Green Bay Packers vs L.A. Rams 1989 1st Half Week 3

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  1. C.K. 88
    C.K. 88 8 January, 2020, 19:35

    Brent Musburger halftime report!

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  2. B H Mch
    B H Mch 8 January, 2020, 19:37

    Once again, Richard W drops another gem!
    This is one of the most entertaining games of the 1989 season as the Packers went from doormat to contenders while the rams went their usual champs one week, then not so much the next.
    I won't spoil who won for those who don't know but it's a GREAT contest.

    Thank you!!

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  3. B MAC
    B MAC 8 January, 2020, 20:33

    I was there …11 year old me …Rams4life!

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  4. redmustang04 redmustang04
    redmustang04 redmustang04 8 January, 2020, 21:04

    The Packers were good in 89 and this was the only time since 1972 that they were playing like a play off time. Yeah they got in 1982, but really 1989 was their year and had a 10-6 record and still didn't make it in. It wasn't until Mike Holmgren and the injury to Magic Man that Brett Favre took the Packers from a doormat to what they are today a NFL contender.

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  5. Martin Hamilton
    Martin Hamilton 8 January, 2020, 21:07

    Mandarich. Mr steroids. Guy lost 50 pounds once they started testing him.

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  6. Maximus Wolfe
    Maximus Wolfe 8 January, 2020, 21:13

    Hank you bud!

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  7. chris orr
    chris orr 8 January, 2020, 23:56

    Green Bay Packers were the most improved NFL team in 1989.

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  8. Jay C
    Jay C 9 January, 2020, 04:52

    i dont like the placement of the G on the Packers helmet

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  9. RJ Sims
    RJ Sims 9 January, 2020, 11:41

    Great quality upload. Not so pixelated. Keep them coming. If you got some more late 80's Bronco games, that'll be the cake. Thanks.

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  10. Jesse Viveros
    Jesse Viveros 11 January, 2020, 13:46

    Jim Everett!!!!

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  11. bbigjohnson069
    bbigjohnson069 13 January, 2020, 19:14

    I was at this one. My tix above the band 70 LL right where the seats curve or straighten out. This was a strange game. It was essentially like two different games. Majkowski's story is a sad one. He's really hurting now.

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  12. Brian Richard
    Brian Richard 13 January, 2020, 21:25

    Much appreciated Richard!
    One of my favorite games from the 1989 season. 🏈

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  13. Joe Wanke
    Joe Wanke 15 January, 2020, 11:37

    @ Richard waldrup thank you for upload this 1989 week3 green bay packers at Los angels rams game i was looking for it but i couldn't never could find it you made really happy and thank you for post a other game i was looking for to 1989 week 10 new York giants at Los angels rams at anthem stadium you made me happy when i saw these two game on your subscribe channel i was really excited and good i was just asking if i could ask you a question please don't be mad i was just ask if i can mske a request 1988 week10 new Orleans saints at Washington Redskins 1988 week 10 Los angels rams at Philadelphia eagles if i could ask you again about a request again 1989 week 9 Los angels rams at Minnesota Vikings and request about the 1988 playoffs Los angels rams at Minnesota Vikings the day after Christmas in 1988 in some where in December and again Richard waldrup and am sorry for ask you for request about these game keep up with the upload games ill still be appreciate of them still and thank you for the old games to ❤😎🤠 i love them you are so cool and you are so happy to

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  14. herbert bland
    herbert bland 5 September, 2020, 02:45

    From the Big "A" in Anaheim

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  15. Lawomenshoops
    Lawomenshoops 15 November, 2020, 17:06

    All the players the Rams drafted from the picks in the Dickerson trade, played in this game. All would become bust to average players.

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  16. Rusty Kuntz
    Rusty Kuntz 3 February, 2021, 21:23

    The 1989 Heart Attack Pack

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  17. jachandler3232
    jachandler3232 4 February, 2021, 22:00

    Good ol reliable Henry Ellard and his oversized jersey… #80

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  18. Jackie Daytona
    Jackie Daytona 13 February, 2021, 03:40

    Me and my Pops met Kevin Greene after the Game ..RIP 🙏

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  19. Joe Calf
    Joe Calf 14 June, 2021, 16:25

    Thank you, Richard Waldrup!!!

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  20. Joe Calf
    Joe Calf 14 June, 2021, 18:57

    Randy Cross is a pompous ass. Ripping GB all game long

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