 28 September, 2020, 00:10

    Can we take a minute to talk about how smart the Packers front office was to draft a QB just to piss Rodgers off?

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  38. The Last Of Us
    The Last Of Us 28 September, 2020, 00:12

    Packers: Listen, uh, Aaron, we've drafted a QB as your replacement, soooo….
    Rodgers Silently storms off

    Packers: It worked

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  39. Lol25 Plays
    Lol25 Plays 8 October, 2020, 20:52


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  40. Anitra Coronado
    Anitra Coronado 12 October, 2020, 16:13

    34-28 Packers

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  41. Evelin Huizar
    Evelin Huizar 17 October, 2020, 17:33


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  42. Robert White
    Robert White 25 November, 2020, 22:16

    daft punk

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  43. ZJ Gamingツ
    ZJ Gamingツ 9 January, 2021, 15:42

    Saints 39 packers 37

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  44. Huncho Jack
    Huncho Jack 14 January, 2021, 00:46

    NFC championship preview 👀

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  45. Colin Leahy
    Colin Leahy 15 January, 2021, 12:38

    NBC’s First SNF Game With Trico

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  46. Colin Leahy
    Colin Leahy 23 March, 2021, 14:51

    NBC Sunday Night Football looks like a great one

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  47. Colin Leahy
    Colin Leahy 23 March, 2021, 14:52

    Drew is now on Football Night in America

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