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  1. JBSptfn
    JBSptfn 20 June, 2020, 20:19

    The start of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American sporting public.

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  2. Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone 20 June, 2020, 22:25

    They cheated!!!!

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  3. Michael Fairbank
    Michael Fairbank 21 June, 2020, 16:19

    @ 40:52……Um…6 actually so you better be on that flight back home. Do it next time.

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  4. Dan the Man
    Dan the Man 22 June, 2020, 09:17

    27:15 Quite simply the greatest kick in NFL history. Wasn't sure anything could ever top Tom Dempsey's 63-yarder to beat the Lions in 1970, but this one did.

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  5. HiiDE
    HiiDE 24 June, 2020, 02:51

    Bill : How many time do you think you'll win the Super Bowl ?
    Tom : How bout Six

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    FELIX BAEZ 24 June, 2020, 23:05

    Song at 36:35?

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  7. Sting Rey
    Sting Rey 25 June, 2020, 12:40

    belichick has consistently said vinateri was the best player on the 2001 patriots.

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  8. MattronGaming X
    MattronGaming X 1 July, 2020, 17:21

    Belichick in 2001: Sh*t yeah, how many times you think you win the super bowl!

    Brady in 2020: Wins 6 super bowls.

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  9. Andrea May
    Andrea May 2 July, 2020, 21:32

    It’s just crazy that not one of those guys is still a Patriot! Not even Brady!

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  10. Miloslav Tlamicha
    Miloslav Tlamicha 6 July, 2020, 06:35

    I love that this is narrated by Martin Sheen.

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  11. Liquidor
    Liquidor 21 July, 2020, 11:26

    This episode is not on the Americans Game playlist

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  12. Bràdley Ullery
    Bràdley Ullery 22 July, 2020, 13:42

    I have the Superbowl 36 Tom Brady ring I found at a flea market. My high school friend Matt Light played for the Patriots 11 years winning 3 rings now I am looking for a Matt Light Superbowl ring from Superbowl 36, 38, and 39

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  13. Bràdley Ullery
    Bràdley Ullery 22 July, 2020, 14:10

    My favorite moment in the game vs the raiders in the playoffs was my friend Matt Light kneeling in the snow for Adam Vinetari to tie the game with 45 yard field goal

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  14. Jackson
    Jackson 31 July, 2020, 18:27

    These docs are so good 🙂

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  15. KBoss
    KBoss 2 August, 2020, 20:48

    Edgeheads episode 1: The Tucking Menace.

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  16. Sean Pen
    Sean Pen 10 August, 2020, 22:49

    How could anyone hate Tom Brady. What am underdog story. He went from benchwarmer to the greatest thing the NFLs ever seen, just with hard work

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  17. DragonKazooie89
    DragonKazooie89 12 August, 2020, 21:55

    My dad is still sore about that Rams Super Bowl loss. He thinks that NE only won because everyone was so patriotic after 9/11.

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  18. Rudy Thompson
    Rudy Thompson 14 August, 2020, 05:53

    Steelers #41 low hit was dirty and done on purpose. More reason for me to hate the Steelers.

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  19. Carl W.
    Carl W. 16 August, 2020, 08:10

    Tom Brady is a golden God

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  20. dante040
    dante040 29 August, 2020, 22:24

    Man Brady is like at least 6'4 so Bledsoe must be like 6'6

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  21. Joshua Petig
    Joshua Petig 7 September, 2020, 01:57

    All I need to hear is Gil Santos

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  22. tim chan
    tim chan 7 September, 2020, 11:05

    Dawm Pitts played a dirty game aiming low on Brady 3 times

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  23. Billy Wright
    Billy Wright 12 September, 2020, 08:48

    I love this team because they started the whole team running out in the Super Bowl

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  24. Supernerd
    Supernerd 14 September, 2020, 16:01

    Words can’t describe how amazing Tom Brady is. GOAT. Great man.

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  25. kirbypoohbear
    kirbypoohbear 15 September, 2020, 02:49


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  26. Nick Scott
    Nick Scott 3 October, 2020, 20:18

    Drew Bledsoe is this millenniums Wally Pipp

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  27. Michael Leroy
    Michael Leroy 4 October, 2020, 03:29

    You'll never see a dynasty like this again, that's why the haters are out there

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  28. Matthew Rogers
    Matthew Rogers 7 October, 2020, 23:52

    I watched this whole this throught just to see the moment of 39:30 and so on because it really storybook with Brady's reaction out of all things he could've focused on. As a niner fan he's a humble QB with a crazy backstory Fosho

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  29. Taiyah Jackson
    Taiyah Jackson 28 October, 2020, 02:11

    As someone told me, "Brady earned two rings, but purchased the other four."

