1977-09-25 Philadelphia Eagles vs Los Angeles Rams

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  1. Tommy Thomason
    Tommy Thomason 14 January, 2020, 16:26

    Joe (Namath) had bad knees, but a strong thrower with that quick release and a football mind sharper than a tack. If he knew a defense's weaknesses and had time to throw, he'd still kill ya.
    I always thought of Lawrence McCutcheon and Chuck Foreman as very similar backs.
    Had the same build, had the same slashing running style, both were the top backs of that era, even had the same facemasks, and both cut down by injuries around '78. Whether or not the injuries cut back on their effectiveness threafter, is a moot point. They'd done a helluva lot of damage to defenses at that point, and were instrumental in powering their teams to the next level, on a regular basis.

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    KINGSNYC54 14 January, 2020, 17:44


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  3. alfjgist
    alfjgist 15 January, 2020, 12:21

    It’s still odd to see Namath in a Rams uniform. Like Unitas in a Chargers jersey.

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  4. joe joe Mugga
    joe joe Mugga 18 February, 2020, 01:31

    Don Crique!!! That voice!! Joe had a awesome game here!

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  5. TexasWildheartsFan
    TexasWildheartsFan 19 March, 2020, 02:40

    7:39 … not bad at all.

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  6. lsmftymf
    lsmftymf 4 April, 2020, 05:01

    15:4018:58 A very New York-centric postgame interview. Emerson Boozer & Joe Namath were Jets teammates, Fred Dryer was originally with the Giants and Don Criqui worked at WCBS-TV 2 before being promoted to the network.

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  7. KH AKA DG
    KH AKA DG 3 June, 2020, 02:38

    Namath was great at play fakes.

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  8. Gregg Black
    Gregg Black 5 July, 2020, 18:59

    You can see why Fred Dryer got into Hollywood with his personality! Did he ever do any color commentary for the NFL?

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  9. yusufu9
    yusufu9 2 October, 2020, 03:18

    Joe Willie looking very sharp and cool here. Makes you wonder if the Rams somehow mishandled him in his final year — he certainly doesn't look washed up in this game.

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  10. Shawn Flanagan
    Shawn Flanagan 21 November, 2020, 00:08

    rams were really good this year. then the rain came. damn vikings.

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    RAY GERVATO / X-RAY IMIJ 30 November, 2020, 14:14

    I remember watching this game on
    CBS in '77. Joe Namath was always
    my favorite. If he had protection like
    this with the Jets he'd have set many
    more records. Probably, this was the
    last real look at him doing well. Him
    not in a Jet uniform is weird, but the
    man left his mark. Changed football.

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  12. Cefcecdfs
    Cefcecdfs 17 December, 2020, 18:32

    Namath played 1974-77 with an unrepairable severed hamstring. You can see how he can’t load his low body into a passing posture ….or step into a throw ….he s basically standing straight up and popping his hip into a throw….he disguised it for awhile till scouting and game film outed him in halfway through 1975. It s amazing that he could play at all with the severity of that injury. He literally had to fling his bad leg to move forward or sideways.. …but if he didn’t t face a good rush he could still really bring it

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  13. Mark Phelps
    Mark Phelps 26 December, 2020, 21:22

    I remember Don Criqiu on NBC. Didn't realize he did a stint with CBS.

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  14. Jim Kavanagh
    Jim Kavanagh 31 January, 2021, 16:09

    Thanks so much for this! Probably Broadway Joe's (Freeway Joe?) last great game.

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  15. Gary Robinson
    Gary Robinson 31 January, 2021, 20:26

    I miss these days. I loved this game played during this time. A fab and HB both carried the ball. In fact sometimes the FBI was the main runner I.e. Franco Harris, and John Riggens, Calvin Hill, Lawrence McCutcheon.

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  16. Radar Rob
    Radar Rob 2 February, 2021, 14:45

    If Joe used his running game this much when he was a Jet they would have won more games

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  17. William Blockson
    William Blockson 18 February, 2021, 09:27

    Senior in high school. Love it.

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  18. Will Drucker
    Will Drucker 2 May, 2021, 22:10

    Boy that Ron Jaworski was plain awful…I wonder whatever became of him

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  19. sounddoctorin
    sounddoctorin 3 May, 2021, 17:23

    amazingly this comes up first on Ron Jesse highlights….only relevant one? no way!

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  20. Roberto Gonzales
    Roberto Gonzales 25 May, 2021, 05:34

    Only lifelong Rams remember how dominate the Rams offensive line was, hell they even had future HOFer Jackie Slater on the sidelines.

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  21. Susquehanna80
    Susquehanna80 31 May, 2021, 17:21

    I hate all the small-b black Live do-not Matter crap of today's NFL but it is far more exciting then football of the 1970s.. just constant running and 5yrd dink passes.. falling asleep watching highlights.. cant imagine 3hrs watching w ads

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