San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys 1993 1st Half Week 7

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  1. B H Mch
    B H Mch 18 April, 2020, 22:38

    Richard W once again with the cure for the Quarantine blues!

    TY bro!

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  2. Paul Evereklian
    Paul Evereklian 18 April, 2020, 22:42

    richard awesome never seen this game believe it or not this was blacked out in my area in 93 was so annoyed

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  3. Cowboy Buzz
    Cowboy Buzz 19 April, 2020, 03:01

    Thank you thank you for putting this game I missed this game bc I had a body boarding contest and didn't have a tape to record

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  4. TheLoneDraftsman
    TheLoneDraftsman 19 April, 2020, 08:20

    Dynamite. Thanks Richard. This is the one game in the hot war between the 49ers and Cowboys from 1992-1995 that was missing from the internet arena. Thanks for helping me completion my collection. I now have all of their matchups from 1981 to 2000.

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  5. bergencountylegend perfect
    bergencountylegend perfect 19 April, 2020, 17:53

    Cowboys stadium plays a lot of funny random music like at 1:06:56.

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  6. boston bevo
    boston bevo 19 April, 2020, 20:53

    the best part of this is no fantasy football numbers going across the screen non-stop

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  7. John Visconti
    John Visconti 19 April, 2020, 20:53

    Man, I enjoyed watching this game. Thanks, Richard!

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  8. T Radcliff
    T Radcliff 21 April, 2020, 22:24

    Richard, you are the best! Thank you!!!

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  9. T Radcliff
    T Radcliff 21 April, 2020, 22:30

    you are incredible, you're helping a lot of people through a lot of tough times and you deserve a pat on the back,
    thank you u again!!

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  10. Damien Freeman
    Damien Freeman 25 April, 2020, 18:22

    Michael Irvin was a BEAST in this game!!!!!

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  11. Benjamin Feng
    Benjamin Feng 26 April, 2020, 02:45


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  12. OfficialGrizzly
    OfficialGrizzly 29 April, 2020, 11:33

    Awesome, I've been waiting to see this game in it's entirety for ages! This was the only one missing. My favorite rivalry 🏈

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  13. John Re
    John Re 2 May, 2020, 15:42

    Ed Hochuli didnt have big arms back then.

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  14. Jesse Stevenson
    Jesse Stevenson 15 May, 2020, 13:45


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  15. Damien Freeman
    Damien Freeman 25 May, 2020, 19:48

    The best touchdown music ever 8:14!!!!

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  16. Brian Waas
    Brian Waas 19 August, 2020, 20:36

    One word for Dexter Carter after that blow from Hoage……OUCH!!!!!!!!

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  17. Nickmack84 MacSeoin
    Nickmack84 MacSeoin 25 August, 2020, 12:34

    Madden: You know, is there anything plainer than a referee's cap?
    Summerall: ……no

    Epic response

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  18. Pardon Me Doug
    Pardon Me Doug 18 October, 2020, 15:26

    30:30 Dallas is on the <26 with 74 yards to go. Next play 31:45 they are in the same spot going the other way after the quarter change. Seems like 48 yards or so are missing from that drive and the clock is in the 10 minute mark when they kick a field goal a few plays later.

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  19. J. Davis
    J. Davis 17 December, 2020, 09:47

    Hocculi 👎 blowhard

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  20. Irene Soria
    Irene Soria 3 April, 2021, 11:19

    That intro music is classic

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  21. Drift Wood
    Drift Wood 18 May, 2021, 22:08


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  22. Ben Richardson
    Ben Richardson 22 May, 2021, 09:54

    Watching these games I have a lot of observations, a lot of things to say. This time I'll just say: dang Ed Hochily has been refereeing for a long time!

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  23. Eddie Edward
    Eddie Edward 18 August, 2021, 17:16

    Man i sure missed the CBS nfl theme song and most of all the voice of Pat Summerall

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