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2021 New York Giants NFL Schedule, Opponents And Instant Analysis

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  1. Swiftybal
    Swiftybal 30 October, 2019, 15:49


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  2. Ryan Carlson
    Ryan Carlson 30 October, 2019, 15:49

    first! go g-men

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  3. Zoey Jafferally
    Zoey Jafferally 30 October, 2019, 15:49


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  4. Kush Master
    Kush Master 30 October, 2019, 15:52

    Staaaannnddddd uuuupppp New York Giants fans

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  5. RavishDesigns
    RavishDesigns 30 October, 2019, 15:52

    Yesssirr bright future ahead of us😀😈

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  6. Johnny β€”
    Johnny β€” 30 October, 2019, 15:56

    All these receivers looking like solid players with Danny dimes throwing

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  7. Rafael Casagrande
    Rafael Casagrande 30 October, 2019, 16:04

    The conection Danny – Slayton will bring a Super Bowl to us

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  8. JS Films
    JS Films 30 October, 2019, 16:05

    … miss ya TJ ☝🏾

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  9. Da Sports Fan
    Da Sports Fan 30 October, 2019, 16:07

    Stop posting and START SCOUTING

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  10. Christian
    Christian 30 October, 2019, 16:24

    Shouldn’t have traded odell smh

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  11. GhostBF2
    GhostBF2 30 October, 2019, 16:25

    2:00 lol quite the dig at obj, love it.

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  12. Q-Dawwg626
    Q-Dawwg626 30 October, 2019, 16:31

    I really like Darius Slayton and Daniel MOTHERF*****G Jones connection

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  13. Swifty1126
    Swifty1126 30 October, 2019, 16:38

    What about the blocked punt against the cardinals?

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  14. RoguePepper 9606
    RoguePepper 9606 30 October, 2019, 16:52

    Start Julian love start so they can see and tell pat schurmur

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  15. Ian Huyett
    Ian Huyett 30 October, 2019, 17:38

    Trying to figure out how Saquon’s first run of the year wasn’t on here

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    GO PACK BLUE! 30 October, 2019, 17:45

    Good! We have it all

    On offense defense needs help saquon is a goat Darius slayton, Golden Tate, Cody Latimer a lot of things evan engram

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  17. David Searby
    David Searby 30 October, 2019, 17:50

    Danny Dimes!!! He’s only going to get better!!

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  18. Richard Pilhofer
    Richard Pilhofer 30 October, 2019, 18:07

    MNYGGA (make new york giants great again)

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  19. Threadz Kbn
    Threadz Kbn 30 October, 2019, 18:10

    I want subs

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  20. Richard Pilhofer
    Richard Pilhofer 30 October, 2019, 18:11

    "Who needs Odell Beckham Jr?"… we see what you did there guys

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  21. Lightning J
    Lightning J 30 October, 2019, 18:11

    Where is the clip where Slayton straight up MOSSES the defender against the Lions

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  22. Pablo Sanchez
    Pablo Sanchez 30 October, 2019, 18:17

    Let’s go gmen

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  23. Uzzie B
    Uzzie B 30 October, 2019, 18:33

    It’s hilarious that this video is only 2 minutes long.

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  24. Percival Glasgow
    Percival Glasgow 30 October, 2019, 19:09

    Giants plz start Julian love at fs if u see this

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  25. saquads barkley
    saquads barkley 30 October, 2019, 20:47

    Our highlights mean nothing
    Im disgusted as a giants fan

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  26. Donovan Ryan
    Donovan Ryan 30 October, 2019, 21:03

    you guys are running out of must watches

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  27. San Pedro EZ
    San Pedro EZ 30 October, 2019, 21:45

    Highlights are great but let's win some games before we start celebrating plays

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  28. Joseph Arcuni
    Joseph Arcuni 30 October, 2019, 22:27

    Basically the D Jones highlight reel

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  29. Tianqi Tim Li
    Tianqi Tim Li 31 October, 2019, 00:30

    Almost forgot Eli played the first two games!

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  30. Lucas Martinez
    Lucas Martinez 31 October, 2019, 02:40

    Danny to Slayton is already looking very promising.

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  31. Michael Caywood
    Michael Caywood 31 October, 2019, 06:03

    Wow, what a loser video and a loser team! I hope 🀞 The New York Giants loses this year and every year for life. Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! WIN! WIN! WIN!

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  32. ChrisWorld21
    ChrisWorld21 31 October, 2019, 07:10

    The TD pass to shep in the bucs game should’ve been on the list, if not no 1. That was a DIME

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  33. Bryce Goodall
    Bryce Goodall 31 October, 2019, 08:38

    Now if only y'all could win something. I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of being disappointed.

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  34. Adam Carman
    Adam Carman 31 October, 2019, 18:00

    The Golden fumble return should be number one.

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  35. John Snow
    John Snow 1 November, 2019, 02:59

    That Saquon stiff arm makes me stiff.

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  36. Eric Kyi
    Eric Kyi 1 November, 2019, 16:13

    There are some great snags!! Go Giants!!

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  37. Talking Sports With Muz
    Talking Sports With Muz 2 November, 2019, 19:41


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  38. Karambite
    Karambite 2 November, 2019, 21:09

    week 1 barkely?????

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  39. Yash
    Yash 19 November, 2019, 13:44

    You see that cameraman during jones winning td run

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  40. Kouzelnice Kelly
    Kouzelnice Kelly 12 December, 2019, 23:26


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