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  1. LE LU
    LE LU 18 January, 2021, 15:48

    The past company emotionally harm because badger conversely knock near a noxious yam. tender tense, alluring throat

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  2. nick villanueva
    nick villanueva 22 January, 2021, 16:00

    Yeah man this is the Time I grew up in God Bless Bill Wash his coaching tree still winning and competing for championships to this day

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  3. Tim Lange
    Tim Lange 25 January, 2021, 06:45

    Why isn't Roger Craig, let alone Tom Rathman in the Hall of Fame

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  4. David Verplank
    David Verplank 28 January, 2021, 16:21

    21:09 if not for Steve Young, there would NOT have been a 49er dynasty.

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  5. Mayhem Jr.
    Mayhem Jr. 30 January, 2021, 16:18

    Those 24 dislikes are jealous pissed off Cowboys and Raiders fans and all other NFL fans who sorry team got thier asses kicked in by my 49ers during those years. Team of the 80's BITCH!

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  6. J V
    J V 1 February, 2021, 04:17

    I remember thinking back in 1988 if they could just make the playoffs that year, as a 49ers fan, I would have been happy with just that. I think losing the playoff games in 1985, 86, and 1987 made me as a 9ers fan humble. Lo and behold, they won 3 more Superbowls after the devastating loss to the Vikings in the 1987 Divisional Playoffs 😂.

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  7. Muffs 55mercury
    Muffs 55mercury 2 February, 2021, 23:00

    This one was much closer than the last Super Bowl that they played the Bengals. But Montana was used to long drives. He did it in the '81 NFC championship (aka 'the Catch) with 4;54 left. Here he only had 3;10 to do it.

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  8. Rob Dean
    Rob Dean 9 February, 2021, 07:35

    Is bill Walsh as good as anyone and why is the answer yes?

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  9. Victor Vogel
    Victor Vogel 10 February, 2021, 16:54

    That run by Young isn't only impressive by how Young ran, but it shows how the Niners played in that era. Young is 15 yards downfield and Guy McIntyre is sprinting to throw blocks, Jesse Sapolu somehow ended up downfield blocking, Rathman takes out 2 guys with a block, and Taylor, Wilson, and Rice are all getting pieces of guys. The Niners playing as a unit like this is what made them so dangerous in the 80's.

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  10. pound7
    pound7 9 March, 2021, 12:32

    Craig fumbled in the Champ Game because of a concussion…at least , I’m almost certain …I’d love to ask him…

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  11. Josh Roth
    Josh Roth 12 March, 2021, 17:50

    RIP Bill Walsh. He'll go down as one of the greatest coaches.

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  12. Brent Robinson
    Brent Robinson 12 April, 2021, 13:13

    Hay I agree Roger Craig 1000 receiving and rushing.HOF

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  13. Harold Mccoy
    Harold Mccoy 1 May, 2021, 11:30

    The epitome of pure artistic excellence ,the 49ers were breathtaking to watch , exhilarating to examine thoroughly, and this wasnt even the best two 49ers teams. .1Paul Brown ,2Bill Bellichek ,3Vince Lombardi ,4 George Halas ,5 Chuck Noll,6 Bill Walsh 7 Curly Lambeau ,8 Tom Landry 9 Don Shula 10 Joe Gibbs . with Bill Parcels onthe outside at 11 . Bill Walsh is unquestionably amongst the top 10 greatest coaches of all time . His assistant he turned the keys over to wasn't to shabby either George Seifert . As a 1970's Steelers fan ,the niners were the first team after pittsburghs dynasty was over that caused me to become envious of ,them , intense fear out of pure jealous ,because i was so afraid they would surpass Pittsburghs sb wins ,which eventually they did by equally the cowboys with 5 . Two players inthe top 10 as the greatest of all time nfl players ,one labeled the greatest in Jerry Rice ,the other arguably inthe conversation by esteemed nfl history media pundits as the greatest Joe Montana .Ronnie Lott ,and Steve Young occupying deserved places inthe top 100 all time greats is just the icing on top of the multiple very good players who supported the greats as the 49ers legendary front office assembled them and prepared to be elite through great coaching . They were to good to be true ,surreal .

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  14. gluserty
    gluserty 28 May, 2021, 14:02

    I'm glad Bill Walsh lived long enough to be interviewed for this episode, and I think the torment of this particular season caused Walsh to retire (he later said he probably should've gotten away from football mentally in the offseason before making that decision).

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  15. Jeffrey Root
    Jeffrey Root 18 June, 2021, 16:00

    I lost interest in sports in the early 2000s, but watching this brings back some good memories of watching the 49ers in the 90s.

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  16. Craig Willis
    Craig Willis 23 June, 2021, 15:23

    Bill should have never left

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  17. Anthony Graham
    Anthony Graham 30 June, 2021, 15:28

    Ronnie Lott is a full grown man!

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  18. Mitchel R********
    Mitchel R******** 4 July, 2021, 16:46

    "Money goes, fame goes, but they can never take this ring away from me."
    "Unless you kill you ex-wife and a waiter." ~Norm

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  19. Bootleg Pass
    Bootleg Pass 9 August, 2021, 18:08


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  20. WretchedDrummeR
    WretchedDrummeR 10 August, 2021, 04:35

    the ending with Bill Walsh retiring made me cry manly tears. I love this team. RIP Bill Walsh!!!

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  21. dflowers30
    dflowers30 12 August, 2021, 14:03

    This happens so often in sports. A team with the best record and high expectations get upset in the playoffs then come back the next year with an inferior record and win the whole thing lol. 1987 49ers 13-2, #1 offense and defense in the league lose to the Vikings. Come back the next year 10-6 in a QB controversy season and win the whole thing. Go figure lol

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  22. Repent2Jesus
    Repent2Jesus 17 August, 2021, 04:53

    I can watch this over and over

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  23. Michael Hession
    Michael Hession 23 August, 2021, 17:09

    This was a great team because they had to not only beat the #1 offense in the Super Bowl but survive a -26 windchill in the NFC Title game.

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  24. Nerva
    Nerva 26 August, 2021, 12:22

    Now I'm realizing Walsh's claim that Montana was having physical problems was not just a BS excuse to play Steve Young. That "bruised elbow" @7:14 was actually tendonitis, which you can also see flared up on him during Super Bowl XXIV, and ultimately led to a torn tendon that kept him off the field for the 1991 season and kept giving him problems and threatening to end his career.

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