Los Angeles Rams at San Diego Chargers November 27th, 1994


  1. chris orr
    chris orr 7 June, 2020, 12:52

    Leslie O'Neal played for the Rams in 1996-1997.

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  2. Brian R
    Brian R 18 July, 2020, 00:36

    This was the first Chargers game I ever attended – I was 12 years old and it was the coolest experience of my life up to that time. I still have the ticket stub 🙂 #sandiegochargers #spanossucks

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  3. Un Title1
    Un Title1 10 January, 2021, 02:18

    The Rams last season in L.A until their return in 2016.

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  4. Corey Levine
    Corey Levine 5 February, 2021, 18:49

    They both L.A Teams now for the next 50 years

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  5. Brandon Stephens
    Brandon Stephens 14 February, 2021, 13:43

    L.A./SD Chargers Superbowl 29 🌴⚡🏈
    I'm a fan of either SD or LA they need to stay in So Cal

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  6. Brandon Stephens
    Brandon Stephens 14 February, 2021, 13:46

    It's a beautiful drive down to San Diego from L.A.🌴

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  7. Shaun Brady
    Shaun Brady 15 February, 2021, 22:55

    Love the chargers miss them so much can't stand john carney though what an arrogant pompus horses a$$ . Bill walden was at a school I worked at and walden was being recognized for is steller legendary career in the nba an carney just had to insert himself in walden's shine. And bill was so classy and awesome go bill and go lakers

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  8. Original One
    Original One 22 March, 2021, 04:29

    The Chargers name and logo was created originated in Los Angeles 1960
    L.A. memorial Coliseum ⚡️🐴 🏈

    The name originated from the USC football games then musician and team kicker Tommy Trojan played and helped inspire then owner Barron Hilton when Hilton attended the USC football games at the LA Coliseum every time Tommy would run out to the field to attempt the extra point kick the USC fans would yell out Tommy’s Charge! Chant he created as a musician
    “Da Da Da Da Trojan Warriors Charge!!
    So that’s we’re R.I.P Barron Hilton then owner got inspired for the name from that Da Da Da Charge! Chant
    The proof is in the Battle Horse logo charging into battle hence the battle horse inside the original L.A Chargers 1960 shield logo very similar to a USC Trojan warrior Charging into battle with a Sword and shield.
    The lightning bolt came from Barron Hilton liking the Air Force college team logo.
    Till this day that Charge! Chant is heard at the games and through out other sporting events.
    Da Da Da Da Charge! ⚡️🐴 🏈

    The Chargers r the true original L.A. born team playing for the original birthplace and not too many teams can claim that fact!
    The Rams were born in Cleveland.
    The Raiders were born in Oakland.
    and that’s a fact those other teams can’t ever claim.
    And also the Chargers r also the true Southern California team they have never left Southern California unlike the Rams born in Cleveland and played in St.Loius and the Raiders born in Oakland and play in Las Vegas Nevada.

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  9. Joe Wanke
    Joe Wanke 23 July, 2021, 20:14

    @ brain lopez San Diego chargers do you have any more classic San Diego chargers game from 1987 to 2000 I was looking for some 1988 San Diego chargers games and 1989 San Diego chargers game I was trying to look for jim McMahon games from San Diego when he was the quarterback from that season

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