1. Savage Brick Sports
    Savage Brick Sports 13 November, 2019, 17:18

    When the NFL ideas run dry, college football is an untapped land!

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  2. T2 Marshall
    T2 Marshall 14 November, 2019, 15:34

    That first player slow as fuck

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  3. Caden McLeary
    Caden McLeary 14 November, 2019, 17:47

    The 5 dislikes are the safeties on these plays

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  4. Logan Dolphin
    Logan Dolphin 14 November, 2019, 19:11

    The first one was from my community college 🤣

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  5. Frank Strong
    Frank Strong 15 November, 2019, 07:41

    I want to see ( QB trucks ) GIVE QB´S RESPECT there players make the QB´s look good true facks

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  6. jams
    jams 15 November, 2019, 17:56

    ew ew ew a fucking centrist

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  7. Lincoln McInerney
    Lincoln McInerney 15 November, 2019, 19:17

    Blockers did most of it

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  8. Moi !
    Moi ! 16 November, 2019, 01:53

    1:29 that’s what she said

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  9. Greg Adams
    Greg Adams 17 November, 2019, 10:46

    Kansas x 2 LOL

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  10. Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 88 18 November, 2019, 05:25

    You showed the same plays 2x in same video. You fucking novice. Pay attention dork.

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  11. jamie mcfall
    jamie mcfall 18 November, 2019, 08:00

    the last guy ran like bobby boshe lmao

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  12. LamBeau Leeper
    LamBeau Leeper 21 November, 2019, 14:00

    Tony Dorsetts run?

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  13. WoahTayy
    WoahTayy 29 November, 2019, 21:34

    2:06 he did some Harry Potter shiii with that ball bruh 😭

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    LOGAN GARRISON 7 December, 2019, 16:40

    Missed the Abdul Adams run against Baylor

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  15. Mason B
    Mason B 9 December, 2019, 14:58

    It showed the same play twice

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  16. MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG 21 February, 2020, 12:07

    Why is there a repeat clip in this?
    Also isnt it technically 100 yards if the hand off is in the end zone?

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  17. Richard Anderson
    Richard Anderson 9 March, 2020, 09:30

    Missed Eric Vann (Kansas) going for 99 yards against Oklahoma in 1997. Kansas may have the record for being involved in 99 yard runs both for and against.

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  18. Pizza Juice55
    Pizza Juice55 6 April, 2020, 11:42

    Some of these College teams r so random and some of the commentators aren’t that good (not all of them)

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  19. Patrick Stovall
    Patrick Stovall 23 April, 2020, 20:26

    You have the same exact play twice

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  20. Christian Fure
    Christian Fure 14 May, 2020, 18:48

    we gonna ignore #50 keeping up with the rb in the first clip

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  21. MTRZGaming
    MTRZGaming 27 May, 2020, 11:04

    1:51 that is definitely Johnathan Coachman

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  22. Internet Tough Guy
    Internet Tough Guy 30 May, 2020, 17:17

    Not to pile on (ok it is) but it's a 3 minute video, there are only about 7 or 8 plays. How do you show the same one twice?

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  23. Logan Kram
    Logan Kram 1 June, 2020, 01:26

    1:26 Why is nobody asking what the hell they where talking about before the run…?

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  24. 2nd_place
    2nd_place 17 June, 2020, 00:22

    Of course this happened to KU twice. They suck ass!

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