1. James Carlin
    James Carlin 25 August, 2019, 15:02

    Damn your opening is annoying. Don’t you look at yourself in the mirror enough during day that we don’t have to put up with your ego opening?

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  2. Thomas Ewart
    Thomas Ewart 26 August, 2019, 13:24

    It’s the first game of the season dick head. Talk about an overreaction….

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  3. Terry Brunk
    Terry Brunk 26 August, 2019, 14:22

    Florida looked like crap against a not very good Miami team.

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  4. Troy Yeagley
    Troy Yeagley 26 August, 2019, 15:00

    Nutz n honey

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  5. Troy Yeagley
    Troy Yeagley 26 August, 2019, 15:03

    He's a Florida man Lou!

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  6. Michele Raulerson
    Michele Raulerson 26 August, 2019, 15:18

    Price less have a good morning sir love it man GO DAWGS SICKEM 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👏👏👏⛓🐶⛓🐶

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  7. Michele Raulerson
    Michele Raulerson 26 August, 2019, 15:21

    You was right about every dam thing we’ve talked about have a good morning sir great 👍 video too man

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  8. jason posey
    jason posey 26 August, 2019, 15:56


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  9. Dennis White
    Dennis White 26 August, 2019, 17:01

    Miami's linebacker group is woefully"OVERRATED"!!!! Can't TACKLE,!!To save their lives!! I'm still not sold on Manny Diaz as H.C. I see them going at best"( 5-7)"?!? at worst"(3-9)"?!?Oh,Yeah!! The worst O-LINE in the"Country"!!!!

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  10. Munchie
    Munchie 26 August, 2019, 17:04

    What did you expect? If the score was 50-42 everyone would be complaining about how bad the defenses were

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  11. MrTrevman12
    MrTrevman12 26 August, 2019, 17:09

    Make America Great Again!

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  12. Bryon Scheffel
    Bryon Scheffel 26 August, 2019, 19:16

    Amen brother! These games were terrible! Arizona needs to start planning for 2022 and Franks is the leaky drain plug that will ruin Florida. You would think he would improve with all of his experience. He is just a terrible QB. The Dogs easily win the east.

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  13. Marcel foster
    Marcel foster 26 August, 2019, 20:13

    Lou I’m gonna be honest with you from a gator fan…Felipe has improved a lot at going through progressions and not starting down his recorders…but the problem is he still sucks!! If you sprinkle some gold dust on a trash can it’s still garbage! Florida won the game but it still feels like we took the L. I waited all year for football season, and I’m already ready for basketball season. Lou check on your gator friends, we are. It okay right now!

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  14. Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick 26 August, 2019, 20:31

    After watching this game I feel better about FSU.

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  15. Samuel Lincoln
    Samuel Lincoln 26 August, 2019, 20:35

    Lot of overreaction in this thread. Florida is the only SEC team to have played and won. It did so while losing the turnover batter by 4, a couple of which were self inflicted. It also showcased an elite defensive line.

    If you remember the Kentucky game last season, people reacted the same way since no one thought Kentucky was good. This might as well be the case with Miami this season.

    Only time will tell. As for the other teams, I’d reserve judgement until they actually play instead of making predictions without any actual data.

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  16. Ryz
    Ryz 26 August, 2019, 21:31

    I don't know where these delusional florida fans are, but some of us have a brain. Yes florida looked like shit. I agree. A lot of stuff for florida to work on. I think the build up for the game is what caused to much emotion and caused mental mistakes. HOWEVER, They looked bad. but at least it was stuff that can be coached on. maybe next couple weeks things can straighten out or we may only win 8 games. Florida Oline has little experience. and that will hurt us. We will see by October what happens.

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  17. Andrew Patrick
    Andrew Patrick 26 August, 2019, 21:36

    Lou your analysis and show is far better than Finebaum.

