The Design Process of the Rams New Uniforms – Behind the Scenes


  1. Rudy M
    Rudy M 3 July, 2020, 15:02

    Terrible Designers 🤮

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  2. Jimmy Steed
    Jimmy Steed 5 July, 2020, 12:01

    Just make a cool uniform! Stop with the culture of football stuff!

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  3. Jimmy Steed
    Jimmy Steed 5 July, 2020, 12:02


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  4. Jimmy Steed
    Jimmy Steed 5 July, 2020, 12:04


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  5. Jimmy Steed
    Jimmy Steed 5 July, 2020, 12:05

    Just make a cool uniform!

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  6. Nicholas V
    Nicholas V 9 July, 2020, 00:41

    Bananas in Pajamas 😆

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  7. Jimmy Steed
    Jimmy Steed 10 July, 2020, 15:12

    Glad I’m not a rams fan

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  8. The OverLord
    The OverLord 11 July, 2020, 12:33

    a very lassic banana horn

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  9. Allen Eneboe
    Allen Eneboe 20 July, 2020, 04:08

    Everything they said in the video is opposite of the end result. This is what happens when history and tradition is outsourced to people who think this is all just one big fashion show. This video makes the change even more upsetting because they are so clueless and really did not consider the history of the team or the dedicated fans. Even worse than the uniform changes, you take one of the best helmet designs in the NFL and destroy it in one motion. You try to make a 3-D horn on a 1-D helmet. This goes to show that NIKE should not direct the new design of anything and only be dictated to on what to make to prevent such clueless people from continuing to ruin everything they can get their hands on. I doubt is any of these people have ever watched an NFL game. Just let them make this level of change to the fans of the Packers, Cowboys and Steelers (and many other teams) with history, tradition and a loyal fan base and force this kind of "creativity" on them. The end result would be those fans would hang these people to the nearest tree. NIKE made a big mistake and the RAMS organization was tricked into thinking that these people were experts in their field . I have been a loyal RAMS fan for 53 years. These people don't care about that nor do they even understand what that means. Change for just the sake of change is always a failed concept especially when both the helmets and uniforms from 64-72 and 73-99 periods were great. Now is the time to show some class and character and admit you totally got it wrong. These new uniforms should all go away entirely after this season. If not, the new uniform additions for 2021 and 2022 should be the return of the 64-72 uniforms and the 73-99 uniforms (exactly as they were, especially the helmets). In the past, I enjoyed watching my team play win or lose. Now I can not even enjoy watching them win being reminded with every single play just how bad the new uniforms are, especially those horrible horns on the helmet. I was set to buy new merchandise and now that will not happen. This change is harder to take than the Super Bowl loss if the great uniforms and helmet design from the past are lost forever.

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  10. Eric Underwood
    Eric Underwood 20 July, 2020, 20:46


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  11. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz 22 July, 2020, 05:33

    Why did you trade Todd Gurley Cory Littleton Dante Fowler jr

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  12. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz 22 July, 2020, 05:34

    Don’t ever trade Jalen ramsey

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  13. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz 22 July, 2020, 05:34


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  14. Wolgy 44
    Wolgy 44 23 July, 2020, 17:57

    Honestly these uniforms look like an IKEA billboard

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  15. joesolis2
    joesolis2 26 July, 2020, 13:51

    Why do we have always have to “Move Forward? What’s wrong with going with Tradition?

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  16. Omar B
    Omar B 3 August, 2020, 19:13

    bruh this some bullshit really

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  17. Michael MacDermott
    Michael MacDermott 12 August, 2020, 22:36

    CRAZY how everything said in this video by everyone manages to MAKE MY BLOOD BOIL.

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  18. James Limon
    James Limon 13 August, 2020, 00:28

    You should have kept the hook of the horn on the helmet because it’s a rams horn and when have you seen a ram without a hook or curl in the horn

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  19. James Limon
    James Limon 13 August, 2020, 00:30

    I love the way you separated the so called horn but you don’t call it a horn unless you put the curl in the horn

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  20. James Limon
    James Limon 13 August, 2020, 00:31

    You guys a not fans like I am and a lot of others you guys fucked up and put the curl back in horn

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  21. Chase
    Chase 15 August, 2020, 18:45

    It took all those people to make garbage uniforms. I could literally make a better uniform on Microsoft Paint in like 2 hours tops.

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  22. Franandwood
    Franandwood 21 August, 2020, 22:23

    Why Stan?
    Just why?

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  23. Richard Fuentez
    Richard Fuentez 23 August, 2020, 17:59

    The people who designed this are not true ram fans it's just a pay check to them and I will never wear them colors they made a big mistake who shouldn't fix something that's not broken!!

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  24. lwss289
    lwss289 31 August, 2020, 06:09

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE uniform redesign SMH 😑 😫 😢 😒 😪 🙄

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  25. Kylar LaMer
    Kylar LaMer 13 September, 2020, 23:49

    Colors lookin like Ikea ngl.

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  26. Anther site
    Anther site 23 September, 2020, 21:56

    The font and numbers, as well as the helmets. The horn on the helmet is bad. It’s not nostalgic. The numbers and font on the tan/grey uniforms are cool. the blue is pretty. But there’s not enough nostalgia on the blue uniforms. There not great but the tan/grey ones are okay.

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  27. Fmart Mart
    Fmart Mart 4 October, 2020, 17:01

    The yellow is so hideous I feel like I have to get my OLED color corrected. Again.

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  28. isitago
    isitago 5 October, 2020, 13:14

    Just a hunch, bet the whole lot of them are brain dead democrats. Did I just say that…? What a waste of time and money.

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  29. EPIC
    EPIC 20 November, 2020, 12:04

    That is the worst logo I have ever seen

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  30. Alex Matrassi
    Alex Matrassi 21 November, 2020, 11:30

    These jerseys are horrible, the horn is awful, the gradient design is laughable. The rams had the best jerseys in my opinion, now they have the worst

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  31. Jamie Kaaskop
    Jamie Kaaskop 5 January, 2021, 19:30

    love from amsterdam

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  32. Jose Villasenor
    Jose Villasenor 5 January, 2021, 23:20

    How do any of these people still have jobs. They are so full of themselves while being so incompetent. I could only imagine how much money this rebrand cost. So happy to hear all the new rams gear is underselling, it deserves to be forgotten, along with the bucs uniforms last season.

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  33. Mr. Milko
    Mr. Milko 7 February, 2021, 12:20

    I wish the OG LA ones were brought back, like keep the royal throwback and bring back the white throwback (one worn in super bowl 34)

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  34. J
    J 11 February, 2021, 18:37

    These look incredible imo

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  35. Angel García
    Angel García 18 February, 2021, 08:38

    i love it don't care what other pepole say

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  36. Trusted Source
    Trusted Source 29 April, 2021, 01:42

    I actually really like the jerseys but could do without the gradient

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  37. Jo NoSaY
    Jo NoSaY 15 July, 2021, 23:32

    Why are these people acting like they designed a skyscraper? Or space ship? It's a uniform and yall still messed it up🤣

    *"Future Timeless"…..but ya just changed it again

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  38. Gordon Reed
    Gordon Reed 22 July, 2021, 00:21

    The horns need to be an inch or two apart in the front. Some how imitate a big horn sheep. What's so hard about that.

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  39. Carlos Landeros
    Carlos Landeros 30 July, 2021, 23:37

    What a tragedy of the uniform. And I’m a rams season ticket holder……

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