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  1. Matt Radford
    Matt Radford 3 April, 2021, 13:15

    Oregon's coach took all the roids so that his guys wouldn't be tempted.

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  2. 06 Fishing
    06 Fishing 3 April, 2021, 22:07

    these must be the guys who failed drill seargent school

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  3. Jordan Gate
    Jordan Gate 4 April, 2021, 04:16

    I miss these days before the pandemic shut down a gym every 2 weeks

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  4. sneakybeaver
    sneakybeaver 4 April, 2021, 10:14

    Why is buddy using a whistle inside

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  5. Triston Davidson Media
    Triston Davidson Media 4 April, 2021, 14:34

    “It kinda started out as a joke and then it just kinda grew on me” went right over everyone’s head. 10/10 dad joke

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  6. Chris Drake
    Chris Drake 4 April, 2021, 15:20

    Good just waiting on you to get tired…. savage line

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  7. Tanner Golden
    Tanner Golden 5 April, 2021, 15:41

    Husker Power

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  8. huh nah
    huh nah 5 April, 2021, 20:44

    Lol just pay them already

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  9. WowedCanBeWowed
    WowedCanBeWowed 5 April, 2021, 22:29

    I can feel the testosterone radiating off those walls.

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  10. William Guthrie
    William Guthrie 6 April, 2021, 17:19

    They left out the steroid part 😂

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  11. Risling Podium Performance
    Risling Podium Performance 6 April, 2021, 17:36

    The concept that any athlete should fear their strength coach is what's lead to several football players in the past couple years to die from workouts. There shouldn't be fear at all. Any strength coach that wants their athletes to be afraid of them, needs to be fired

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  12. Justin Taricani
    Justin Taricani 6 April, 2021, 22:16

    2 words. Getem. Choppin.

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  13. noah yorke
    noah yorke 6 April, 2021, 23:50

    so there basically football drill sergeants?

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  14. Peter Moore
    Peter Moore 7 April, 2021, 07:39

    Strength first

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  15. Zatt56
    Zatt56 7 April, 2021, 08:24

    the way the alabama SC exaggerates his voice, sounds like he's on Chicago PD.

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  16. Qthemusiq
    Qthemusiq 7 April, 2021, 09:59

    Coaches are wannabes cause they wish they went to the nfl but settled as a coach clowns

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  17. Troy Street
    Troy Street 7 April, 2021, 10:59

    I remember Aaron Feld from watching UGA games loved seeing him out there.

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  18. swampfuel20
    swampfuel20 8 April, 2021, 15:31

    I want my football team JUICED AND JACKED!!!

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  19. Bobbert Noodle
    Bobbert Noodle 8 April, 2021, 16:31

    Man I had the worst football coaches to exist, They never practiced the hole team, just A team while everyone else stood on the side lines. They didnt even give us anything to do, not even a burpee. When off season hit I was 130 lb. and lifting was generally new to me, I knew the form but just started 2 months before the school year started. The first day we did trap bar dead's and in my free time before this I maxed at 175 at another gym, The coaches said to put 135 on without warmup, I was in a group of with 2 others but they were linemen. The set was 6 sets of 6 and the first set almost broke my back. The other sets I barely got the bar off the ground, Sure I was pretty weak but what had me leave football was the coach on the first day he said and I quote" Why cant you lift that weight and why are you even on the team" I was a center and could hit pretty hard, knocking a few 165lb linemen, I was just more aggressive but that line made me get out.

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  20. Danny Owens
    Danny Owens 10 April, 2021, 21:09

    Two words that scare every college football player… and then the coach says "HOLD IT"…. yep that would do it.

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  21. Paschal
    Paschal 12 April, 2021, 22:27

    They thought weight lifting would make you slower? Oh man how far we have come..

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  22. sonabTV
    sonabTV 16 April, 2021, 14:30

    This describes the normal evolution of the last decades, no strength and conditioning training, hard and unadvised training, sciencebased training and crazy looking and acting people for the internet sensation.

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  23. Roas Runna
    Roas Runna 19 April, 2021, 14:21

    Strength coach – cocaine budget

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  24. lowkey_fla
    lowkey_fla 21 April, 2021, 03:42

    This has to be one of the best jobs💪

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  25. BigDickRod
    BigDickRod 30 April, 2021, 11:51

    Omg thank you for your service

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  26. Thiago ;
    Thiago ; 5 May, 2021, 10:00

    Why no deadlift?

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  27. 無名賢者
    無名賢者 22 May, 2021, 12:06

    3:22 👏👏👏 this guy knows humor.

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  28. Jeremiah Cherry
    Jeremiah Cherry 24 May, 2021, 23:54

    Did you guys stop that stupid tradition of eating a big meal before a game? Right before a game?

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  29. J B
    J B 2 June, 2021, 07:42

    Go Big Red!

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  30. Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 3 June, 2021, 11:01

    Time to go back to less muscle.

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  31. Brick Brick
    Brick Brick 3 June, 2021, 21:14


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  32. Zedeki Cornelson
    Zedeki Cornelson 4 June, 2021, 02:05

    The Evolution of a white man who couldn't make it bossing around black student athletes.

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  33. Jace Roy
    Jace Roy 5 June, 2021, 17:36

    The first strength coach was Alvin Roy of LSU

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  34. Marko Vujanic
    Marko Vujanic 6 June, 2021, 07:46

    40 years ago people thought smoking was not harmful lol

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  35. Lourdes Nathan
    Lourdes Nathan 6 June, 2021, 07:59

    He looks like Patric Stewart

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  36. Michael Markle
    Michael Markle 6 June, 2021, 21:53

    Drug test?

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  37. Jocasta Nu
    Jocasta Nu 7 June, 2021, 16:40

    You’ll get bulky and slow if you lift weights.

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  38. Victor O
    Victor O 7 June, 2021, 17:08


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  39. fort Nex
    fort Nex 10 June, 2021, 16:21

    Dude. The Olympic team in my Country dont have a gym like you guy have in just a school!!!!
    My school did not have a gym. Period.

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  40. MrLostform
    MrLostform 10 June, 2021, 21:01

    strength coach best coach, reps for maxes type of dude, that does yoga and makes guys play frisbee or handball or some such. best coaches. no sarcasm, best coaches.

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  41. Billy Fishkins
    Billy Fishkins 11 June, 2021, 10:19

    used to just be a strength coach, now preaches critical race theory

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  42. Dave Dzwilewski
    Dave Dzwilewski 11 June, 2021, 12:10

    my strength coach back in 80-85 was only about 4 exercises. Also can you consider D ball?

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  43. Ryan
    Ryan 13 June, 2021, 14:20

    Never knew programs thought lifting weights was a bad idea. 🤣

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  44. Isaiah Timmons
    Isaiah Timmons 17 June, 2021, 04:06

    Strength and conditioning are the most important part in any sports. Why do you think all these nba players have been getting hurt lately? Cause of less practice time and they don't take pride and value on their conditioning no more.

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  45. Stella willium
    Stella willium 18 June, 2021, 22:19

    The telling state practically dry because acknowledgment surely live opposite a available leek. vigorous, dusty teeth

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