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  18. Scott Harris
    Scott Harris 26 August, 2019, 21:56

    I’m convinced Mullet has some secret on the media. Case in point: Fake punt on your FIRST series of the game!?!?! My take: Complete Desperation, ESPN Take: Mullet is a genius Unbelievable

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  19. Don Jarrett
    Don Jarrett 27 August, 2019, 00:50

    If you think this game was bad,watch this week including some of better teams and sloppy play because of mediocre competition.I am a Baja fan and they always mess around in first four or five series,but usually get going and put it away.but this was awful,but a win is a win

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  20. josh Grothues
    josh Grothues 27 August, 2019, 03:01

    Hawaii is a good team and "p5" isn't a league. Fbs is a league that has 130 teams and 10 conferences… Please, stop throwing the terms "p5" and "g5" around.

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  21. T M
    T M 27 August, 2019, 08:20

    Florida favored to win by 7. Wins by 4 in spite of a -3 turnover margin. Clearly, the sky is falling and time to panic. Week zero and teams can't tackle. I'm just so shocked to see this happen. It never happens, ever, until now.
    Considering all of this, it seems reasonable to act like a fool and overreact. Both teams, worst ever.

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  22. Travis Overstreet
    Travis Overstreet 27 August, 2019, 15:21

    uncle lou; where do u get Jarren at a QBR17 when her threw for 65%???

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  23. Justin Hardy
    Justin Hardy 27 August, 2019, 16:25

    That's Pretty embarrassing to be the first team on your season over list and this is only week 1 how bad can Miami and Florida Arizona could be that's embarrassing.

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  24. Phillip Wells
    Phillip Wells 28 August, 2019, 00:00

    "Those poor Gators will succumb to the pox this November"- Maester Clyburn of House Georgia

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  25. PDB Gaming
    PDB Gaming 29 August, 2019, 09:15

    U do know that it’s the first week every team has some struggles the first week

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  26. PDB Gaming
    PDB Gaming 29 August, 2019, 09:24

    What game were u watching Franks was balling out vs Miami. Because the Gators defense didn’t score any TDs only the offense did

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  27. Hunter Crews
    Hunter Crews 31 August, 2019, 18:51

    We played with the best defense lines in all of college football and he’s going to call our offense line terrible we held them to only one sack🤣🤣🤣🤣 I don’t see it

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  28. Eric Simmons
    Eric Simmons 31 August, 2019, 19:23

    Hey calm.down lou.its the first game of the season.rust has to be knocked off.georgia will look like crap against vandy so dont go knocking anybody on one game.Florida will win the Sec East so choke that down Georgia wont win but 8 games this year.have a good day

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  29. Save The Republic
    Save The Republic 2 September, 2019, 03:57

    Miami's OL was beyond terrible. UM made tons of stupid mistakes. Jarren Williams Showed flashes but is not their best player. Miami's defense was legit. Tackling was terrible for sure but I can see this defense get better and better. Also UMs rushing game wasn't as ineffective as you made it seem. You factored the sack yardage into the rushing statistics which is what is traditionally done but is not representative of the team's effectiveness on the ground. As far as Miami only getting one sack it was apparent that the Canes plan was to stop the run and keep Franks in the pocket.

    Florida's secondary was shaky and their LB corps was average. Now the UF Defensive Ends were elite. I was surprised at how pedestrian UFs running backs appeared. Perrine didn't impress me at all and the Gator receiving corps didn't exactly wow me. Franks was mediocre. Amazingly it was Florida's offensive line that was a mild surprised.

    Now I do think that Florida's secondary will be very good by the middle of the season. I also agree that UM has some potential for improvement especially the offense and Jarren Williams. That true freshman LT was put in an impossible position out on an island against Zuniga. I honestly think that the UM true freshman LT Zion Nelson has some decent potential in terms of development. Like I said before I think the UM defense will shake the rust off and be very good. The game was a terrible display of tackling but you are over playing that angle as it was the first game. UMs defense will be just fine. Miami's season hinges on 2 things. The development of Jarren Williams and the offensive line.

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  30. Mr sir Ness
    Mr sir Ness 2 September, 2019, 15:00

    Im sorry your dumb as fuck

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  31. RTGbeats
    RTGbeats 2 September, 2019, 15:08

    If our defense wasn’t good we would’ve lost this game 🤦🏾‍♂️ I wonder all the damn time why our players can’t tackle shit is depressing

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  32. Seth Batton
    Seth Batton 3 September, 2019, 08:30

    How y’all bashing Franks but Lawrence played worse than him? 🤔

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