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  30. Grumpy Old Gray Metalhead
    Grumpy Old Gray Metalhead 19 November, 2020, 20:14

    They didn’t show it here but I loved Willie McGinest yelling at Steeler fans “Cancel those reservations!”

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  31. The Veteran Trainer88
    The Veteran Trainer88 20 November, 2020, 14:49

    Drew Bledsoe handled this situation so well he could have ruined the season and team but was a great team player first. Imo he's as responsible for the start of the dynasty as anyone

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  32. The Veteran Trainer88
    The Veteran Trainer88 20 November, 2020, 14:55

    Jermaine Wiggy Wiggins no 85 went to my high school EASTIE!!!

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  33. wiser one
    wiser one 18 December, 2020, 02:12

    Song? 38:00

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  34. James Hartman
    James Hartman 18 December, 2020, 15:14

    A young adam vinateri looks so weird 😂

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  35. Said Nonoal
    Said Nonoal 17 January, 2021, 00:04

    This season in particular…. too poetic. just crazy surreal story..

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  36. Leon Klein
    Leon Klein 30 January, 2021, 07:45

    32:42 Tom Brady being excited like that :,)

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  37. Progressive Libertarian Viewer
    Progressive Libertarian Viewer 2 February, 2021, 21:53

    A legend is born

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  38. Isaac Craft
    Isaac Craft 7 February, 2021, 22:48

    Tom brady just won his 7th… Greatest of all time

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  39. Willie Montalvo
    Willie Montalvo 10 February, 2021, 22:12

    This was the beginning. The rest is history!!

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  40. I love MLB the show 2021
    I love MLB the show 2021 12 February, 2021, 21:13


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  41. I love MLB the show 2021
    I love MLB the show 2021 12 February, 2021, 21:46

    If bledshoe would have been the starting quarterback they would have not won this super bowl or they Would have not won three straight brady was better an she worked harder and put in more effort to be the greatest things happen for a reason I don’t think bill predicted brady would win seven Super Bowls and become the starter for them no one could have predicted that that’s why it’s the greatest underdog story in the history of the nfl going 199 to the best no one could have predicted that

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  42. Daniel Mejia-Reza
    Daniel Mejia-Reza 14 February, 2021, 11:51

    A week ago he won his 7th , who the fuck is Kyle Brady

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  43. J Concannon927
    J Concannon927 15 February, 2021, 02:37

    It's funny hearing Tom Brady's version of when he told Robert Kraft that he's one of the best decisions this organization is ever gonna make, after hearing Kraft's version so many times lol

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  44. Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull 7 March, 2021, 17:55

    Episode 1: the patriot menace

    For decades the teams of the afc answered to three kings. The Steelers of Pittsburgh. The bills of Buffalo, and the wayward raiders. This was the established way of the afc and all was well.

    Occasionally throughout the decades a select few from the afc would seek new dominion, the mile high horse back riders known as the Broncos, and the deceitful browns of Cleveland masquerading around as the Baltimore ravens. Despite victories from these usurpers, dynasties were not established.

    Looking to reestablish dominance of the teams of the afc, the raiders and Steelers would return on a season run that would surely put them back in control..but little did the afc know, the jets of New York would accidentally uncover a dark and powerful new threat.

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  45. Heffers
    Heffers 2 May, 2021, 09:36

    Go pats, I love seeing the behind the scenes of all of these Super Bowls

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  46. shawn bopko
    shawn bopko 8 June, 2021, 15:02

    my dad took me New England to watch the jets vs New England im from up noth to watch blodeso play and i rember we were at Foxboro MA and i rember when jets line backer mo lewis slamed down and put out drew blodeso shoulder

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  47. Cleanest Best Pleasure
    Cleanest Best Pleasure 20 July, 2021, 12:02

    28:08 What the fuck was Gruden doing? Did he not see them out there clearing snow?

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  48. Ben Marino
    Ben Marino 23 July, 2021, 04:53

    I love both Drew and Tom. Bledsoe was my favorite player at that time. I had his #11 jersey and wore that number during my high school 🏈 seasons. Brady is the best ever, but Drew was the MAN for the Patriots before he got hurt.

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