Film Study: Why the Green Bay Packers drafted Josiah Deguara

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  1. StankyDank 420
    StankyDank 420 29 August, 2020, 21:27

    I don't see him playing fullback I see him being the number two tight end. We already have two fullbacks on the roster

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  2. Tim Bier
    Tim Bier 29 August, 2020, 22:20

    How is te not a position of need? The 2 teams in the superbowl have elite te options. . .3rd downs. . Broken plays. . .red zone. . .TE may be just as important as #2 and #3 reciever combined. The packers have nothing at that position. . .HUGE NEED. . .research please before you post.

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  3. N A
    N A 29 August, 2020, 23:47

    WRs take closer to 3 years to develop so don't know how getting a WR would have helped make an instant impact

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  4. Lee86
    Lee86 30 August, 2020, 02:01

    Josiah not joshua.

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  5. Ricardo Vera
    Ricardo Vera 30 August, 2020, 08:54

    I’m not so angry now 😅

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  6. Ronnie Blanton
    Ronnie Blanton 30 August, 2020, 16:36

    Everybody talks comments on this and that.i'm just looking forward to the team the powers that be have assembled.the packers are poised to strike quickly at the get go.all teams may be a little rusty at first until they settle in.rodgers has a enough Ariel attackers,who have improved to show off their preparations and hard work.their defense is strong, looking to see their improvement stopping the run.a good trio attacking running backs.go packers go!

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  7. Butt Stinkman
    Butt Stinkman 30 August, 2020, 16:51

    The packers spent a 3rd rd pick on a fullback

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  8. Reno Geremen
    Reno Geremen 30 August, 2020, 16:56

    If we cant beat the 40whinerz then lets just copy them hahaha already see the similarities on offense yo… until then GOPACKGO!!!

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  9. Austin Williams
    Austin Williams 30 August, 2020, 21:34

    Why does he got an Apple Watch on the thumbnail 😂

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  10. Richard Lesage
    Richard Lesage 30 August, 2020, 22:04

    Could of drafted wide receiver with 1st pick, then the same 2 picks they made, then with 4th pick take Love. Terrible job taking Love with 1st pick.

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  11. Mitch Staff
    Mitch Staff 30 August, 2020, 23:53

    I like your videos and the film you use. It is easier for a shorter guy to block a taller guy due to a lower center of gravity. That's why the coaches are always teaching pad level. We have a pin point accurate QB and that will help him with downfield catches. Also I think they feel this guy is intelligent which is usually the difference between playing as a rookie or not.

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  12. Kenneth Luedtke Jr
    Kenneth Luedtke Jr 31 August, 2020, 04:57

    Can be a big difference between big enough to play football and being able to play football.

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  13. Ligaya Barlow
    Ligaya Barlow 2 September, 2020, 01:51

    Give me a break. (1) The lb commits to the inside too early; (2) the lb is containing the edge. Same with (3). (5) is just a blown coverage.
    This is a bs analysis kid.

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  14. J.D. Matthias
    J.D. Matthias 7 September, 2020, 00:35

    Robert Tonyan is the guy I have high
    Expectations for.
    Deguara will be the "move" or motion tight end or TE2/H-back in the spread, FB in 2 back sets
    Jace Sternberger and Robert Tonyan are recieving Tight Ends on the split or inline while Mercedes Lewis is the Blocking Tight End

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  15. Alana Pehlivan
    Alana Pehlivan 9 September, 2020, 14:11

    Joshua lol it’s Josiah

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  16. Old School
    Old School 9 September, 2020, 14:16

    I feel like Kevin king should be a safety

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  17. Lee Xiong
    Lee Xiong 10 September, 2020, 02:41

    Big reach in the 3rd.

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  18. MaoTingDew
    MaoTingDew 11 September, 2020, 19:45

    You’re almost at 50k 👀

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  19. mick griffin
    mick griffin 12 September, 2020, 22:22

    Height does NOT matter when run blocking!!!!

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  20. The Rtisan
    The Rtisan 12 September, 2020, 22:51

    no amount of analysis will make this a good pick smh

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  21. Joe B
    Joe B 13 September, 2020, 00:30

    not sold, we already tried the "highly decorated but undersized college TE" thing with DJ Williams

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  22. Hedge Hog
    Hedge Hog 13 September, 2020, 12:32

    "Why would you draft a QB when you have an all time great quarterback at the end of his prime?" CAUSE HE IS AT THE END OF HIS PRIME! Better to have the next QB ready and not caught with the pants down… what is Love isnt the guy? We would still have time to find him

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  23. senior fathead
    senior fathead 14 September, 2020, 16:07

    Where are those fans that were crybabies when Packers drafted him?

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  24. Event Trading
    Event Trading 14 September, 2020, 17:56

    Watching his take-out block on the two Vikes yesterday says it all. That's an all timer. Folsom Bulldogs, bow wow wow.

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  25. Richard Wilder
    Richard Wilder 15 September, 2020, 14:02

    Who cares once the NFL became political it's started sucking so nobody cares anymore find a different job

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  26. Dave Schoonover
    Dave Schoonover 24 September, 2020, 12:46


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  27. klutzR✔️
    klutzR✔️ 10 January, 2021, 22:46

    I’m friends with Josiah Degura and u said josh o a
    Its joe siah

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  28. Bucks_Packers_Cubs_Badgers
    Bucks_Packers_Cubs_Badgers 23 April, 2021, 13:16

    Robert Tonyan

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  29. T M
    T M 14 May, 2021, 23:43

    He’s a fullback. LeFleurs offense has 3 tight ends. Vitale ran that same wheel route like Deguara did early last season.

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