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  1. Christopher Shannon
    Christopher Shannon 3 June, 2020, 06:39

    I don't like Texas's stadium. Don't like how its open on the one end.
    Everyone seems so far from the field.

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  2. Travis Pursley
    Travis Pursley 13 June, 2020, 12:07

    The Roberson rivalry

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  3. Peter Young
    Peter Young 25 June, 2020, 18:32

    Classic game! The key was Texas missing both TDs early on. If they got those, Texas won. Great game, congrats to LSU.

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  4. Kate Shaw
    Kate Shaw 5 July, 2020, 12:29


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  5. Cavemaann3
    Cavemaann3 9 July, 2020, 07:07

    One of two games where LSU was actually tested in the entire season

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  6. Dock_94
    Dock_94 20 July, 2020, 15:24

    Bro I still think that onside was ours. It was so close

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  7. pomp
    pomp 28 July, 2020, 09:28

    Texas prob could have won if they didn't choke on 4th and goal

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  8. Blake Donaho
    Blake Donaho 31 July, 2020, 17:29

    I highly recommend playing the intro at 2x speed. It makes for a sick beat.

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  9. kakashi hokage
    kakashi hokage 8 August, 2020, 07:52

    Texas was way better they was gona blow them out if not for those couple mistakes

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  10. Jay
    Jay 10 August, 2020, 15:48

    This game was crazy.

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  11. Squog Squog
    Squog Squog 1 September, 2020, 04:02

    This was the best game of the season imo

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  12. jacob piña
    jacob piña 3 September, 2020, 04:20

    Coming back to This…. sterns was the last straw I lost it …how do you score on a 3& very long I was watching the game our DBS were on skates the whole game !! Texas could of won only we had a better secondary !!

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  13. Mark ONeill
    Mark ONeill 8 September, 2020, 18:58

    Most of the LSU playerz are being paid. The Texas players are on their way to being professionals and or graduate school scholars. If an LSU player doesn't make it in the NFL- he's screwed. Cause his degree is worth about $5.

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  14. Mark ONeill
    Mark ONeill 8 September, 2020, 19:01

    LSU had to design COVID in order to not face Texas in Baton Rouge. They were very afraid

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  15. Josh Playz
    Josh Playz 10 September, 2020, 09:24

    The fact that Texas lost by 7 to the best LSU team in history is a moral victory and I’m not a Texas fan I’m an Oregon fan😂😂

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  16. TexBoy
    TexBoy 28 September, 2020, 20:45

    1:55 I had almost forgotten about that play before this. Thank you. Fuck

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  17. Tre K
    Tre K 6 October, 2020, 13:37

    I think it’s funny how before this game it was supposed to be the battle of who’s dbu and both teams secondary got torched

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  18. Tre K
    Tre K 6 October, 2020, 13:42

    Texas really had a lot of opportunities to win this game. 8 plays from inside the 5 yard line with no points early was a killer and had lsu 3rd and 17 in a one possession game at the end to get the ball back and Joe just made a great play. Almost had the onside kick too. Great game

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  19. Chunckie Cheese
    Chunckie Cheese 12 October, 2020, 16:51

    does this mans got a 1967 tv

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  20. dude19982017
    dude19982017 22 November, 2020, 15:52

    Texas should have had that TD and then should not have gone for it on 4th, ita a completely different game if they get those two scores, great game tho.

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  21. Brandon Vasser
    Brandon Vasser 8 December, 2020, 19:54

    I’m here reliving how great Louisiana used to be in 2019

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  22. Paul Landry
    Paul Landry 14 December, 2020, 10:17

    where is derek stinglys pick

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  23. Chris Clarkson
    Chris Clarkson 29 December, 2020, 22:58

    Man Texas played with everything they had, they where done after the 2nd game of that season.

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  24. Dreeco Macc
    Dreeco Macc 7 February, 2021, 10:12

    Here after announcement of ncaa college football, glad I get to play with LSU team in the future

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  25. Y2Kennedy
    Y2Kennedy 17 March, 2021, 12:13

    A thread: 2:07 Ehlinger threw it too high for his shorter HB. He was wide open, terrible placement.

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  26. FAD3D VOID
    FAD3D VOID 4 April, 2021, 14:15

    If Ingram didn’t drop it Texas would’ve won

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  27. Brandon Peedin
    Brandon Peedin 23 April, 2021, 20:09

    The fact that there 20 seconds before that actual video pisses me off

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  28. RS Hunter
    RS Hunter 30 April, 2021, 17:59

    LSU got better as the season went on and UT went flat……

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  29. CajunPapaSmurf
    CajunPapaSmurf 5 May, 2021, 01:38

    I think the most stressful game of the season. Cudos to TX

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  30. Eoin Deignan
    Eoin Deignan 7 May, 2021, 04:14

    I remember watching this game. I know it was only less than two years ago but it still gives me a really strong sense of nostalgia. That was some team though omg it’s no wonder they went undefeated and thrashed Clemson. It’s crazy how Burrow, Chase and Moss are going to be playing together again next year in Cincinnati. Can’t wait. WHO DEY! 🐅

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  31. Toulmin Brown
    Toulmin Brown 31 May, 2021, 15:38

    Both teams were great teams.

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  32. dylin welty
    dylin welty 22 June, 2021, 12:39

    Best college team of all time

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  33. R&R Society
    R&R Society 23 July, 2021, 22:13

    Back after hearing Texas & OU Joining The SEC

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  34. cardaderdention
    cardaderdention 26 July, 2021, 01:13

    11:16 when the legend of Joe Burrow was born

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  35. Kendall Floyd
    Kendall Floyd 2 August, 2021, 21:15

    Such a great SEC West Rivalry

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  36. Roman Neeld
    Roman Neeld 17 August, 2021, 00:52

    Crazy that if Texas took the 2 field goals early they'd have been in a way better position at the end

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